Friday, 30 December 2011

Discovered vulnerability in the version of Windows 7 x64

According to Twitter, which was published by 'webDEViL', Windows 7 contains a serious vulnerability that could be used by Apple's Safari web browser.

Namely, 'webDEViL' claims to show specific HTML elements placed within the web page causes Safari browser bug known as "BSoD" (Blue Screen of Death) in Windows 7 x64 operating system.

He then states that the source of vulnerability in the features NtGdiDrawStream and that subsequent tests showed that 32-bit version is not affected by vulnerability. This vulnerability is confirmed in well-known company Secunia issued its safety recommendation.

The recommendation is that the vulnerability was caused by an error in win32k.sys file and may be used to breach the integrity of working memory using a specially formatted web page that contains IFRAME with attribute set too high 'height'. Successful abuse of vulnerability may allow execution of arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The best mobile games 2011th

The increasing popularity of smartphone and tablet has influenced the growth and popularity of mobile games. Appolicious brings a choice of five best games for mobile platforms in 2011. year.

 In the first place he found himself Infinity Blade II, the game available for iPhone OS, which from this portal called the best looking game for iPhone, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is available at a cost of $ 5.99 and will show the best performance on the iPhone and the iPad second 4S

In second place is found World of Goo, available for iPhone OS and Android, the iPhone will cost $ 2.99, a version for Android and iPhone will cost two dollars more. It is a puzzle game that has won many awards for Game of the Year.

Tiny Wings in third place, and it is a simple game that is officially removed from the throne Angry Birds, as the most popular paid application and is available at a cost of $ 0.99.

JetPack Joyride was the fourth choice Appoliciousa, and it is one of those games that simply must play "once again".

The fifth proposal is to cut the rope, available for Android and iPhone OS, at prices ranging from $ 0.99, or 1.9 for the iPad. In this game, you're helping a little monster to be fed by cut ropes and help you reach treats in his mouth.

Have you played any of these games? What do you think is the best mobile game of the year?

Monday, 19 December 2011

A new idea for cooling of the earth!

A group of scientists, lawyers and philosophers are trying to find radical ways to artificially cool the Earth in order to change global warming.

At the UN conference in South Africa is one of the proposals was that the small amount of sunlight back into space before it hits the Earth's surface would have an immediate and dramatic effect. It would certainly be affected by the change in weather. However, no one knows what will be the side effects, according to Daily Mail.

The idea of ​​solar radiation management "has the potential to be very helpful or very harmful," the report concludes the British Royal Society and the Environmental Protection Fund in Washington.

The report is a long-standing work group of scientists from 22 countries world spurred by the failure of 20-year-old UN negotiating process to take decisive action to curb emissions of gases of glass.

If it were the fact that sunlight is rejected then it means that it will carry out activities such as spraying of sulfur into the air and spraying seawater into the clouds refused to sunlight. However, if these activities were abruptly broken could have serious consequences for the climate.

The report emphasized that the state should not hesitate in taking action with the aim of global cooling because it only reduces the chances of damaging the fight against climate change and the slow progress towards finding solutions.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

How will life look on Earth 2080?

The year is the 2080th Global emissions have long since peaked and is already too late to stop the rise in temperature. Climate change has changed the face of the world.

Growth temperatures were first felt the poor countries and vulnerable areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Extreme weather such as droughts, floods and hurricanes have become frequent and severe. Sensitive people have found themselves facing a choice: adapt or face the millions of dead. At great cost to society is still adjusting. This is a picture of the world to announce what many climate experts.

At a conference on climate change, which began on Monday in Durban, scientists at the University of East Anglia warned that annual emissions of carbon dioxide reached a record $ 10 billion, an increase of 50 percent in the last two decades. These figures, presented in the journal "Nature Climate Change", cast doubt on the possibility that emissions can be reduced enough to prevent the global temperature rise of 2 ° C, which is considered critical.


Today we can not yet say with certainty that the Earth will look like the 2080th year, however many models, based on the assumption that the average temperature rise by two degrees, no hinting just a pretty picture. According to these models, a key factor in the future life will be extreme weather conditions. The good news is that we will, if you believe the Salemulu Huku from the International Institute for Nature and Development in London, with sufficient investment, some of them still prilagoditie. For example, the 1991st major hurricane in Bangladesh caused extensive flooding and damage, and claimed around 130,000 lives. After that, the Asian country was built shelters and systems for early warning system. The next wave of the same strength hurricane death toll was about ten times smaller. Europe and North America, thanks to his wealth will be able to finance the necessary protection systems, but the price will not be small.

Food, health, conflict and sea level:

Higher temperatures will be bad for global agriculture, although it will be some areas that will benefit. Agronomists are already busily working on new strains of rice and wheat that will be able to survive despite the drought and heat waves.

Organizations such as the "Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research" helping farmers to find out that farming methods and strains for them to be satisfactory. Despite the increasingly usoj probadati and food prices will rise.

With the increase in temperature will increase and health problems like heart attacks and infectious disease. Models show that tropical diseases will extend to higher latitudes and altitudes, although many experts believe that better medical care in most regions, however, prevent the worst outcomes.

The amount of sea level rise for the time being is still a big mystery. But according to what we know, even the most terrible scenario should not occur to 2080. When it comes to estimates of the impact of global warming on the conflicts between people, expert opinions are not unique. Some believe that the number of climate change significantly increase.

Many experts believe that the deadline for reaching agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions 2015th years. Some countries, including India and the United States, trying to delay the final agreement as long as possible, and Canada has recently announced that it has no intention of participating in any document that would be inherited by the Kyoto Protocol.

Is there a cure?

What can we do if we fail to achieve the set goals? First of all, experts agree, there should not be given up by reducing emissions. Brian Hoskins from the "Imperial College" in London points out that the climate does not yet understand enough so the temperature, some luck, not grow by 2 ° C despite the increase in emissions. But Hoskins believes that at any cost should avoid a scenario in which they compared to pre-industrial increased by 4 ° C.

Finally, it is possible that we will need some form Geoengeniring.

"We will have somehow to look for ways to remove CO2," says Tim Lenton of the University of Ekster in the UK. Some countries have already started planting trees as CO2 drains, and there are prototypes of relevant technologies for sucking gases from the atmosphere. Hoskins thinks that they could become important when the end of the century will have to prevent a further increase in temperature.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Voyager from the edge of the solar system recorded Incredible scenes

Twin NASA mission, Voyager, which is located at the entrance of the galaxy for the first time in history has peered outside the solar system and recorded images of the human eye has never seen.

According to new research, the two aircraft were in other parts of the Milky Way ultraviolet light recorded by our instruments so far from hiding blinding glow of our parent star.

"People were trying to perform these measurements from Earth orbit, but that they never succeeded," said veteran Bill Sandel Voyager missions with the University of Tuscany.

This frequency of light, known as alpha radiation Limanovo, send the hydrogen atoms that are cooled. On Earth, it is almost impossible to detect this radiation, since UV signals in our galaxy are disappearing in a sea of ​​solar radiation scattered stray hydrogen atoms, just as the stars invisible during the day because the atmosphere scatters the sun's rays.

Scientists have already managed to capture Limanovo alpha radiation from distant galaxies, because it comes with a certain shift towards the red end of the spectrum caused by expansion of the universe. This change in frequency of light emission makes it possible to clearly distinguish it from solar. No emission from our galaxy have a redshift, so it is much harder to distinguish.

Voyager 1 and 2 were launched in 1977. year. The 2004th they entered the Solar System and are now about 100, or 120 times the distance from the Sun than Earth.

This distance and the new data analysis techniques have enabled scientists to distinguish between galactic radiation from the Sun. The new data will allow a better understanding of the structure and properties of distant galaxies.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Another redesign for Twitter

Social network Twitter will no longer be the same, company leaders decided.

Twitter has introduced a major redesign of its services and issued a new application for Android and
IOS accompanying the new design guidelines, and behind it lies a desire to change the way user's access to its tweets.

Twitter users will see changes on computers in a few weeks, while the tweeters that social network with mobile access, redesigned service would be available immediately.

As a reminder, the previous design made ​​it possible to extend the''time-line "and thus immediately see all related information contained in the''tweet."

Sunday, 11 December 2011

This is how Antarctica looks without ice!

If you ever wondered how the Antarctic ice-free look, a new detailed map of the southernmost continent on the globe will surely delight.

Specifically, members of the project BEDMAP managed on the basis of data collected from decades of ships, aircraft and satellites, and even the sleigh, to simulate the soil.

It is interesting that less than one percent of its land is covered with a white blanket. On the map below the highest peaks are marked with red and black. Light Blue indicates a clear extension of the continent, while the lowest area marked dark blue. Some of them are now well below sea level.

This model is not only beautiful, it's also important to explore the possible impact of global warming on the white continent. In fact, scientists recently recorded major changes at the ends of the continent of which are separated by large parts of the ice and melt in oceanic waters. Data gathered by BADMAP will help scientists to predict the extent and speed of developments.

"That information is the foundation of our models that reveal how the ice travels the continent," said Hamish Pritcard the British Antarctic Survey.

"Snow constantly supplying Antarctic ice sheet and ice constantly sliding towards the shore where it dissolves or breaks. It is big and slow hydrological cycle. To create such models need knowledge about the complex physics of ice, and topographic map of the soil in which ice slides, and that is BEDMAP. "

The map is presented at a session of "American Geophysical Union (AGU)", the largest annual conference of planetary scientists in the world.

The radar surveys were used because microwave radiation penetrates the ice, but not through the rocks.

Most interesting in the new model is certainly an area Gamburtsev mountain range where the highest peaks reaching 3000 meters above sea level. Despite these elevations are covered with thick layers of ice more than 1000 meters.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Will Google "kill" Mozilla?

Since the Mozilla Foundation 84% of its revenues (about $ 100 million) last year received from Google, which pays to its search itself in the Firefox browser, the big question is how to survive when Mozilla this work, which expired in November would not be extended. When asked whether the ZDNet site there was a new deal two companies, in Mozilla responded that no new information.

Google, which has its own Chrome browser, which is better than Firefox, you may decide not to renew the agreement in order to indirectly slow down the competition, according to ZDNet.

What will then happen with Mozilla and Firefox?

It may be in place  Google "jump" Microsoft, which certainly is intended to provide significant Bingu market share, and the two companies already collaborate on a project with Bing Firefox, according to B92.

However, even if it does solve the problem Mozilla is only in the next year or two, and analysts have predicted that in future the main race of the browser market between Microsoft and run Google.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Diet reduces heart risk in teens

A large proportion of fiber-rich foods in the diet of teenagers is associated with a reduced presence of risk factors for heart disease, U.S. researchers reported.

Researchers at the University of Michigan, after analyzing the diet of more than 2000 respondents aged 12 to 19 years are added to the diet was associated with lower risk for type 2 diabetes

Their data showed that the intake of saturated fat or cholesterol in teenagers does not affect the occurrence of risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes

The lowest risk for high blood pressure, increased concentration of sugars and fats in the blood, reducing the concentration of so-called. of good (HDL) cholesterol and increased waist circumference was observed in teenagers who each brought at least 1000 calories 11 grams of fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

NASA confirmed the existence of "Other Earth"!

The U.S. space agency (NASA) announced that the Kepler Space Telescope confirmed the existence of planets outside our solar system where there is a possibility of life, carried Belgrade media.

This planet, named Kepler 22b, astronomers noticed that 2009 is the first for which NASA is able to confirm that the zone is suitable for life. This means that astronomers see how the three passes, "transit" in front of its sun. This, however, does not mean that life does exist on the planet, but only to meet the basic requirements.

In other words, the planet is orbiting at the right distance from its star, which suggests that it may be on the water and that the temperature and atmosphere suitable for life.

 "The Kepler 22b of asserting the existence of planets suitable for life. We are sure that the planet is in a suitable area to live and if there is an area, you should at a pleasant temperature to her," said Bill Borak, principal investigator of the "Kepler" in NASA Ames research cent.

Rotated around its star at a distance of 600 light years away, Kepler 22b is 2.4 times larger than Earth and its orbit crosses the sun for 290 days. Scientists, however, do not know if this planet is rocky, gaseous or liquid. "Transit" observed the planet shortly after its launch into space telescope Kepler in March 2009.

Kepler Telescope mission was the first American space agencies are looking for Earth-like planets that orbit as they have around their sun. Kepler is equipped with the largest camera ever sent back into space with a resolution of 95 megapixels, and is expected to continue to send information to Earth until November 2012th

 The third planet eligible for life

22b is the third Kepler exoplanet for which astronomers have confirmed that conditions for life. Besides it, there are also Gliese 581d by French astronomers have discovered in May this year and HD 85512d which in August of Swiss astronomers found that the area is suitable for life.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Find out how it really works on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a kind of organism that never stagnates and is continuously updated, and is now richer and Wikistream. This addition to the "free encyclopedia" allows us to gain insight into what exactly is and how it occurs and in real time.

 With Wikistream the pictures in the background randomly change, but the stream sometimes going so fast that you can barely follow what was happening.

So we can say that users of Wikipedia have no idea about the approximate amount of content and activities on it's - until they see Wikistream. Many people around the world "worry" about different possible topics on the "free encyclopedia", add new content, and to remove obsolete - every second.

If you do not want to watch a global view of activity on Wikipedia, Wikistream allows you to select which country you want to follow, and will help you in choosing the type of information you want to track in real time.

 If your stream too fast or you want to go to a specific page, just press "P" on the keyboard and the whole stream will stop. To start it again, press "P".

Here's how the authors explain their project idea:

"I hope that Wikistream allow you to guess how many active community engaged in Wikipedia. Wikistream was created to help identify the level of involvement of people worldwide who actively participated in that Wikipedia becomes a tremendous resource as we are."