Friday, 28 June 2013

Russian scientists know where the "dark matter" is hidden

US-Russian scientific group announced a new theory on the composition and the place where in the Universe is "dark matter." This substance does not spread around electromagnetic radiation and is therefore far elusive for instrument. Scientists have so far only assumed where the missing group of mysterious matter. "We know where to look, - said Russian-American group of physicists. - It creates a disk around the galaxies, stars and planets. "

See the invisible, to know the unknowable - under that banner now for US-Russian team of scientists at Harvard University in the United States. In terms of "dark matter" now has more puzzles and assumptions rather than established facts. Until now it was thought that the particles of the substance almost no way are related to each other. The Scientific Group under the direction of Andrew Katz in the journal Physical Review Letters disprove this hypothesis. Particles of "dark matter" must be different - not only passive, but active. There are "dark" protons and electrons, which interact and form a "dark" atoms, scientists believe.

Nature mysterious substance may look like an ordinary nature, says Katz. Probably each effect does not take place only at the subatomic level, but also among the "dark" atoms.

The activities and the mutual influence of particles of "dark matter," the group began to speak after the analysis of gravitational effects. Judging by them, "dark matter" forms around the disks of galaxies, stars and planets. These groups elusive substances may arise from the interplay between the "dark" of protons and electrons. They cause loss of energy and particles should then start to move slowly, explains Andrei Katz. This is exactly what leads to their collection and forming a flat disk around the galaxy. This happens with ordinary matter.

Physicists also assumed that the "dark" atoms could form a "dark" plasma, whose pulsations influence on the young Universe. Now the mysterious particles affect the cosmic objects.

"The theory of" dark "disc is a new step in the understanding of the history of the Universe," - commented the astronomer from the California Institute of Technology Sean Carroll (Sean Carroll).

Gravitational effects caused by the drive of "dark matter" to record the cosmic telescope "Gaia" believes Carroll. This super powerful telescope of the European Space Agency will be carried into orbit 2013th , and draw up a detailed map of the galaxy. Scientists are hoping to get a confirmation of his theory.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lost Mayan city found in Mexico

Chactun has been hidden for centuries in the rain forests of eastern Mexico, and it consisted of 15 pyramids, including one 23 meters high.

Archaeologists have found an ancient Mayan city that for centuries has been hidden in the rainforests of eastern Mexico, and they are hoping that they will provide new data about the collapse of civilization 1,000 years ago.

The team, led by John Šprajc, professor of Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences, has found 15 pyramids, including one 23 meters high, fields, beach and high stone wall. The city was named
Chactun, meaning "red rocks" or "great rock."

Šprajc says that the city is likely to be less populated than Tikal in Guatemala, and in it there were between 30,000 and 40,000 people, although additional research is needed to give an exact number. Chactu was probably the peak experienced in the late classic period of Mayan civilization between 600 and 900, said Šprajc Reuters.

The professor said that the city, which is spread over 22 acres and is located 120 kilometers from Četumala, one of the largest found in Yucatan. The closest populated place is the town Ksipuhil, 25 kilometers away.

"The whole city is covered jungle," said the archaeologist.

And while the city was unknown to the academic community, Šprajc found evidence that the city about 20 to 30 years ago was visiting by people, but since no one went there.

"Ax Men have certainly spent time there as you can see notches on the trees. But nobody said nothing, "said Šprajc.

This professor is a city "discovered" looking photos into aerial 15 years ago. His team has three weeks cleared the 16-mile-long path through the jungle to reach the city. After the six weeks of mapped place and documented monuments, blocked access to prevent unauthorized entry.

The presence of more of the playing ball is proof that Čaktun was an important city, is considered Šprajc. Most likely it was abandoned 1,000 years ago, probably due to demographic pressures, climate change, wars and 
rebellion.On hopes of finding shed new light on the relations between the different regions of the Mayan empire during this period.

The Mayan civilization was one of the most advanced in pre-Columbian America and the Maya ruled much of the Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Tikal, which were first discovered by archaeologists in the late 19th century, had 90,000 inhabitants.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Our universe might exist inside a black hole!

A physicist presents a solution to present-day cosmic mysteries. Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe.

Our universe may exist inside a black hole. This may sound strange, but it could actually be the best explanation of how the universe began, and what we observe today. It's a theory that has been explored over the past few decades by a small group of physicists including myself.

Successful as it is, there are notable unsolved questions with the standard big bang theory, which suggests that the universe began as a seemingly impossible "singularity," an infinitely small point containing an infinitely high concentration of matter, expanding in size to what we observe today. The theory of inflation, a super-fast expansion of space proposed in recent decades, fills in many important details, such as why slight lumps in the concentration of matter in the early universe coalesced into large celestial bodies such as galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

But these theories leave major questions unresolved. For example: What started the big bang? What caused inflation to end? What is the source of the mysterious dark energy that is apparently causing the universe to speed up its expansion?

The idea that our universe is entirely contained within a black hole provides answers to these problems and many more. It eliminates the notion of physically impossible singularities in our universe. And it draws upon two central theories in physics.

Nikodem Poplawski displays a "tornado in a tube." The top bottle symbolizes a black hole, the connected necks represent a wormhole and the lower bottle symbolizes the growing universe on the just-formed other side of the wormhole. Credit: Indiana UniversityThe first is general relativity, the modern theory of gravity. It describes the universe at the largest scales. Any event in the universe occurs as a point in space and time, or spacetime. A massive object such as the Sun distorts or "curves" spacetime, like a bowling ball sitting on a canvas. The Sun's gravitational dent alters the motion of Earth and the other planets orbiting it. The sun's pull of the planets appears to us as the force of gravity.
The second is quantum mechanics, which describes the universe at the smallest scales, such as the level of the atom. However, quantum mechanics and general relativity are currently separate theories; physicists have been striving to combine the two successfully into a single theory of "quantum gravity" to adequately describe important phenomena, including the behavior of subatomic particles in black holes.

A 1960s adaptation of general relativity, called the Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble theory of gravity, takes into account effects from quantum mechanics. It not only provides a step towards quantum gravity but also leads to an alternative picture of the universe. This variation of general relativity incorporates an important quantum property known as spin. Particles such as atoms and electrons possess spin, or the internal angular momentum that is analogous to a skater spinning on ice.

In this picture, spins in particles interact with spacetime and endow it with a property called "torsion." To understand torsion, imagine spacetime not as a two-dimensional canvas, but as a flexible, one-dimensional rod. Bending the rod corresponds to curving spacetime, and twisting the rod corresponds to spacetime torsion. If a rod is thin, you can bend it, but it's hard to see if it's twisted or not.

Spacetime torsion would only be significant, let alone noticeable, in the early universe or in black holes. In these extreme environments, spacetime torsion would manifest itself as a repulsive force that counters the attractive gravitational force coming from spacetime curvature. As in the standard version of general relativity, very massive stars end up collapsing into black holes: regions of space from which nothing, not even light, can escape.

Here is how torsion would play out in the beginning moments of our universe. Initially, the gravitational attraction from curved space would overcome torsion's repulsive forces, serving to collapse matter into smaller regions of space. But eventually torsion would become very strong and prevent matter from compressing into a point of infinite density; matter would reach a state of extremely large but finite density. As energy can be converted into mass, the immensely high gravitational energy in this extremely dense state would cause an intense production of particles, greatly increasing the mass inside the black hole.

The increasing numbers of particles with spin would result in higher levels of spacetime torsion. The repulsive torsion would stop the collapse and would create a "big bounce" like a compressed beach ball that snaps outward. The rapid recoil after such a big bounce could be what has led to our expanding universe. The result of this recoil matches observations of the universe's shape, geometry, and distribution of mass.

In turn, the torsion mechanism suggests an astonishing scenario: every black hole would produce a new, baby universe inside. If that is true, then the first matter in our universe came from somewhere else. So our own universe could be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe. Just as we cannot see what is going on inside black holes in the cosmos, any observers in the parent universe could not see what is going on in ours.

The motion of matter through the black hole's boundary, called an "event horizon," would only happen in one direction, providing a direction of time that we perceive as moving forward. The arrow of time in our universe would therefore be inherited, through torsion, from the parent universe.

Torsion could also explain the observed imbalance between matter and antimatter in the universe. Because of torsion, matter would decay into familiar electrons and quarks, and antimatter would decay into "dark matter," a mysterious invisible form of matter that appears to account for a majority of matter in the universe.

Finally, torsion could be the source of "dark energy," a mysterious form of energy that permeates all of space and increases the rate of expansion of the universe. Geometry with torsion naturally produces a "cosmological constant," a sort of added-on outward force which is the simplest way to explain dark energy. Thus, the observed accelerating expansion of the universe may end up being the strongest evidence for torsion.

Torsion therefore provides a theoretical foundation for a scenario in which the interior of every black hole becomes a new universe. It also appears as a remedy to several major problems of current theory of gravity and cosmology. Physicists still need to combine the Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble theory fully with quantum mechanics into a quantum theory of gravity. While resolving some major questions, it raises new ones of its own. For example, what do we know about the parent universe and the black hole inside which our own universe resides? How many layers of parent universes would we have? How can we test that our universe lives in a black hole?

The last question can potentially be investigated: since all stars and thus black holes rotate, our universe would have inherited the parent black hole’s axis of rotation as a "preferred direction." There is some recently reported evidence from surveys of over 15,000 galaxies that in one hemisphere of the universe more spiral galaxies are "left-handed", or rotating clockwise, while in the other hemisphere more are "right-handed", or rotating counterclockwise. In any case, I believe that including torsion in geometry of spacetime is a right step towards a successful theory of cosmology.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Discovered planet "that should not be"

Astronomers have discovered a planet that forms a surprisingly far from its star, 12 billion miles, which could completely change our knowledge of these processes.Researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope observed a large gap between the disk of matter that formed the planet and red dwarf star TW Hydra, located in the constellation of Hydra, about 176 light-years from Earth, reports portal "Space".Its remote position brings confusion in the leading theory of planet formation, which says that they are formed slowly, over tens of millions of years, picking up gas, dust and stones from the protoplanetary disk.The process continues slowly, at relatively large distances from the star, because the orbital velocity decrease and there is less material in the outer area of ​​the disc.A planet from its sun 12 billion kilometers should be 200 times longer to form than Jupiter, the slower orbital speed and the lack of material in the disk. Jupiter is from the Sun is 805 million kilometers, formed 10 million years ago. TW Hydra, on the other hand, care only eight million years ago, which means it is unlikely that there is any planet - theoretically speaking.Another complication is its weight, which is 55 percent of the sun, led by NASA."An intriguing to see such a system. This is a star with the lowest weight so far and so away from the gap, "says John Debs from the Institute for Space telescopes in Baltimore, the leader of the research.An alternative idea, which tells us that planets can form very quickly, within a few tens of thousands of years ago, when pieces of protoplanetary disk becomes gravitationally unstable and hitting each other. But even in such a scenario, it is not clear how it could be formed by low-mass planets, the researchers found."When the weight of the object for which it is considered that the planet is low such as in this case, that's a real puzzle. In theory would say that something can not exist! "He said in a statement astrophysicist Alan Boss, of the Institute for Science" Carnegie "in Washington.The research is published online in the Journal of Astrophysics (The Astrophysical Journal).

Not even a small stones

Gap, low weight, but this is not the hassle - TW Hydra system lacks the larger dust grains in the outer regions. Observations from Chile show that the grain size of the sand has 8.9 billion miles from the star, just the conduit.

"You need the gems before they get the planet. And when you have a planet no larger than a grain of dust, sand, then you have a great challenge to traditional models of planet formation, "said study leader Debs.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Japan test 4K TV

Japan test 4K TV
Japanese telecommunications companies have started online testing 4K signals, which they claim is four times better than HD. Soon we should have evidence that video with 4K resolution can be streamed or transmitted over the Internet to the home television receiver, the so-called "set-top boxes."

The Japanese telecommunications company "NTT West" began testing new video compression standards, which will last until Friday. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the world. It is claimed that this standard provides four times the picture detail of 1080p high-definition content.

It also reduces the amount of data that will allow broadcasters to send a signal with much less data while minimizing the loss of image quality. Specifically, instead of sending the data describing each pixel of each frame as a separate entity, at 4K using a wide range of algorithms for analyzing how the colors distributed on each image that changes occur between each frame.

This allows redundant data to be discarded, providing only the information needed to reconstruct the sequence based on the understanding that every pixel and frame are connected with each other.

In January, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), an agency of the United Nations approved a new format, emphasizing that it should meet all the needs of broadcasters over the next decade. Although the ultra-high-definition 4K TVs have hit the market, their content is "deficient" because most owners have to rely on the ability to upgrade existing equipment HD signal.

Otherwise, Japan plans to become the first country to broadcast 4K program via satellite, from in 2014. years, from about the football World Cup. Successful transmission of video and ultra-high definition via the internet will open the door to other services.

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Earth, does not revolve around the sun after all!

If you thought that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth, you are wrong. Strictly speaking, the Earth and the Sun revolve around a common center of mass, and the other planets and the Earth - the Moon system.

Mass of the Sun is much larger than the mass of any planet. For example, the mass of the Earth is 6 x 1024 kg, and the Sun 2 x 10 30 When you divide the mass of the sun with the mass of the Earth, we get a figure of 330,000, and it is needless to speak about the rotation of the Earth around the Sun.

Center of mass of the Earth - Sun system - is only about 450 kilometers away from the Sun. Even
the most massive planet Jupiter, with a mass 318 times that of Earth, the center of mass sisitema Jupiter - Sun is on the surface of the Sun, ie. 750,000 kilometers from the sun center - less than one per mille of the distance of Jupiter from the Sun, which is 7.8 x 10 to the 8th kilometers.

Friday, 14 June 2013

A truck driver built an almost exact replica of the first atomic bomb. Nobody knows how he did it!

Since the first atomic bombs were dropped in Japan in 1945, the world has been completely different. Nuclear weapons are now one of the most important factors that determine international diplomacy and for this reason, the United States has kept the construction of the bombs a closely guarded secret.
Even the first bombs, which have been surpassed by several other countries, are strictly classified. Today, the most detailed break down of the construction of the atomic bomb does not come from experienced scientists, but rather from the most unlikely person!

John Coster-Mullen never received a college degree and used to be a commercial photographer. Today, at 61, he is a truck driver yet strangely he was able to reconstruct almost an exact replica of the interior mechanism of the first atomic bomb!

He even built a replica of the bomb with his son and drove around with it! He did this by studying the screws, bolts, and fragments of machined steel and was selling copies of the bomb’s structure over the Internet! Even experienced physicists say Coster-Mullen’s knowledge is superior to their own!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mass occurrence of 'reverse' rainbows: what happens to the planet's atmosphere?

Rainbows that 'standing backwards' - symptoms that scientists pours cold sweat. Although people in temperate, Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical climates are used to see only normal arches debt incurred solar refraction of light through raindrops There is growing evidence that in our atmosphere changes that occur over these areas bring phenomena that are otherwise can be seen only in polar and sub-polar regions of the planet.
Last summer, over Essex, UK, was recorded polar marvelous light purple, while the Americans looked at the red aurora that was visible as far south Arkansaza.
This year has been full of amazing atmospheric and geomagnetic anomalies, first solar arc of Havana which were created ice crystals, then the majority of the planet was covered with murky clouds that have created numerous tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tornado, and a few days ago we had the first opportunity to see what a geomagnetic storm caused by the Sun is not.
The latest in a series of unusual phenomena are reversed long, that even taken in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia.
Heavenly smiles and signs the ice age?
Circumzenithal arc - heaven smiles or reverse long formed almost at its zenith, when the sun is near the horizon, thanks to a large and stable horizontally placed hexagonal ice crystals that occur in cirrus clouds at altitudes greater than 5000 meters.
The polar regions are usually part of such a long complicated optical phenomenon called Kern's arc (long). The H.F.A. Kern in 1895. The first reported complex optical phenomenon in our atmosphere that included solar aura, solar dog or Parhelion and often two "heavenly smile" at different heights. The first such modern phenomena recorded Marko Miki in Finland 2007a. year, although the number of visitors reported polar parts Kernovog port from time to time.
Heavenly smiles have slowly but steadily over the past thirty years began to travel "south" along with another interesting novelty, and they are very low clouds undulatus Asperatus who just 2009th officially classified as the latest type of cloud.
Although the United States and Canada heavenly smiles can be seen mainly with Parhelion, the UK has become customary for them to find in the mid eighties, while the south of the United Kingdom still remain amazed such a phenomenon, especially due to the fact that these phenomena are often obscured clouds in the lower part of the atmosphere.
After a few days near Banja Luka seen one reversed long, rightly wonder how our current cloud cover formed of a stable and large ice crystals and how such a thing could be at the end of the calendar of spring in the northern hemisphere?
Will we finally "see through"?
When the 2010th The IOP (Institute Physics Academic & Science) published a study that has angered climate fundamentalists and supporters of irreversible global warming, stating that hotter summers cause colder and colder winters, and how melting glaciers causes a change of the salinity of the ocean, thus slowing down the most currents that regulate the stability of the climate of the planet, especially in the northern hemisphere, most of the media has suppressed the news because no one cared to find out the truth eventually.
Operated thermal circuit of the largest marine and ocean currents. Thanks to one of them, the Mexican electricity, Northern Europe enjoys warm summers and moderate winters. Its impact is felt all the way to Iceland and the Mediterranean (thanks to the same) had significant rainfall both directly and indirectly.
Shortly after the spill of crude oil from the Deep Horizon ocean currents was almost gone, although over the years a relatively recovered. After pouring millions of gallons of oil dispersant again slowed. As the oil continues to leak from the Deep Horizon, it seems that this is one of the causes of climate destabilization.
It may be noted that disappear coldest and deepest ocean water. Given that this effect was mainly dependent on change, specifically reducing the salinity of the sea water and the huge influx of fresh water, at first it seemed that this was the perfect news for supporters of global warming, and in fact it is just another proof that the largest currents or irretrievably significantly reduced.
To those who remember the articles on the effects of El Nino and La Nina during the 80 years of the twentieth century, which are areas of significant warming Equatorial Pacific, should be clear that our seas and oceans undergo changes that will certainly have an impact on the planet's climate.
On the other hand, which has never frozen, have become places where rapidly growing unusual sea ice that kill everything in their path. Of this unusual phenomenon pictures speak a thousand words.
As in heaven, so on earth (and in the sea)
After a tumultuous climax 24-year solar cycle, which significantly affects the regulation of the climate of the planet and creating a cloud, after a number of supernova explosions - which in the past contributed to the disappearance of the largest and the origin of species - and therefore we believe that now have the same effect, after a very strong volcanic eruptions, and even tectonic disturbances such as earthquakes in Japan, which has created an anomaly in planetary gravity begins to be clear that the causes of planetary climate change we can not look only on Earth.
To all those who will not be confuse by Bukačová like Bill Gates and Al Gore (Nobel Peace Prize he received in his "wholehearted" work in promoting the dangers of global warming) is quite obvious that climate changes are numerous and seemingly unrelated triggers the which are rarely mentioned, much less explored.
But that's not all. NASA beginning of 2012. wrote about the strange phenomenon of a decade-long, slow, but all the more obvious lowering clouds to the ground. As well as clouds are increasingly proliferate, they are closer to the planet, which in turn means that the clouds are lower in the atmosphere can affect the efficient cooling of the Earth.
NASA is in perfect sync with the alarmist global warming, reported that such clouds "can help in more efficient cooling of the Earth." If we read this information without advertising, we would say that this famous space agency in all ways not want to admit how much it distorts the data and how much is already clear that we are up to their necks "in the clouds."
Lessons from a distant history
The country is, chronologically, the ice planet. The study of ice core in the polar caps, the impact of glaciers on climates, emerging and disappearing species, the earth is mostly covered with glaciers that reached all the way to the southern part of the Balkans, in our immediate surroundings, while during glacial ocean levels and has a much lower . Each end of the glaciation brought the melting ice sheet and flooding on a global scale.
During the planet's geological history has gone through three ice ages in predkambriju, specifically in the Proterozoic (940-615000000 years ago). This was followed by an ice age in the Devonian (400 million years ago), and in the upper Carboniferous and Permian (295 million years ago).
Last ice age occurred two million years ago and ended with small fluctuations in some parts of the world, above about 10 thousand years ago.
The Wikipedia says that the last ice age in the region of the Alps started about 130 thousand years, while North America was generally continuous and long periods of the Ice Age. In the area of ​​the continent's ice is about a mile thick, while South America was much less affected by the same.
The glaciers in Argentina have been distributed only to the 40th degree south latitude. Only in Africa found no evidence of ice ages and glaciers, and therefore can be considered as the continent was spared glaciation throughout its geological history.
The latest findings suggest that during the last Ice Age, ice covered 24 million square kilometers of the earth's surface, which is now free of ice. For that amount of ice, the oceans should be lower than 180 meters, as well we can see in the example of Britain, which during the last Ice Age was part of Europe, and the part that is now submerged lived for a number of animals and people.
It is interesting to note that the Netherlands during the last ice age was covered with 600 meters of ice - which is actually the thickest ice sheet in Europe. The remains of the impact of glaciers can be found on the ground in Slovenia Kranjska Soroškom and field, field of Ljubljana and the Soca Valley, while in Croatia the impact of glaciers could notice in the September Kosi and beautiful area of ​​Velebit.
Anyway, our geological history they would need to detect and possible future: the Balkans would soon again able to become a part of the frozen tundra with cold steppe areas, and some areas dotted with forests.
If you are still interested in the question of why we assure that we are facing global warming, we consider the question of profit and global control is extremely important, because what do people in countries with potential for total "freeze" like the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".
From all the following key question: Will we ever have a future in the summer and whether we will soon enter a new ice age?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Journey into space - pulsars as beacons

The future interplanetary travel is unthinkable without the navigation system similar GPS or GLONA - German radioastronomi suggest that as a natural beacon using pulsars, that is. neutron stars that looked a hundred times per second.

Pulsar sends strong electromagnetic radiation in a narrow beam, which every revolution at a time "touches" the Earth. Then the apparatus detects a short pulse of radio, light or X-ray range.

When in 1967. The first radio telescope received signals of pulsars, in the beginning it was a shock: the scientists thought that sending them an alien intelligence. Since then he has discovered about 2,000 of pulsating stars.

Their impulses can be frequent or less frequent, but recur with high frequency. At this capacity, and the idea of scientists based astronomy of the "Max Planck" in Bonn - position the camera, even outside the solar system.

The point is this: to navigate it takes at least three pulsars with different parts of the starry sky.

Each signal varies, depending on the point in space toward which goes spacecraft, "call" each of the three stars will come with some delay after the scheduled arrival. Comparing the delay, it is possible to calculate the coordinates of the aircraft in space. The Germans claim that the location of the spacecraft can be determined with an accuracy of 5 kilometers.

"Five kilometers is solid enough distance. Thing will be attainable in the whole solar system - the size of the solar system are negligible compared to interstellar distances," - said the head of the Department of Physics and evolution of stars of the Institute of Astronomy RAS Dmitry Vibe.

This model should be put into the computer the spacecraft so that the computer will always know where the planet - although spacecraft does not always know where they've located. This requires pulsars.

They show where the aircraft is located, and the computer program that shows the currently on the planet. He knows what he needs to control the flight - said, "Voice of Russia".

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Russians and Indians made ​​perfected laser

The team of scientists from Vicksburg University in Germany has developed a new laser polaritonik. This work involved Russian - Vladimir Kulakovski from Institute of Solid State Physics.Improved laser does not use electrons, but polaritons. These are integral parts of the particle with the energy that makes the electromagnetic part, and in part - the energy of the excited state of the environment. The most common laser electron is in a high state - otherwise radiation emissions will not start. New laser could not function without this condition.Another advantage polaritonika is much faster start and stop. The signals from this device can be much more, or much less energy transmitted through the optical cable lines.Another advantage of the new generation of lasers is that, they will complement radiography. In addition, they are much safer imaging.Polaritonici are able to work in a very promising terahertz frequencies, which are increasingly popular in the world. In Japan terahertz frequencies used for wireless networks.Interestingly, in parallel with the Russian-German scientific team engaged in the elaboration of a team of experts from the University of Michigan USA. At its head is a professor from India Palab Bhatahara. Both projects are independently came to the same results.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Our Solar System is travelling through a cloud as hot as the surface of the sun!

The Local Interstellar Cloud, is an interstellar cloud that is approximately 30 light years long. Our Solar System entered this cloud anywhere from 44,000 and 150,000 years ago, and is expected to make it's exit in the next 10,000 to 20,000 years.

This cloud, that we are in at this VERY SECOND, is as hot as the surface of the sun, or rather around 6,000K. That is, of course, 5,600 degrees Celsius or 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, why exactly haven't we become a fiery ball of hell? Well, the effects on Earth are prevented because of solar winds, and our Sun's magnetic field, which essentially acts as a bubble to keep out heat that would otherwise destroy our solar system.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

On Earth magnetic storm began

Kr index of geomagnetic fluctuations reached the notch 6, reported the Institute for Applied Geophysics of the Russian Hydrometeorological Service. Notch 5 - the minimum level, which is considered to be a storm. Kr-index is measured with the help of magnetic network cells.

The reason for the current outbreak of the storm, it is ejection of solar plasma - a cloud of charged particles "shock" in the Earth's magnetosphere and causes ripples.

Storm could lead to problems with high voltage electrical equipment and also cause interruption of radio communications. Storm, also may adversely affect the health of people with cardio - vascular disease.