Thursday, 30 June 2011

Newly discovered Amazon tribe

In the forests of the Amazon in Brazil found the indigenous tribe of about 200 people who have never had contact with the outside world.

The pictures made ​​from the air to see four larger villages with huts and crops of corn and bananas.

Tribe lives in the Weld Valley, which lies near the border with Peru, Amorim said the Brazilian Fabricio National Foundation for the protection of indigenous "FUNAI".

"Plant and cottages are more recent, not older than one year. This is indicated by the state of straw used in the construction of huts. Except a corn and bananas and other plants, some of which are similar to peanuts," said Amorim.

The tribe is discovered after the satellite images spotted cleared forest areas, which indicated the possibility of some sort of human settlement.

Brazilian authorities defend the inhabitants of contact with members of isolated tribes, as they are not infected with diseases to which indigenous people have not developed immunity.

Probably belongs to the newly discovered tribe panoansk linguistic community, or indigenous peoples who live in the west of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia who speak a language of panoansk.

FUNAI has not yet made ​​contact with the tribe, but from the organization stated that the Weld Valley place with "the highest concentration of isolated groups in the Amazon and the world."

It is believed to live in the valley about 2,000 natives.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mummy told of the ancient atmosphere

The ancient Egyptians were a breath of polluted air. For them, as well as modern humans, the actual problem was a bad environment and diseases caused thereby. Up to this conclusion came from Roger Montgomery Manchester University.

Montgomery took lung tissue samples of 15 Egyptian mummies in various regions of Egypt that belonged to people of various social status. It turns out that they matured in a lot of solids - obviously, with polluted air. What is Britain's surprise, their volume was somewhat smaller than the current population of Megapolis. The composition of foreign bodies still to be studied, but it is quite evident that it may be the cause of various disease the ancient Egyptians.

Traces of the disease found in mummies are known. More 1970th experts of the respective universities Mančesterskog described the case of lung disease in mummies 3800 years old. The lungs were scarred, so that their ancient owner probably found it hard to breathe.

Why, in ancient times the air was polluted so badly? Although the population was tens of times fewer than today, one can speak of a strong žaritšima pollution, although the sometimes considered the head of the laboratory of evolutionary Geography Institute of Geography RAN Andrey Velichko.

Study of state of the atmosphere from that era through the chemical analysis shows that global pollution is not any. Unnecessary substances, small gas components - nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, carbon dioxide had no way to be so. It is possible that there was some kind of local pollution. Because they use at that time the fire stills. If it was located in a close room, you could have the effect of pollution in the lungs. I now can happen too, when working in a dusty room.

One of the factors of negative effects on the environment then it could be soot, is confident the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the atmosphere RAN Alexander Ginzburg.

Soot was then per capita could be higher than now. Burn are bad fuel - coal, peat, brown coal. I inquired for Urbanistics with great surprise found that in Ancient Rome was a small population density, and not higher than in modern cities. They lived cramped. For them, the environment could be much more harmful, than for city dwellers now.

What exactly are the particles got into the lungs inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, Roger Montgomery hopes to establish with the help of the experiment. Burning various forms of fuel, it will collect the soot and compare them with particles from the mummy. It will also have to compare patterns of sand particles from the ancient tombs of sand due to lung mummy. If it turns out that sand grains in the lungs have a smooth shape, they have it from nature, and if the sharp corners, means that it is a by-product of ancient crafts, be environmentally harmful.

The results of experiments that will illuminate the ecological situation of the ancient world will be announced in the fall.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"Google" introduced the vocal and visual search

"Google" is through your Internet browser "Chrome" introduced the vocal and visual search and desktop (PC) users of that browser.

As quoted French broadcasters, vocal search, introduced in the fixed version of "Chrome", this allows the use of the microphone on your computer. This feature is currently only available for searches that are conducted in English.

Visual search is conducted via shot image that is inserted into the browser and thus leads to the desired content. It is a function available in 40 languages​​.

Another novelty is the function of "instant website" - IP (Instant Pages). It is a system that speeds up access to a Web site directly from search results.

This function, however, available only to users of "beta" (test) version of "Chrome".

Monday, 27 June 2011

Discovered a star that "spits" water

Young stars like the Sun let the water spray from his half-speed about 124,000 miles per hour, made ​​the Herschel telescope.

Star bullets creates water that reach deep into interstellar space. It is more than 100,000 years, and is located in the constellation Perseus.

Star was taken from the Herschel observatory whose equipment is shot even thick layer of gas around it. It's not all. Water vapor is far from the star returns to the liquid state, at which point, as he says lead author Lars Christensen, the water is moving "about 80 times faster than bullets from machine guns."

The interesting part of this discovery is exploring possibilities of stars in terms of water resources, and if such phenomena are present distribution of water throughout the universe, it would mean a great discovery with regard to the importance of water for human life.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Transfer of thought with chip

Scientists from the University of Southern California were able to produce artificial memory system that allows the transfer of thought, memory and learned behavior from one brain to another. It sounds like science fiction.

"Johnny Mnemonik" appearance becomes reality? From the sci-fi thriller, until now, there were some things that science is the end of the last millennium, only dreamed about. For example, today a monkey whose brain associated with mechanical arm could not move the arm like his. Severely disabled can drive a wheelchair with their brain waves. But scientists have long trying to find a way to implant in the human brain and memory. This could help people who have lost their memory after the accident, or suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists at the University of Southern California professor, led by Theodore Berger, in cooperation with the university, "Wake Forest", published a sensational study in the "Journal of neuro engineering". A microchip embedded in the brains of rats can assume the role of the hippocampus - a brain the sector responsible for long-term memory - the encoding of the pattern of brain waves of memory and sends those waves through the brain.

Berger and his team taught rats to press one of two levers to get a drink of water. Then in the brains of rats whose microchip installed cables were connected with the hippocampus. The chip is made ​​of electrical wave pattern two segments of the hippocampus, CA1 and CA3 that are working together in the learning process. They then disabled the C1 segment and replace it by a chip that is able to produce proper electrical waves. Rats with such a chip and blocked C1 segment still had memories. A in rats with an installed chip and is not blocked C1 segment, extend the duration of memory. The next step will be an identical experiment with monkeys and then.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Internet eats TV

According to new research, gives the importance of Internet television. Young Americans are more informed via the Internet, especially for video platform. Broadcasters fear of reducing the income from advertising.

The latest report of the company for Media Research and Nielsen polls can certainly cause a stir among television stations. American audiences, especially younger, more inclined internet, while television left on the fringe. This activity is especially present among men aged between 18 and 34 years.

Viewership of television in American households has declined by 0.2 percent, while the same percentage increased popularity of video on the Internet platforms, such as youtub. This continues the perennial tendency of strengthening of the Internet in relation to "traditional" media. However, according to Nielsen, 91 percent of American households still pay television subscription - that percentage is rising.

Alarm for Television Corporation

Director of the American production company Media Storm, Brian Storm, 2010. year stated that "if you is not on youtub it and that does not exist". Although his company occasionally produces content for television, the main focus of its activities is in fact available.

The need to provide a presence on the network are realized and television corporation, that its facilities are also on Internet platforms. However, their goal was certainly not a replacement for the sake of television program viewing online, but rather a reference to what may follow on their small screens. Nada television stations is to reach out to new audiences, to focus on "the good old tradition," but at the same time maintaining advertising revenue.

Although Nielsen is the company point to the fact that it is future generations of consumers of news and entertainment programs jump from TV to computer, principal investigator of the media conglomerate Time Warner, Jack Vakslag not worried. "The fall of the television viewing audience of hardened internet content, they are small and we do not consider that it is destructive for us," he says, adding that Vakslag video installation on multiple platforms is the correct procedure to be held corporation.

"We do not see how the material create, but how well is it that we record," says Brian Storm from the production company Media Storm. Many television stations already use so-called live streaming through which Internet users can through their computers to watch programs.

However, the popularity of internet sites such as Vimeo, YouTub and indicate a new trend. Viewers do not want to be served, and regulate the program, but want to have to power to the users themselves to determine what they watch. Slowly creating consumer autonomy, which is choosy and I will not choose the program or support to watch. Besides the content, and they determine when to watch what they are interested.

Television stations are adjusted to the new trend, and put your content on their websites. However, it is still up to them to determine their priorities for future audiences, that is, what form it will deliver content to consumers. The only remaining question advertising, and how the sponsors will be able to position themselves in the new era, and that the function of advertising does not diminish.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Largest known black hole has a mass of 18 billion suns!

Located 3.5 billion light years away, this black hole is SO massive that it weighs six times as much as the previous record-holder and is contains about the same mass as a small galaxy! The gravitational field of the giant is so strong that it actually causes a smaller black hole with the mass of 100 million Suns to orbit it! At two points in every 12-year orbit, the smaller hole gets close enough to break through the matter on the outer edge of the larger hole, which causes an outburst that makes the surrounding quasar suddenly brighten. A quasar is a bright celestial object into which matter entering a black hole emits large amounts of radiation.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Discovered "God particle"?

Scientists working on the Large Hadron accelerator (Large Hadron Collider - LHC), according to unconfirmed news now, managed to find so. God particle.

The internal report, leaked to the public, said that one of the detector accelerator of the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva, recorded signals that could indicate Higgs boson for which scientists have long been searching.

One of the main scientific aims of the experiment has just proven to Higgs boson, a theoretical particle which is believed to have created the entire universe after the Big Bang.

Particles is a key part of the Standard Model that is used in physics to describe the way in which the construction of particles and atoms. Physicists believe that the invention Higgs boson may explain why objects have mass.

Rumors that the scientists at CERN find evidence of Higgs boson began to circulate after the contents of an internal report placed on the Internet, reports the London Telegraph.

Scientists, however, immediately called for caution because the results have not been properly tested and could, like many times before, only to be "false alarm ".

According to a report that appeared on the Internet, in the last experiment in the Large Collider hadron recorded the signals that have mass and other characteristics identical predictions Higgs.

Some of the aspects of signals, however, does not match the predictions, so the speed of its creation several times higher than expected, which would, on the other hand, may mean that the particles found on even where there are no theories.

Džilis James (James Gillies), an official spokesman for CERN, confirmed the authenticity of the report is the work of four scientists working on the experiment ATLAS Hadron Collider Vekog.

It is, however, he stated that it was just one of hundreds of reports that scientists continuously sent and that his check in the initial stage.

"It is too early to tell if there's something in general. The ATLAS experiment for 3,000 scientists each share analytical work, " he said Džilis, stating that each report has to go through several levels of review before publication as the official results of the entire science team.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

How do astronauts see the earth?

Watch a video where you can see some of the most beautiful landscapes of our planet, which the astronauts recorded a digital camera during their stay in space.

In the video, among other things, I can see the coast of Namibia, Sicily, poluotrvo Kamchatka, the northern coast of Australia, Florida, Bahamas, Cuba, Andi and Amazon.

The company Virgin Galactic, owned by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, will arrange flights to the orbit of their spacecraft Spejs Shipp there, and the price for one person will amount to about $ 200,000.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Computer cemetery damage a human DNA

Electronic waste has become a serious problem

Cemeteries electronics neobrativom water damage human DNA. Such disturbing statements made ​​by Chinese experts.

New global threat to mankind, scientists found the eponymous university Džeđanškog eastern coastal provinces of China. They were investigating the ecology that causes cancer around the big cemeteries and computer processing factory of electronic waste. Turned out to be contaminated with traces of air acting on the surface of lung tissue. Normally one of the gene permanently asleep. Under the influence of toxic impurities on the active part and provokes in the human body inflammatory processes. They lead to the formation of cancer cells.

The discovery of Chinese scientists confirmed that the mortality of oncological diseases due to poor environmental outputs in the first place among the causes of death in the world. This is the Voice of Russia said corresponding member of RAN Alexei Jablokov.

The problem of electronic waste in the last 7-8 years has become very serious in the world. A huge number of old or even very capable of working computers and mobile phones are thrown to waste. There, under the rays of the sun to begin to distinguish the poisonous dioxide. Perfect technology utilization of e-waste actually does. An urgent need for a special branch for processing and use of waste . This route is now being developed in Europe, the United States. We in Russia should be ready for that challenge.

The EU has made ​​the first attempt even if in some way solve the problem of electronic waste. Nine years ago she committed all electronics manufacturers to take responsibility on themselves for its utilization. Similar laws were passed in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. However it soon turned out to be more favorable to companies that perform production abroad, rather than spending resources on dismantling. It is no coincidence that they are like mushrooms after the rain began to spring up factories for making computers and mobile phones in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey.

In China, India and several other Asian countries there are legislative attempts to stop the inflow of e-waste, banning its imports. In practice, the law works badly. Foreign waste remain filled Asian landfill. Actually does not control the Basel Convention trans-boundary transport of hazardous waste, which came into force in 1989. year. It was not signed by the United States and a number of developed Western countries. Međtuim it is the only global agreement that will be economically motivated to ban the export of electronic waste in countries without modern technology for its utilization.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Started the first European solar train

The first passenger "green train" in Europe today has gone from Antwerp to the border with the Netherlands, using solar energy.

International high-speed train linking Paris and Amsterdam will become the first train in Europe to one of his section on using electricity obtained from solar panels installed on the tunnel over the railway, AFP quoted.

Project officials said that the tunnel in Antwerp, Belgium in the north, 3.6 miles long and is worth 15.6 million euros, will be covered with 16,000 solar panels area of ​​50,000 square meters, or as eight soccer stadiums.

The electricity will supply the infrastructure at the track, lights, signals and serve the needs of the train, and will also be supplied to Antwerp.

Panels, the Belgian company builds solar power "Enfiniti" will produce 3,300 megawatt-hours of electricity per year, corresponding to an average annual consumption of approximately 950 families.

It is estimated that these panels save 47.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions during the two decades.

"Using electricity produced on site, eliminating loss of energy and transportation costs, "said the director of "Enfiniti" Steven de Tolenaere.

The company hopes that she will allow the project to develop a new installation in the U.S. and elsewhere, saying that the railway sheds ideal places for such installation in the future.

Solar energy is considered a method for reducing carbon emissions from the sector railways.

The possibility of applying such technology is considered in the U.S. on the fast track Tucson-Phoenix, Arizona.

In Italy, the EU finance installing solar panels on the roof of the train, which provide electricity for air conditioning coaches, while France is also considering the possibility of introducing the technology to use electricity for lighting and air conditioning trains in the region of Poitou-Sarent.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Scientists have managed to isolate anti-matter

Scientists of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN were able to isolate and preserve the atoms anti-hydrogen record 16 minutes. This amazing technological discovery promises a better understanding of the mystery of antimatter.

Particles and antiparticles when they collide and cancel each other huge energy release. At the time of the Big Bang about 14 billion years, it is assumed that matter and antimatter existed in the same proportion. To maintain this balance, the universe as known today would not exist.

For unknown reasons, fortunately for us, nature has a mild affinity for the material, so that the rarity of antimatter today, reports AFP. This asymmetry is one of the great mysteries of particle physics.

Experiments with hydrogen atoms, in which little energy is released, could be a key step in solving this mystery.

"Atom anti-hydrogen we can keep the 1000 seconds. This is our time to explore them with such a small number of catch,"said Jeffrey Hangst, a spokesman for Alpha team, which conducted the tests at CERN headquarters in Geneva.

In a study published in the journal Nature Physics, stated that the researchers captured about 300 anti atom.

Scientists have used the CERN particle accelerator to create atoms anti-hydrogen and then they cooled to a temperature close to zero. The aim of the experiment is to use laser and microwave spectroscopy of immobilized particles anti-hydrogen compared with the same particle of hydrogen.

This team last year for the first time managed to capture tens of atoms of antimatter, which was isolated by one-fifth of a second and proved that such a thing is possible in the laboratory. However, it was not enough to perform accurate measurements.

It is expected that measurements anti-hydrogen could bring results later this year.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A spectacular solar eruptions on the Sun

The U.S. space agency NASA announced that on Tuesday morning occurred "unusual" eruption on the sun because that could interfere in telecommunications connections to the planet this afternoon and evening, according to AFP today.

This solar eruption similar to that which occurred 2006th years could lead to geomagnetic storms of moderate intensity which will be felt somewhere between 18 and 20 hours CET.

This phenomenon could lead to disturbances in electrical networks, satellite communications and air transport.

In particular could be vulnerable systems geolocalization which is very dangerous for the control of flights, said NASA.

Since the eruption has not occurred in the direction of the Earth, interference will be a limited type.

This phenomenon will lead to a morning storms and gale force winds in the polar regions.

Monday, 13 June 2011

U.S. createing machine to predict crime

The program aims to discover the perpetrators of possible terrorist attacks on the physiological parameters that are measurable from a distance.

What was the only theme of the film "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg, is now becoming a reality, because it is already working on a machine that will be able to predict crime. United States developed a program called "technology to monitor potential crime" (FAST), which will be possible to detect 70 percent of pre-planned crimes. FAST project concept is based on the theory of "bad faith" and he has emerged since the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001. year.

The program is intended primarily to discover the perpetrators of possible terrorist attacks on the physiological parameters that are measurable from a distance, and that the person under surveillance is not aware of that, a more efficient method of all past-detecting lies, according to promoters of this project .

At the same time, the program aims to develop technology that based on heart rate, breathing mode, temperature, facial movements or changing the pitch of the person who passes through the checkpoint could detect the perpetrators of the planned crime.

If such a person is discovered, it will be a matter of urgency be separated from the crowd and sent for further interrogation.

This program has been criticized many experts, because it is considered that it is not based on scientifically proven methods and that a large number of people who are exposed to stress, for example, due to the rush of air or a missed flight can be detected as potential terrorists and taken to Guantanamo for crimes they did not commit.

FAST also really like the design from the movie "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg in which three mutants have the ability to predict crimes before they commit.

This science-fiction film from 2002. The same name was created by a visionary story of Philip Dick Key, after which it was possible to predict the crime due to the power of three seers, which are crimes "occur" before they happen, and can reproduce them visually. According to the story and visualization Steven Spielberg, in the future, the 2054th year formed a special police unit "Beforecrime" whose members are viewing predicted a crime, identify offenders and victims, crime scenes and try to prevent it before it happens.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Growing cucumbers in the universe

Long accused of being a major source of infection mutated bacteria E. coli, which claimed several lives in Germany, the cucumber with a new team of astronauts who flew in yesterday from the Baikonur toward the International Space Station could regain sway "reputation ".

As reported by London's Guardian, Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, who along with a Russian Sergei Volkov and Americans Michael Fosum flew in a six-month mission in space, was given the task to the MSS grown cucumbers to help future visitors to produce their own food.

Experiment "cucumber" will also be aimed to show how gravity affects the cultivation of vegetables.

However, the astronauts will be forbidden to eat cucumbers planted.

"We would like to eat them, but this was not allowed, " said Japanese astronaut.

He also thinks that the tomato plant and to later be able to make real mixed salad.

By all accounts, the Japanese have a talent for "cooking space.

Last year, astronaut Šoići Nogući on MSS made ​​traditional Japanese dish sushi.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Scientists made ​​a 3D map of the universe

British astronomers have presented the most complete 3D map of the universe in history. Map "2MASS Redshift survey 2MRS (2MASS Redshift Survey 2MRS) includes distance of 380 million light years and that has been built over ten years.

Map of the universe extends much closer to the galactic plane with the previous one. The survey marked the detailed areas previously hidden behind the Milky Way, in order to better understand their impact on its movement in relation to the rest of the universe.

Karen Masters from the University of Portsmouth presented the map at a press conference during the 218th meeting of the American Association astonomskog the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge Massachusetts.

"2MASS Redshift Survey is a beautiful new look of the universe, especially near the galactic plane. Map in 3D will allow astronomers to study the area in more detail, " said Masters.

Scientists at the beginning of May presented the 3D map of the universe of similar size. It was one of the most complex maps in history.

Those who have constructed a map of SDSS III studied the brightest objects in the sky and created an image like the one when looking through the clouds month, writes the British media.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Large galaxies survive by eating smaller galaxies

Scientists have discovered that one of the ways in which large galaxies survive swallowing its smaller neighbor.

"We believed that elliptical galaxies are completed with the production of stars billions of years ago, but now we find evidence that many stars in these galaxies are still being born, and they feed off swallowing smaller galaxies, " confirmed Mark Crockett is a scientist at the University of Oxford "Daily Mail".

Astronomers who have studied the older NGC 4150 elliptical galaxy have come to realize that it continues to produce stars, despite having more than one billion years.

Observations NASA telescope "Hubble" have revealed that NGC 4150 and further reproductive and young galaxies, and it succeeds just swallowing the smaller, neighboring galaxies or due, as scientists like to say, cannibalism.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Twin of our Milky Way

European astronomers have been able to get the best shot to date NGC 6744, spiral galaxy known for its great similarity with our Milky way, the BBC reported.

Photos from the "bird's eye view" NGC 6744 provides us the opportunity to see the eyes of our galaxy space travelers. Spiral galaxy is about 30 million light years and is located in the southern constellation of the Peacock.

In the new photograph taken by astronomers of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) clearly visible spiral arms of this far, "similar" galaxies. NGC 6744 would be almost identical to our Milky Way that is two times higher.

Astronomers have taken a picture using a 2.2-meter telescope in the Chilean Observatory La Force, which jointly manage the ESO and the Max Planck Society.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Earth is melting and in Europe

Until recently it was assumed that the inner core of all its parts to be cooled and therefore gradually increasing. The latest findings suggest that it did not seem quite right.

The inner core of Earth is melting, and this, of course, reflects on the surface. Scientists hope that studying the aforementioned findings, to figure out how deep into the planet's magnetic field is created.

The heart of the "blue marble" as astronomers sometimes described, and only in the form of balls, stretches 2,400 kilometers in diameter, corresponding to approximately the size of the moon. By encircling the outer core layer that is predominantly made ​​up of a sort alloy of iron and nickel in the liquid state, which surrounds slurry layer. The latter relies on strong crust (crust rather, bearing in mind the overall size of the planet) or surface, composed of dozens of continental (tectonic) plate.

Sloppily outer core cools and hardens, making the interior of each year increase by about a millimeter.

But now it has been established and at the same time dissolves. Why?

Until recently it was assumed that the interior in all its parts cool down, that is, in general, and therefore gradually increasing. It appears this is not exactly true, because in certain areas of the inner core melt, seismologist warns Sebastian Rost of the University of Leeds (United Kingdom).

In other words, the swelling of the heat inside the cover ensures that the overall structure of the outer core hardens, allowing the scope grows, but it is not equal flow.

On cooling the Earth's interior, rather warm and cold material, carried by unusual natural conveyor belt, spills around, and this phenomenon is called convection. Stirred the masses in the core, in conjunction with the rotation of the planet, creating a magnetic field.

Using a computer emulation (model), combined with the seismic data, the researchers found that the heat flow on the boundary of the core and the mantle depends on the latter. When the mantle heat go back to the core, at that point it melts. But only a small part of the surface of the inner core can be melted at a time.

If this is compared with the overall size, even if it melts just a percentage of land area, it turns out 200,000 square kilometers!

In cases where that occurs under the Africa or the Pacific Ocean, where the lowest layer warmer than average, the outer core is more than enough heat to start melting the interior. On the other hand, under trusnih areas along the so-called. fire zone (with frequent earthquakes and volcanoes) - which almost surrounds the largest open water on the planet - remains chilled ocean plate, inserted into the lower layers of the mantle, suck a lot of heat from the core of nurturing him to chill.

In a way, all events (schedule) in the Earth's core are associated with tectonic plates, which is quite obviously based on surface observations, said geophysicist John Maund from the same institution of higher education.

Can you clarify that certain seismic irregularities (anomalies) that indicate that a very thick liquid layer surrounding the inner core?

Sure, and further explains why the seismic waves caused by earthquakes travel faster through one, and slower in other parts of the nucleus. Bearing in mind that the origin of Earth's magnetic field mystery to scientists, it is expected that now made ​​a major step in understanding how it works in the core.

And the latest findings in the area remain uncertain , because it is not clear how the measured heat kernel releases . Not all of conjuring up the computer, in fact, confirmed by melting, and any attempt to cause that, in natural circumstances, it is unworkable.

Does the core melts and under Europe?


Protects life

Earth's core acts like a giant magnet, creating a huge magnetic field that surrounds the planet and protect the living world of shock waves and the harmful rays of our parent star. National Aerospace and Space Administration (NASA) has revealed that almost magnetosphere looks when viewed from space.

The view is based on data collected from the very beginning so. space age, the period of human history started sending the first artificial satellite (October 4, 1957). Although the propagation of magnetic lines are not visible to the naked eye, can be measured using sensitive timers (sensors), which counted atomic particles - charged protons and electrons that orbit around our planet.

On the front of the magnetosphere is flattened and elongated in the back, because it is exposed to strong gusts of solar wind. And that the flow is very fast particles that carry a magnetic footprint of our stars.

As the ozone layer, the magnetosphere is essential for our survival, because the deadly solar radiation and hot plasma declines in the surrounding cosmic space.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In the United States from June obligatory "black boxes" in cars

All drivers in the U.S. will in June in their cars have to have a black box.

National Administration for the safety of traffic on highways shall order, as reported Radio Free Europe, that all cars must be equipped with a black box, like the one shown on airplanes.

Its task is to monitor the habits of drivers and provide all necessary information about the period just before the accident.

The recording will be able to review the police, insurance companies and car manufacturers. Car owner will not in any way to close the black box.

Critics of this law argue that it is a privacy threat, while others believe that this method of monitoring the driver. Insurance companies will also be easier to settle claims and will have a better insight into the circumstances of the accident.

Many cars already have black boxes, and the company "General Motors (GM) are in the majority of its cars built since 1990. year.

Systems in new cars can follow the turning of the wheel, and that includes systems that warn of the Lane which the car is moving.

Monday, 6 June 2011

2015. three billion people on the net

The world's online traffic will be quadrupled by 2015, as it is expected that the number of devices connected to the Internet and then increased to 15 billion units, estimated U.S. IT companies "Cisko".

Companies in its five-year forecast predicts that by 2015 nearly three billion people, or more than 40 percent of the expected world population use the Internet.

"Explosive growth of Internet traffic, particularly video traffic, opens the possibility that the coming years optimizes visual, virtual and mobile Internet traffic, " said Vice President "Cisko" Suraj Sheti.

Personal computers, last year accounted for 97 percent of consumer Internet traffic, but their participation in the next four years will fall to 87 percent as more users turn your smartphone, Web tablets and television, said "Cisko".

It is expected that in 2015. online video traffic, including 3D and transmit high-resolution, be 14 times higher than last year.

"Cisko" predicts that by the time every second million minutes of video traffic surf the Internet while at the same time mobile data traffic will increase 26 times.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Discovered the tomb of the Mona Lisa?

Archaeologists at the monastery of Saint Ursula in Florence dug up a skeleton that is believed to have belonged to Lizzie Gerardin del Djokondo who was supposedly the model for Leonardo's image.

Mystery of the most famous smiles in the world may not yet resolved, but archaeologists say they have found the body of the famous Mona Lisa. The monastery of Saint Ursula in Florence, they had unearthed a skeleton that is believed to have belonged to Lizzie Gerardin del Djokondo who was supposedly the model for Leonardo's image.

Scientists have a few years ago based on historical records come to the conclusion that Liz last two years of his life (the 1542nd year) spent in the monastery of Saint Ursula in Florence and is buried there.

On the first view of the skull and pelvis, the skeleton probably belonged to a woman - said anthropologist Giorgio Grupioni.

Archaeologists will take DNA from the bones and compare it with the remains of Lisa's children, who were buried in a separate grave. Scientists hope that will restore her face and compare it with what the Mona Lisa painting.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Discovered new animals

International institute for research types, each year publishes a list of new unusual species on the list this year found the spider "Darwin", which represents the network two times stronger than that of ordinary spin spider.

He can also spin more than 25 meters networks to cross the river Madagascar, where it was discovered.

The bacteria that eats the rust on the ship "Titanic" is still one of the great discoveries and believes that it could be useful for cleaning oil platforms on the ocean floor.

Another interesting newcomer is the snail, "Tyrannosaurus", which proved that small animals can eat big, and was discovered when he attacked the nose of a girl in Peru.

This is the only type of snail that has teeth and jaws.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Nanotechnology helped a wounded seal cub

In Kaliningrad used to treat animals with special bandages coated silver. Metal helps in the treatment of extremely severe wounds without antibiotics. Nano-bandages the invention of the Baltic Federal University students. With these bandages wound heals three times faster. The first patient on whom they tested were abandoned baby seals when they ate dogs. Young scientists are planning to patent his invention. Nano-bandages not cost much so there is a possibility of mass production.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The death of stars at the edge of the universe

News was submitted to Earth after 13 million and 14 million years ago, the unthinkable too late to send an ambulance, which would not have never arrived at their destination.

For the death of the farthest stars we found out so late that it is not comparable with anything we know. West was submitted to Earth after 13 million and 14 million years ago, the unthinkable too late to send an ambulance, which would not have never arrived at their destination.

And the first wise man proudly walked our planet 500,000 years ago, quite mastered making the simplest of weapons and tools. And how long has arrived?

Even to his latest invention, artificial eyes out of their own planet, a peek into the past cosmic death that occurred 520 million years after the foundation ("Big Bang"). On the edge of the visible universe.

Surprising and captivating.

It turns out that we are witnessing events common in ancient eons in the very early universe, as if we had wonderful time machine back ten or more billion years old. Astronomers at the earliest bursting (explosion) stars gvirnuli the "heavenly watchtower" named "Swift", trained in just a few minutes to record distant gamma-ray glow that lasts only a few days. Outpouring of gamma-rays, otherwise, very uncontrollable, often associated with the collapse of a giant "air Kresnice.

tearing electrons

Was mentioned, according to Antonin Kučiara the University of California at Berkeley, probably 30 times the mass of the Sun outnumbered. Although there is insufficient evidence, it is assumed that the stellar third-generation, first planted by the universe after the release of the "dark ages ".

Other telescopes are trained to immediately measure the distance.

The subsequent destruction of the ancient luster of "cosmic lamps" taken two years ago, but had to be thoroughly studied before the event disclosure.

Similar bursts of intense gamma-ray caught the space telescope "Hubble" which, like the "Swift", dispatch to circle the Earth "cosmic backyard, " and observe it. Both are searching for the original stars, based on which, researchers hope, be able to present a how it changed and why now looks like this.

It is assumed that the first stars were hot, huge and blue, and to have originated from the cold neutral gas. Bright and monsters that are depleting its strong ultraviolet light literally burned the surrounding neutral gas, stripping electrons from atoms.

Only the cosmic event, otherwise, fits directly into a period astronomers call the "era zoning.

If not the most ancient, its glow will indicate astronomers in that part of the universe look the oldest galaxies that would corroborate what he looked like - as measured by human yardsticks - the first days after the walk.

Feynman and Anaxagoras

And three years ago, people around the world with the naked eye (and telescope) observing what happened when you did not exist, even the planet that live!

For more than half way to the end of the cosmos, the seven billion light years away, sparkled the paly shine after bursting of a massive star. Unknown "heavenly light bulb" is, after the worn out fuel, converted to a much smaller neutron star or, even, to a much more tiny "black hole". One or the other, although not reliably know what the outcome is a common consequence of the end of life is very big star.

The brightest flash after the "Big Bang" was observed in the very large constellation Butis (ancient shepherd or cowboy) in the northern celestial hemisphere, seven and a half billion light years away years ago, which are also known Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Arabs.

(A light-year is the distance light, traveling at about 300,000 miles per second, travel for a year, which is some 9,600 billion miles).

The most distant light that is perceived without magnification is the nearby galaxy M33, only the second 900,000 light years from Earth.

Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman famous once said: "Most special discovery of astronomy is that the star made of the same type of atoms such as those that make up the Earth."

Greek philosopher Anaxagoras first two and a half millennium assumed that the sun iron ball in the red-hot, not much larger than Greece. "

Spacecraft "Swift" sent out in 2004. year, and is a joint endeavor United States, Britain and Italy, where the first country has a predominant share.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Treacherous sun

Solar activity, which is expected next year could cause the Earth technogenic catastrophes. While for Russia in this regard years is unlikely to be extreme, consider the students.

In the Middle Ages, astronomers have paid attention to from time to time the number of spots on our star increases to the tens, then they completely disappear. 1843rd The German Heinrich Schwabe found that the periodic phenomenon, with the cycle lasts from 9 to 13.7 years - an average of 11 years. Now we know that during that time his star turns us opposite magnetic pole. With poles also rotate and large channels through which heated plasma in the cosmos pours. When the channel is directed towards Earth, our planet's magnetic storms occur, break the radio connection, changing the climate and the thickness of the ozone layer. Undoubtedly, the cycles affecting the human cardiovascular system, although the mechanism of action is unclear. Current lull, a period of solar minimum, when the star does not have any stains, lasted two and a half years, although it usually takes no more than a year.

How would solar plasma caused the earth technogenic disasters require one more condition - special position of magnetic poles of Earth. For Russia, it is advantageous for now, says the director of the Institute for Space Research RAN Lev Green.

If you look at geography of the electromagnetic field, the center of geophysical activity falls to Canada and the United States, less touching our northern regions. Time magnetic pole moves. End of the century cap geomagnetic unpleasant consequences will cover our Siberia. And for 50-70 years such strong solar eruption will pose a threat to Russia. The more will be by then in the north of Russia, in Zapolarju appear serious infrastructure.

Magnetic storm is harmful to humans. Requires a warning system that is focused on land dense plasma. It is good to be between the Sun and Earth cosmic play device that would react to them, and arrived to warn Earth, because plasma is moving slower than radio signals. But such a specialized monitoring so far no country takes. Its functions taken over satellites for other purposes. In the words of Leo Green, will soon join the Russian scientific stations.

This summer it launched a major project to study the quasar radio astronomer and the origin of the universe. In order to reduce the influence of the earth, it flies in a very elongated orbit - 350 thousand miles from Earth - and often will pass between Earth and Sun. He will be able, although with interruptions, to monitor the space between them. If the explosion took place in the sun, is not dangerous itself, it is dangerous to ejection of plasma into space. And it is not as such eruptions - 90% of them passing the Earth and does not hit into it. Device for two hours before the eruption arrives on Earth will notice and give the signal for alarm.

Satellite monitoring of explosions on the sun would be very convenient to launch in the Lagrange point no. 1, which is the direct line between Earth and Sun. The forces of gravity of both the heavenly bodies there are equalizing and satellite smoothly varied around this point, without leaving her environment and not wasting fuel. The trouble is the second: Lagrange no. A far from Earth, because the earth after the alarm had a little time. So scientists have, over which the brain.