Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Facebook changing our brains?

People with a long list of friends on Facebook have larger and denser structure in the three regions of the brain than those with only a few online friends.

Scientists are investigating, but have not yet figure out whether part of the brain responsible for social life that affects people who spend a lot of time on Facebook have more friends, or is used frequently, and social networks lead to changes in the brain.

By studying the brain's Facebook researchers found that people with a longer list of friends on this network have larger and denser structure in the three regions of the brain than those with only a few online friends.

It is the upper temporal lobe and the middle temporal gyrus, which are associated with social perception as the perception of another's look or facial expression, and entorinal cortex which in turn is associated with remembering faces and names.

- The question is whether the size of the "social" part of the brain encourages people to have more friends on Facebook or the area is subject to change due to frequent use of social networks - says lead researcher Geraint Rees, neurologist and professor at University College London, adding that it will be more studies are needed to reach the right answer.

In the past, and Susan Greenfield, an Oxford which deals with scientific research in the field of neurology, causing controversies by claiming that the human mind in the 21 clear podetinjiti century, to be incapacitated for a longer concentration and empathy, will tend to sensationalism and will have a deluded sense of identity.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Soon the new look of Gmail?

Video is presented in which a new design of Gmail mistakenly got on YouTube and then disappeared with him.

Meanwhile, Google is the announcement came that it was true that the new Gmail stores, but that was not supposed to see this video. At least not yet.

See the "controversial" video!

When you already are, in the above video we could hear about the redesign and much clearer view of Gmail, the function of screen size and improve search and filtering e-mails, as well as some of the innovations.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Alma telescope, seeking the origin of the universe

One of the largest scientific enterprise 21st century, Alma telescope in the desert Atacama plateau in Chile, started its work. The task of the largest and most complex ever field a radio telescope to investigate and study the processes that occurred several hundred million years after the universe when the first stars began to shine.

His work should explain the current appearance of the cosmos and the origin of life. "We will be able to see the beginning of the creation of the universe and how galaxies form first. We will find out so much about how the universe works," said Palab Ghosh, Science correspondent, who was present at the beginning of the telescope.
Alma, whose construction began in 2003, consists of a series of connected giant antenna deployed on the highest plateau in the Atacama desert, near the border of Chile and Bolivia.
In order to give the public a little insight into the work of the telescope, European Southern Observatory (ESO), one of the organizations which will operate the plant, has announced the first images recorded by the Alma and showing the collision of two galaxies. These colossal swarms of stars can be seen by optical telescopes, such as the legendary Hubble.
What distinguishes Alma, however, is that it can catch the light that is visible to the eye and make out thick clouds of cold gas from which new stars are formed.
The photographs were made using 12 antennas. The resolution and clarity of images will grow dramatically as they integrated new antennas that would by 2013. supposed to be 66th overall
Alma looks light in the millimeter and submilimeter frequency band which allows astronomers to identify the gas vortex is created at the beginning of the universe, more than 13 billion years ago and from which emerged the first stars that lit up the universe.
Astronomers will also be able to see the formation of planets around stars and to study supemassiv black hole in the center of our galaxy, which is due to dust can not see optical telescopes.
A Japanese research team plans to use for the study of Alma has a strange cosmic phenomena - particularly the light of the galaxy Himiko which annually produces about 100 sun.
In addition to being scientifically ambitious project of Alma and a miracle of technology and engineering. Pascal Martinez, the man who oversees the work of the plant, described Alma as a "pyramid of the 21st century." "The sheer size engineering project, its technical complexity and what they will achieve this hardware is innovative and built to the glory of mankind," said Martinez, whose task is to supervise the connecting antennas, each weighing about 100 tons.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Travel the universe from its inception

Bolshoi backward simulation using observations from the time of the Big Bang with everything we know about dark matter in an attempt to conjure up the beginning of the creation of the universe.

The universe is so large that we need the help of supercomputers to have only scratched the surface of what we assume that it happens.

It is with these supercomputers, scientists were able to create simulations Bolshoi - extremely detailed overview of the universe 14 billion years long.

Using recordings of microwave background radiation and outstanding after the Big Bang with a combination of everything we know about dark matter, the Bolshoi is offering scientists worldwide to study the material.

A sviam others only a fraction of what is going on above our atmosphere, in the greatest depths of the universe.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Manage with your fingers got a new dimension

Just as we got used to the phone and tablet computer controlled using a finger, the researchers of the University of Carnegie Mellon University will lead us to the next level.

They showed this week, a technology called TapSense to better use our fingers and allows better management of devices with touch screen.

They, in fact, no matter which part are the finger touched the screen, because they believe that touching the nail (nail) may signal one thing, a touch of cheek bone (fall), Article (knuckle) or with your fingertip (tip), something else entirely.

The technology developed involves the use of microphones nestle the screen, which allows them to accurately discern whether we have touched the tip of a finger, fingernail, or cheekbones čuknuli article. The system of proving the correctness of his concept for the time being is able to distinguish these four types of contact with an accuracy of 95%.

One of the goals of the team that developed Tapsens is to eliminate the need for buttons and other conventions that take up space to perform some action on the device and thus better use of sometimes limited screen size.

"Tapsens basically doubles the bandwidth of the touch screen," says Chris Harrison, a doctoral candidate at the Institute for the interaction of people and computers (Human-Computer Interaction Institute, HCII) at Carnegie Mellon. "This is especially important for small screens. If we remove buttons from the screen, we get more space for content or we can increase the other buttons. "

The same technology can be used to distinguish a number of different tools such as pencils, which can then be used to screen all the writes and draws a variety of colors.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Apocalypse will not be

Comet Jelenina, with which the apologists of the recent end of the world coming apocalypse tied, fell apart. Fateful role played by the comet near the Sun. This is stated Russian scientist Leonid Jelena who has found a comet.

16th October Jelenina comet was supposed to be closer to Earth at a minimum distance of - 0.23 astronomical units (34.9 million kilometers). This circumstance was born apocalyptic fever. Ostensibly the 2012th year because it will happen on our planet a global catastrophe. The Argentine astronomer Tuscany Sergio threatened arrival of the alien world, believing that the comet is actually spacecraft stranger, not a celestial body. Such ideas Leonid Jelena who discovered the comet, the 2010th called nonsense and I am glad he is that all this noise anti science finally ended.

It is clear now that this is not cosmic ship. Even many people who were entertained ufology ideas, they realized that the comet broke up and that scientists were wrong. She did not bring any disaster. Poles of the Earth have not changed, it fell to Earth. On it are not aliens flew.

Something similar, says Leonid Jelena, but it happened the 1997th when the world is expecting the arrival of cosmic ships that fly behind the comet Hale-bop. But the celestial body has successfully passed over the earth without any consequences for humanity. Although, according to scientists, when the comet was discovered that collided with Earth, a disaster would be inevitable. But the orbits of comets Jelenina was well known to astronomers, and everyone knew that she would pass on distance of nearly 35 million miles from our planet, which is 90 times the distance between the Earth and Moon. After passing point of the orbit closest to the Sun, the comet did not appear in the images of cosmic solar observatory SONO. A still earlier astronomy enthusiasts from Australia fix the sudden drop in its brightness. These events have led experts to speak about her death. Obviously a fateful role played by a guest of heaven is near the Sun, explained to Voice of Russia Leonid Jelena.
Each comet entering the country within the orbit, the comet before the "new dynamic" for the first time approaches the Sun, usually falls apart. It directly depends on its size, according to scientists, is determined by its composition. In particular it can be quite fragile body, a conglomerate of large icicles that when fluctuations in the sun and solar wind activity broken down into parts. I think it happened with the comet S/2010 H1.
Although comets are considered harbingers of historical cataclysms, Leonid says Jelena, we do not live in the 17th or 18 century, but in 21, therefore he must part with the medieval understanding of comets and realize that they do not carry any predictions.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

"Nisan" introduced a new technology to prevent collisions

Japanese "Nisan" is presented, within the concept of "security shield", several advanced technologies that the company claims it can prevent an accident, even if the driver presses the gas pedal wrong before parking or when there is a chain collision on the highway.

"Nissan," says that the new sensor is able to detect the line at a parking area, a special safety device that allows control slow movement of vehicles or to automatically stop before hitting something in the parking lot, even if the driver confused the accelerator with brake.

Experts point out that company drivers are often misused pedals which is why a year in Japan about 7,000 incidents happen, and most crash occurs during parking. "Nissan," said the new system to help reduce that number.

Another Japanese car manufacturer has also developed a technology that is able to detect the sudden deceleration of two vehicles in front as they move through the streets, including highways and it warns the driver, which helps prevent chain collision.

"Nissan" is planned that the new warning system installed in vehicles for one or two years, said on Wednesday at the presentation of new security technologies in Tokyo.

Friday, 14 October 2011

The best technological devices 2011

Samsung S2 Galaxy was named the phone at this year's contest for the best technological devices - T3 Gadget Awords, held in London. The best and the Apple iPad 2, Google ...

This is the first time in three years that this prestigious award won some long phone company other than Apple and HTC.

Popular with the smartphone operating system Android, won in stiff competition that included 4 iPhone, HTC Sensation, Atrix Motorola, Sony Ericsson XPERIA, HTC Incredible S.

The award was given for the tablet Apple iPad 2, the computer, he was named McBook Apple Air which won the award for the design of T3.

Television was the "Siemens EU55D8000" camera, Canon G12 shot Pauer, game console for Microsoft Microsoft Xbox Kinetic, which has been declared for the gadget.

For this year's technology brand Google has declared a person of the year for the technology of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In choosing the best and most innovative technological appliances in the world in the last 12 months - T3 Gadget Awords, held for the fifth time this year he took part of the record number of 970,000 voters.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ti-rex was bigger and scarier than previously thought

Tyrannosaurus rex grew in their teens, faster and was more difficult than previously thought, scientists said.

With the help of lasers and computer animation, the British and American scientists "measured" These are five-rex, including "Sue" from a museum in Chicago - which is by far the largest and most complete skeleton of this dinosaur were discovered.

The scientists concluded that Sue, who swept the Great plains of North America 67 million years ago, was heavier than nine tons, which is 30 percent higher than previously thought.

Interestingly, the smallest and youngest specimen weighed less than previously thought, which threw new light on the biology of these animals and suggests that the Ti-rex grew twice as fast at the age of 10 to 15 years than previously thought.

"In the period of fastest growth, while they were teenagers, they were given five pounds a day," said John Hutchinson told Reuters from the Royal Veterinary College in London.

"Just think how much it is meat. It's just a lot of cheeseburgers ... many small hadrosaurusa that are chewed," he added.

Hadrosaurus were herbivores and were the obvious choice on the menu of predators.

Huge appetite means that the Ti-rex had to "cover" and a large territory and that these predators were relatively rare.

Their rapid growth states, and the thought that they had a fast metabolism and that they were most likely warm-blooded animals.

Large body mass means that Ti-rex was not extremely fast, and that they were moving at maximum speed between 15 and 40 miles per hour.

"They were not super fast but they are not even pull," said Hutchinson.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Created a pill that erases ugly memories

British scientists have created a pill that could help anyone who wants to get rid of memories of traumatic events, media reported today.
To make the pill, scientists had to discover how the human brain deals with stress. The survey was conducted on mice whose brains were genetically engineered protein prevented the creation of second lipokalin It turned out that these mice have a stronger reaction to stress than mice in which the amount of this protein to normal levels. However, scientists say more research is needed to confirm that raising lipokalin 2 really helps in dealing with bad memories.

"Stress-related disorders are very common and nearly one third of the population suffers," said Dr. Robert dash, who participated in this study. "We want to investigate whether this finding can be applied to humans and whether it really can be used to help with anxiety disorders and depression," he added.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Europe can be choked by ozone

The concentration of ozone will result in increased mortality of Europeans

Climate warming due to increased concentrations of ozone will result in increased mortality of Europeans. Such a perspective unhappy predicting the Old World for the next 50 years, climate scientists from the University of Umeå in Sweden. According to their estimates, is threatened by Russia.

We remember crazy summer 2010. when he was in Russia for almost 2 months was a 40-degree heat. This fall in early October in Paris and London was about 30 degrees. About global warming today, saying all. The researchers said the record for the entire history of observing the reduction of ice in the Arctic. According to forecasts, mid-century polar ice will completely melt in summer. If ocean shores flooded, considerable territory of Europe will be under water, while melting of permafrost will cause tehnogenske disaster.

But even without these cataclysms people at risk today. According to WHO estimates, climate change leads to an increase of mortality of the population. Changes in the nature affect air and drinking clean water, crops, contribute to the spread of deadly diseases. Swedish scientists have concluded that the rapid increase of ozone in the air - the greenhouse effect - would have grave consequences for the health of the population of Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.
Ozone in the stratosphere protects us from radiation ultraviolet but tropospheric ozone is quite another thing, - says Alexey Kokorin expert.
In cities with heavy transport and industrial emissions, when the warm sunny weather, the lower layer of air is accumulated ozone. This is a serious problem for Southern Europe, but also to Moscow - hot summer days, when there are many vehicles - it is also a serious problem.
Ozone in the lower layer of air is harmful to health. It can cause diseases
respiratory ways, cancer. Another problem, linked to climate warming is a phenomenon in the Northern Hemisphere is absolutely atypical, exotic diseases. For example, in Volgograd was discovered this year, West Nile fever. The cause of the migratory birds have transferred. They were flying before, but the virus has begun to survive only now, when they made the proper temperature.
Foreign experts are concerned that climate change can cause a noticeable decrease in the population of Europe. I would not have mentioned the decline in population, however, it is a deterioration in quality of life and major medical problems, - said the Russian expert.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

GLONAS signals received worldwide

On Monday at the Baikonur Plesetsk deputy head "Roskosmos" said Anatoly Silovo GLONAS that the system is the first time in 15 years in full force - 24 satellites. When the night on Monday 24th release in the machine cosmic coffee in all international organizations, Russia will be on the same level as the United States, which already have a system Zhi-Pi-Es said Silovo. The group of 24 devices that will enable GLONASS signals are received without restriction throughout the world, said a representative of Roskosmos.

GLONAS is a unique system of global
positioning equipment. It has increased tenfold the accuracy of determining the coordinates - all the way to a millimeter. This breakthrough will enable Russia to expand opportunities in the production of sophisticated techniques, and seriously increase the security of strategically important facilities.

This invention was made not in the major scientific institutions of the capital, but in the Siberian city of Omsk, in the laboratory of innovative small companies. The new device accurately determines the coordinates to the centimeter, and with the additional data processing - up to a millimeter.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Earth 2013th threatened by a series of electromagnetic storm

Because of the increased activity of the Sun Earth will 2013th The hit series of electromagnetic storms, experts predict NASA.

Scientists have noticed at the end of September are strong solar eruptions near the solar spots AR1302. The consequence of such events is why
geomagnetic storm of the problems with satellites, cell phones, and disrupting flights of aircraft.

NASA announced that the 2013th activity of these solar eruptions to be a record, so there is a strong possibility that sunspot threaten Earth.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Facebook follow us when we log out

Thanks to a modified "cookie", a social network Facebook tracks your movements around the Internet even after log out. By the conclusion of this self-proclaimed hackers came Nik Cubrilovic, after numerous tests.

Facebook has long been difficulties with the issue of data protection and privacy of its users. Zukerberg While working to improve the appearance and environment introduces a "revolutionary" changes, policy issues again in the foreground.

Nik Cubrilovic self-proclaimed hacker has conducted many tests and analysis of HTTP request headers that browsers send to facebook.com, and also found that Facebook, instead of deleting, changing your "cookies" instantly when you log off from social networks, reports the blog portal ZDNet.

As your unique user information remains in the "cookie" on Facebook and you can follow. So if you think you will click on "log out" help, think again, say from ZDNet. If you go to a page that contains the Facebook plugin, your browser will continue to send confidential information in Palo Alto.

"When my browser log off from Facebook, each time you visit a page that has" like "or" share "button, Facebook continues to send confidential information,

including my ID, "said Cubrilovic, adding that all this can be checked by using any browser that contains the developer tools.

Facebook Engineers: We do not mis-use "cookie"

Reacted to these accusations is Facebook engineer Arturo Bejar and told to "hook" that stays on after you are log out the profile is used to track user habits.

"We do not use our 'cookies' in order to better qualify or advertising to sell information to third parties. I've heard so many times that our business sales information, but it's just not true. We use our 'cookies' while you are logged in order to personalize your experience and even to improve it, "the letter Arturo Bejar, which coincides with what Facebook says all the time.

Google is doing it for a long time

The same thing is now detected in Facebook, Google has been doing for years. If you were logged into Gmail, Maps, Documents and even visit the site that incorporates the code from Google, such as google anylitics, a free service that monitors traffic, Google will know where you're moving.

"The difference between Facebook and Google in this case is that more and more Web site has social benefits (widgets) that put them Facebook code. If you were logged on Facebook and you have the 'cookie' written code of your user account, it will use the mentioned code very easily be able to track your web surfing.

The biggest problem of monitoring is that Facebook is to some extent Google may remain anonymous because the creation account does not have to enter data while the actual users of the most popular social network usually put their name and some unique information.

They want to know more about customers

Knowing all of this raises the question "Why Facebook is doing and what happens to the information taken"?

Their intention is to learn as much about each user in order to send based on advertising. So things work on the internet and this is nothing new. The same can be done by the police. Specifically, the police must not only follow you through your relationship, then the one that carries your name. If you go to a friend or use a free wireless network for reporting, the police will make you very hard to find. But, hypothetically speaking of the police could search a list of the Facebook page where you were and get them thanks Facebook "cookie" which followed in your movement.


A logical question arises: How to get rid of "cookies" and still you can use the Facebook service?

In order to avoid sending your private information, and still be able to use his, now maybe a little less to your favorite social network, you can delete the "cookies" each time after you log off from it.

Facebook: We do not use the information for targeted advertising

Facebook is officially recognized and reacted to data on the movement of users on the web due to Facebook when the user is logged out, but that this data is not misused and that the data they receive quickly deleted.

In a statement, which was passed Wall Street Journal, one of the employees in Facebook, Arturo Behar says that data is sent over the way the system is based is set and all cookies that are associated with Facebook.com sent automatically every time you see like button.

"The onus is on us to take all the data and delete them. What really matters is what we as a company and say what we stand behind," he said and stressed that this information is not used for targeted advertising, as well as to look for ways that this data is not sent, but "it would take."

Monday, 3 October 2011

Discovered a plant that buries its own seed

In the Atlantic rain forest in the Brazilian state of Bahia, in northeast of the country, found a new plant-specific in that it "bends" to bury their seeds.

As reported by the BBC, this new species, named spigelia genuflexa, after the formation of the fruit tends toward the ground, laying the seeds with the shells on the ground, sometimes burying them in a soft blanket of moss.

Spiegel, in which he first pointed his friend described Alex Popovkin, an amateur botanist who cataloger and photographed more than 800 species that grow on his property in Bahia.

Lena Struve botanist with Rutgers University in New Jersey says the plant has developed his unusual abilities for a number of reasons.

"Since the short-lived and that he is able only to a limited area, the plant survives only if it passes close to the seed itself. Since the case of a seasonal plant, a young man does not pose a threat since it will not have to compete for space with them," explained she said.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sony Unveils New Software

Company Sony unveiled its new software that will facilitate the search for videos, music and games on the console of the connected PlayStation 3 (PlayStation), it was announced in San Francisco.

Unlimited Video Software sold in the U.S. and Canada and the response intention to combine all of Sonny tools - television, music, movies and video games with an ad called Sony Entertainment Network.

Next Sunday it is possible that the software can do to get through a social network Facebook.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Alternative Nobel for solar technology

Chinese scientist Huang Ming, a pioneer in the field of solar technology, has received honorary awards Right Livelihood Awards, which is considered the alternative Nobel.

Huang received the award for the development of cutting-edge technology in the field of solar energy.

Prize of 150,000 euros
Right Livelihood activists will share in the struggle for human rights Jacqueline Mudein from Chad, Hispanic and non-profit organization GRAIN-American midwife Ina May Gaskin educator.

Right Livelihood award was established by the Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uekskul 1980th in order to honor the people to work on fields that can not get a Nobel Prize.