Friday, 30 March 2012

Here are ways that you look at those who are watching you on the Internet

It would be good to sometimes spy on them that spies on the Internet! Surely this is thought of ... as well as most ordinary net users. Firefox Mozilla web browser, in that sense, offer a solution.

Firefox launched the first version
collision extensions, which enables real-time know who follows a particular Internet users on the Internet and collects its data, according to a Mozilla site. In this way they want to help people how and why they followed on the Internet. This would be helped in changing habits on the Internet, consider Firefox creators.

 Namely, it is a tool through which you can see how different network locations follow a "trace" your service motion. The sites visited are marked points, surrounded by rings of gray, while the red rings indicate the locations that have used cookies from your web browser, that various portals and used by third parties to track your activities.

The background is of course all business and earnings, and that is why monitoring and therefore in most cases. So your Internet habits follow advertisers, to send advertising messages directed where they - or not expect, or want.

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