Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The planet is rapidly deprived of flora and fauna

More animals into the category of endangered species. List of endangered plants and animals are joined by another 400 new species. The Red List now contains 20,212 species, of which a quarter of mammals, 13% birds, 41% of amphibians and 33% of coral. In the next 50 years will be gone about a third of all species of animals and plants. In an attempt to compensate for the damage caused to nature by 2020. The international community will, according to experts, to spend about 440 billion dollars.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

In England made ​​fuel from air

Minor British company has put on the market made ​​from petrol air and water. The revolutionary technology promises to help solve the global energy crisis. This technology can also help in the fight against global climate change, the destruction of carbon in the atmosphere. Although the prototype system developed for the release of carbon from the air, this part of the process is still impractical from the point of commercialization. Yet Professor Klaus Lakner, of Columbia University New York underscores the high cost of any new technology for some time suddenly dropped.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Supercomputer will predict disasters

In the capital states of Wyoming, was put into operation the largest supercomputer in the world of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, National Center for Atmospheric Research. Uniq ultrafast supercomputer, named Yellowstone, is designed to carry out research on the planet Earth. With the help of these machines, scientists will try to predict the occurrence of tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters, as well as to come up with reasons for their occurrence.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Created robot suit for Fukushima workers

Robotic suit that is controlled by brain waves and gives good protection against radioactive radiation was presented today in Japan.

The researchers presented the latest version of the suit HAL (Hybrid extra limb), which could be used in the business of dismantling the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

HAL, the supercomputer's name from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey," Stanley Kubrick, contains a network of sensors that receive electrical signals from the brain of a person who wears a suit, quoted by AFP. These signals are then activated hand and foot robotic suits that follow the movements of workers who wears it and thereby relieve his muscles.

Jošijuki Sankai, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University Cukuba said that this means that workers will barely feel the weight of 60 pounds of protective equipment they must wear in Fukushima.

Sankai is added to the outer layer of robotic suits blocking radiation, and cooling fans inside workers. Embedded computers can monitor heart rate and breathing, in order to notice signs of fatigue.


The suit is made by "Sajberdajn". It is interesting that a company of the same name produced by the Terminator in this film from 1984. year.

HAL is displayed at the Japanese show "Sunday robots," in which are shown, and small robots with caterpillars move in difficult terrain and gather information in areas hazardous to humans. Inventor Eiji Kojanagi Chiba Institute of Technology says that these robots could be used very close to the damaged reactor cores in Fukushima.

"We have to figure out how we protect workers, otherwise the problem will not be solved Fukushima," said Kojanagi.

A large tsunami in March 2011. this year damaged the nuclear power station and caused a meltdown in its reactors cores. This was followed by the evacuation of people from a wide area in northeastern Japan. It is expected that decontamination of damaged plants last several decades.

Monday, 22 October 2012

In Rome, dug the place where Julius Caesar was killed

On the Field of Mars Rome Spanish archaeologists have unearthed the exact place where Julius Caesar was murdered. During excavations at the site of the first stone theater of Pompeii scientists have found that the plate was cemented by no means associated with the interior architecture and a monument of its kind to one of the greatest men of antiquity. Experts say that this panel, three meters wide and two tall, placed at the murder scene during the reign of Caesar's heir Octavian emperor Augustus.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

It may be discovered causes of spontaneously People

Many have heard of totally unexplained cases where human bodies are discovered by fully or partially charred no signs of external interventions. This phenomenon has been known for many centuries. It's called Spontaneous.
The first time these puzzling phenomena observed in the 16th century, and the last case occurred quite recently. Last year in Ireland has found in his own house burned man who was sitting in an armchair by the fire. However, patologoanatomi determined that the cause of ignition was not at the fire from the fireplace. Traces of fire were found only above and below the body of the killed, the other items were not affected.
Trying to shed light on this unique and terrible occurrence British biologist Brian J.. Ford (Brian J. Ford) put forward his theory.
- People just plan-Ford said. - It may be relaxed to sit in a chair or lying on the couch, and in the next moment you suddenly turn into a ball of flame. Blue jets of fire rising from their bodies like the flame of a gas burner, and they soon turned into a pile of ashes. As a rule, only the legs remain intact. Facilities in nearby destinations, such as a pile of newspapers on the back of chairs, or, for instance, slippers, also are not damaged in any way. Spontaneous centuries caused many disputes, many people consider it a myth. However, what is really there, and now we think we can explain the cause of his creation.
In their experiments, J. Brian. Ford uses the pigs, because their closest human genetic code. Therefore, the most convenient to check his hypothesis. The most likely cause of the effect of auto ignition, according to Ford's opinion may be acetone, which in certain circumstances may be deposited in the human body. Ketosis (acetone accumulation) occurs in the case of alcoholism, malnutrition, as well as in diabetes. Scientist says:
- We drowned pork belly tissue to ethanol for a week. Even if it is wrapped in gauze moistened with alcohol it will not burn. Ethanol is typically not found in our tissues, but in our body there is a flammable component, the concentration of which can significantly increase. Triaciglicerinski lipids dissolve in the body and produce fatty acids and glycerin. Fatty acids can be used as an alternative source of energy in the process of beta-oxidation, which leads to the deposition of key metabolic molecules of acetyl-KoA. They maintain energy Krepsov cycle in the mitochondria in the cells of our bodies.
If Ford is able to prove that the bodies of pigs on fire when they accumulate in excessive amounts of acetone, he will become the first scientist to experimentally confirm the nature of the mysterious phenomenon of auto ignition.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

On the beaches of Florida found some giant eye of unknown creatures

The waves threw a huge eyeball on a beach in Florida, USA. American experts are presently unable to determine what belongs to the body being. An unexpected discovery on Wednesday morning ran into a local resident who was jogging on the beach. The eyeball was "very cold, and she was bleeding and then when I put it in a plastic bag," he said. The man is a sensational discovery kept in the refrigerator until the arrival of scientists. The eyeball was sent to the Research Institute of Fish and wild nature of Florida for further study.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The search for life in space

These days, the European Space Observatory ESO, the leading European Organization for Research in Astronomy, celebrating its 50th Jubilee. Established in October 1962, and is headquartered in Munich-Garing.

Currently the European Space Observatory ESO in Chile, in three different places has placed powerful telescopes, unique in the world. Coming soon a fourth. Thanks to cutting edge technology, European astronomers have a leading role in exploring the universe and its mysteries. For example, the so-called exoplanets - distant worlds orbiting other suns.

In 1995, Switzerland's Michel Mayor discovered the first exoplanet. Now there are more than 800 known Exoplanet research may soon provide the answer to the question of all questions: Is the Earth the only planet where life is possible in the universe exists or other similar places?

Planet Hunters

The search for planets orbiting distant sun, the focus of the research. Jochen Liske also works to detect distant planets. For nine years he worked as a researcher at ESO. There have already been discovered some important "evidence" about the possibility of alien life: "Well, it's the age-old question of whether life on Earth is unique or not? The search for life beyond our planet will tell us, of course, much about the nature of life in general. "

European telescopes in Chile 40 years of exploring the universe. These are the most powerful fighters in the world on the planet. A spectacular discovery, more than 150 so-called "exoplanets": telescope has found the stone world, nearly four times heavier than Earth. There might even be liquid water is a key condition for life as we know it. The telescope is also shown that such plans are not as rare as it seems. In the Milky Way could be few billion - much unthinkable.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Surface of the Antarctic ice reached a record peak

Sea-ice in Antarctica has reached the annual maximum, which proved to be a record in the history of observations - 19.44 million square kilometers. That's a million more than the average for the period since 1979. to 2000. year. In the Arctic this year placed opposite record. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, 16 September reached an annual minimum of 3.41 million square kilometers, which is a record low value in the history of satellite observations.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Liquid oxygen - fuel of the future

Liquid oxygen can be used as fuel for cars and power plants. Appropriate technology developed by British scientists at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (ImechE). '''' The new fuel may compete electro batteries and hydrogen because it occurs as a stable energy saver.

Plain air that contains no water vapor and carbon dioxide accumulates energy in the liquid state during cooling to 190 degrees Celsius. When the heated liquid oxygen under the influence of the environment, he suddenly turns into a gas. In this case the energy is released, which create high pressure, piston-powered engines or turbine power generators. Based on the new technology has already made ​​a prototype car.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Asteroids - way to fight warming?

A radical way to combat global warming came up with Scottish scientists. They propose that the close of the sunlight falling on the earth giant cloud of dust. This dust can be obtained from asteroid if combined with a solenoid top. He will chop up, spew a jet of dust and also mention that the asteroid is moving towards the required point.Dust cloud should be placed in the so-called Lagrange points, the line between the Sun and the Earth, where the force of gravity offset each other. Creating a giant dust cloud will require effort and resources, says astrophysicist Sternberg Astronomical Institute Vladimir Muffler:- In order to disperse the particles and the amount of such a closed country, you need a pretty massive asteroid. Care should crash and this substance spread over an area of ​​many thousand square kilometers. Costs for the project will be colossal.

Scottish forecasts indicate climate: temperature in the world will increase by the end of the century almost 6.5 degrees. If the Lagrange point switch asteroid 32 kilometers in diameter Ganymede, it will keep a large cloud of dust that can close 7% sunlight. This will compensate for global warming. But moving such large cosmic bodies far impossible. In addition, you will learn to fear the cloud of dust can lead to the most unexpected consequences for the Earth. Astrophysicist tells the Astronomical Institute RAN Dmitry Vibe.- It would be more to look at this idea climatologists. Cloud of dust will reduce the level of solar radiation, the temperature will fall to the ground, what we dream. We are therefore very happy, and she will continue to fall further. And how much will be good at it to have uncontrollable dust cloud, is not known. It may turn out to be far more dangerous than uncontrolled asteroid.Better yet does not break the asteroids, but terrestrial climate control methods. Among other things, withdraw from burning carbon fuels, consider astrophysicist Vladimir muffler. Now humanity gradually moves to the environmentally clean energy sources - wind, tide, solar energy. They have enough for our civilization. Smao should learn to use them efficiently. Scots ideas are nice, but not feasible, summarizes scientist.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Secrets of fire eagle nests

The explosion of the volcano, meteor shower or a drop cosmic alien ship? Russian scientists plan to put an end to disputes about the origin of one of the most mysterious places on the planet - Patomskog crater in East Siberia. In the spring of next year, according to a unique geological object Irkutsk area shall be referred to the ninth consecutive scientific expeditions.
Patomski crater rises above Siberia like Egyptian pyramid. Local hunters called it fiery eagle nest. From a helicopter this gray limestone cone 40 meters really seems
huge nest. Its diameter is 160 feet, nearly dv aputa more than futbool field. Top elevations of the plane. In center as huge egg, there is a 12 meter high hill. Director of the Institute of the Earth's crust Dmitry Gladkočub is not entirely correct to invoke this elevation crater.
- Under the crater depressions are considered. Here, on the contrary, there is a cone, that is a positive form of relief, for one. Secondly, under the crater include such forms of relief arising after the fall of cosmic bodies.
The origin of fire nest eagle was trying to establish for 8 scientific expeditions. But no meteorite, or ufology version elevations they could not confirm. The data collected made it possible to assume that this is so-coaled hide volcano. He could appear in the conditions of the permafrost around 500 years ago, more precisely in a small ice age. Dmitry Gladkočub explains as he could object to appear so unusual form:
- Just over many years of freezing groundwater, the surface
raised. As the climate has changed, there has been warming, the ice is melted inside. And the central part of the elevations PDO influence of gravity is broken, forming a structure.
The scientist does not exclude the crater Patomski still forming. In order to confirm this assumption, the following points elevations were set up of receivers. If next year scientific find that their position has changed, meaning that the crater is still alive. Speak permanent participant expedition Dmitry Semyonov.

- After the last serious expedition that was two years ago, received a certain material that requires refinement. For example, geophysicists from the Ural Mining Institute performed there precise surveying. Now we need to go to the site and check how it changed the Crater: is lowered, raised or expanding.

During the upcoming expedition is planned to carry out a range of new research. Modern apparatus will allow to explore the Crater at a depth of a mile and a half to get the most complete information on his part.

Patomski crater was found Vadim Kolpakov Irkutsk geologist 1949th year. Since then fiery eagle nest tickle the minds of scientists around the world. Currently the government Irkutske area addressed the question of forming a special protected zone on the unusual geology building.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Scientists discover dinosaur-vampire

Paleontologists have said they have found a new species of dinosaurs: he lived on Earth about 200 million years ago and, according to their description, looked like a "parrot-vampire." The remains of crustaceans were found in the territory of another JAR 60-ies of the last century, but until today have not been formally classified.

The animal had huge tusks length 2.5 cm to frighten enemies and attracted relatives during mating. Dinosaur is smallish, with a narrow snout and well-developed jaws that resemble a parrot beak. Scientists have named it Pegomastax africanus, which means "Great jaws of Africa."

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The cure for cancer has become the elixir of youth

British scientists have discovered a protein responsible for the decrease in muscle tone during aging. As today by the newspaper "Daily Express", experts have determined that a cure for cancer, which is currently in the experimental stage, preventing muscle atrophy due to aging. "This discovery gives us the opportunity to create a cure for muscle regeneration system of man," - said the scientist.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Japanese get the 113th chemical element

Japan's RIKEN research center in which a group of scientists got the first time in practice 113th chemical element of the periodic table of Mendeleev. 40-ies of the creation 113th Soviet physicists said element-atomists, but away from the theory did not work. The next year the Americans discovered chemical elements (from 93 to 104), Soviets (104 - 106), the Germans (107 - 112).