Sunday, 20 January 2013

The biggest unresolved scientific questions

Selection of unsolved scientific problems presented is inspired by Article Ten Unsolved Mysteries, which was in November 2011. in the magazine Scientific American published a famous British physicist, chemist, and popularizes of science Philip Bol, editor of the journal Nature.

1) What does the life? (Biology)How did it all begin? What really happened to quite simple inorganic molecules which merged in the primordial soup? As they began to process energy and reproduce - the two basic characteristics of life?

2) What is the weight of the world that we can not see? (Physics)Known matter makes up only 4.6 percent of the mass of the universe. All other weight is something you can not see, measure and explain.

3) How the environment affects gene? (Genetics)The emergence of a phenotype of a given genotype depends on the interaction between genes and environment. Therefore, in different settings will be the same even twins with exactly the same genes. Or do they want? This question intrigues scientists and the public ever since we met His Majesty gene.

4) How the brain thinks? (Neurosciences)Some neurons in the brain continuously generate an action potential, while the other all the time, "cute", and then suddenly become hyperactive. What do all the brain work?

5) How many chemical elements? (Chemistry)Is there a limit to the number of nucleons that can come together and form a nucleus? While chemists reveal elements with increasing atomic number and larger, the question is how far will it go.

6) What we can make of carbon? (Nanoscience)Carbon becomes part of every living thing. Whether it can make the computers have to be as powerful as a living cell?

7) How to use solar energy? (MATERIALS)All new, renewable energy sources that are included in the last decades of use have shown some limitations. The cleanest and constant among them, the Sun, has remained relatively unexploited although every sunny day reminds scientists of the huge potential of this solar energy could provide.

8) What is the best way to produce biofuels? (ENERGY)Instead of conventional production polluting, fossil fuels, why do not we let the plants to store sun's energy for us, and then turned the plant into fuel? However, the use of a perfectly good source of food for the sake of fuel production might not be the best approach. One answer would be to use other, less vital forms of biomass.

9) How to prolong life? (Medicine)

Is the longevity enough to eat foods with antioxidants and preserve cell structures from free radicals? Genes that affect life span? And with a healthy lifestyle and discipline in the diet, the body cells inexorably age. What science seems to find the elixir of life?

10) In order to continuously monitor the human body chemistry? (Biochemistry)

Our body is a complex laboratory in which he is constantly taking place thousands of reactions. Some chemical compounds are broken down, the other is synthesized, let us leave the body and stored in a particular cell. How about at any given moment we can not keep track of all these intricate biochemical processes and measure the levels of different compounds in real time?



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