Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Population explosion

During this year, the number of people to reach seven billion and increase of population in Africa will neutralize the reduction in population growth in other parts of the world, a study published in the French National Institute for Demographic Research.

Overall, the 1999 world population reached 6 billion and it only took 12 years to increase by another billion.

French Institute predicts that the population of the planet continue to rise for decades, and will stabilize at the level of 9 to 10 billion at the end of this century. French predict that in 14 years the world's 8 billion people live. The growth of the global population is higher than 19 centuries, in the last 200 years the world population has increased sevenfold.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

"Foxconn" replacing humans with robots

One million robots will soon start  assembling computer components in "Foxconn" factory in China. Workers complain because they will lose their jobs, because next year "work book" gets about 300,000 robots. Employers expect their new employees who are not looking for pay, break and meal allowances, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

"Fokconn" working for a leading IT company's and employs 1.2 million workers and 10,000 robots. New mechanical workers will be in charge of the simplest tasks, so it will remain out of work hundreds of thousands of employees who have earned a salary doing elemental tasks. So far the only workers in more complex and responsible positions are safe.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Outsmart boss: Facebook in Excel

For those who constantly hangs over the head of the head is made by your site on Facebook Profile placed in an Excel spreadsheet.

If you go to the site and click on "Gimme Dem Spreadsheets", enter your data and your entire profile will be incorporated into an Excel spreadsheet.

Will immediately appear with the information your news feed what your friends are, and in addition you can perform search by typing the names and terms in the formula bar.

The only thing missing from this "perfect crime" are the photos. In fact, you can only see the size of thumbnails, but not regular.

However, a good idea and very likely that many employees begin to start to use it.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Apple" has more cash than the U.S. government

The world's largest technology company "Apple" has more cash from the government's most powerful countries of the world - the United States.

The world's largest technology company "Apple" has more cash from the government's most powerful countries of the world - the U.S., according to the website "Business Insider" referring to the official financial documents.

BI cites "Apple's" financial report on operations in the third quarter of this year stating that the company has 76.2 billion in cash and in active bonds.

By comparison, in the last statement, U.S. Treasury (the equivalent of the Ministry of Finance) stated that the U.S. government had late last week to 73.8 billion available.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

It is harder to leave the internet from smoking

The British company "Interspejs" published the results of research on emotional dependence of people from the technology.

The British company "Interspejs" published the results of research on emotional dependence of people from the technology. Respondents aged 18 to 65 years were 24 hours without Internet access, computer, smartfonovima and other technologies.

More than half of respondents said they felt anxious without the Internet, 40 percent of them had as its primary sense of loneliness reported, while many of the technologies abstinence compared with leaving cigarettes or drinks. One participant said he felt "as if someone cut off his hands," while another called the experiment "with their worst nightmare."

Younger participants submitted significantly more difficult experiment, while the elderly off the digital world easier to fall. Some of the respondents were inadvertently violated the rules including the radio or television, does not regard them as "technology".

Friday, 26 August 2011

"Spam king" on Facebook hes surrendered himself

Sanford Wallace, who is suspected of Facebook users by more than 27 million spam, surrendered to the FBI agency in California.

American Sanford Wallace, who is suspected that the social network Facebook users sent over 27 million spam or junk mail, surrendered to the FBI agency in California.

Wallace, nicknamed the "spam king", denies that he has developed a program that is able to bypass all the filters on Facebook and gather data about the user accounts of this network.

If proven guilty, Wallace threatened a prison sentence of up to 10 years, and until the beginning of the trial was released on bail of $ 100,000.

Prosecutors allege that the program asking Wallace to the so-called messages. "walls" of Facebook users, who allegedly came from a friend, and invited them to visit the website on which their information is collected, reported the BBC.

Those who would respond to this call are then diverted to another website that Wallace brought "substantial financial gain," the prosecutor, noting that the same program set up lists of friends and Facebook users, and they also sent spamming the same way.

In the period since November 2008. by March 2009. year is about 500,000 compromised account on Facebook and sent in more than 27 million spam.

Wallace, who lives in Las Vegas, is charged with six counts of fraud via electronic mail, three counts of intentionally damaging a protected computer and two counts of contempt of court.

The company "Facebook" is suing him 2009th when he was prohibited by court order to access this network, but he did earlier this year, however many times did.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Google: Phone as Wallet

From the "Google" has reached new applications based on NFC technology, which allows mobile phone services and pay bills.

From the "Google" has reached new applications based on NFC technology, which allows mobile phone services and pay bills. The so-called "Google Wallet" works by wireless technology for transmitting data from the device in the immediate vicinity, about ten centimeters. Through this application it is sufficient to bring the phone browser, without contact, or pulling the card, the account will be paid.

For now this feature is only available in the U.S. and for customers, "MasterCard" card. It is expected that users of these services will be available in various payment discounts. What is also an advantage is that if your phone is lost, at least as far as finances, it will be less "painful" than losing a real wallet, because if you pay by phone is necessary to know the PIN code, and have the option to delete credit card information if the phone is stolen.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

British wanted to change Hitler sex

Scientist Brian Ford "discovered" alliance plan: the British had a bizarre plan to end World War II by Adolf Hitler would have turned into a woman.

The British had a bizarre plan to end World War II by Adolf Hitler would have turned into - a woman. The idea of ​​genius worthy of the famous television character Black Ader, stated Professor Brian Ford from the University of Cardiff in his book "The secret weapon: technology, science and the pursuit of victory in World War II." As written by one of the founders of popular science, the British government seriously considered the leader of the Reich that undergo gender reassignment. The idea was that the Fuhrer secretly spiced foods female hormones to be so downtrodden of his aggressiveness.

Their research showed the great importance of sex hormones and they are already used in therapy in London - Professor Ford said, and conveyed "Daily mirror". - The plan could easily be implemented in practice because they are British spies were in a position to "solten" Hitler's food. He had a taster of the test food before him, so it was not possible to poison him. But the hormone is different. They act only if they take months, and probably nobody would have realized that they were in the food.

If we are to believe the professor, the Allies did not unusual shortage of ideas for the fight against the Nazis. Some suggested that the boots of German soldiers prayer glue so they stuck to the ground, while others believed that the bomb should dress up in - canned fruit.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Asteroid threatens to hit Earth

Best European astronomers and astrophysicists are getting ready to largely man-made satellite, "Hidalgo" programmed and targeted to the 2015th The asteroid hit Apofis.

Best European astronomers and astrophysicists are getting ready to largely man-made satellite, "Hidalgo" programmed and targeted to the 2015th The asteroid hit Apofis. Because there is a possibility that this 1:250.000 celestial body hit the Earth the 2036th year.

The meeting should be like a film, as in "Armageddon" and more will all be recorded with the camera, the second satellite - "Sancho". The whole project was called "Don Quixote" and the aim is to be confirmed by the theory that the influence of the Earth can change the path of the heavenly bodies that we take a closer and threatens our planet.

In the first phase, scientists collect data to satellite "hunter" could target a target from a distance of 50 meters. "Sancho," will be accompanied by a potential target and provides information.

A satellite to "kamikaze" hit the more powerful, it will remain on the drive module, which the other satellites discarded after launch. And when it hits the enemy in space, "Sancho," will continue to record changes and send the Apofis electronic equipment that will fall near the center of the asteroid and collect additional data.

If the project is successful, could become a model of defense against any future threats to the Earth coming from the depths of space.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Discovered a black hole that emits light

Astronomers have discovered a huge black hole that is the brightest object in the old part of the universe, and its light travels to Earth's 12.9 billion years.

A black hole is detected with the help of British telescope in Hawaii, and is estimated to be formed only 770 million years after the Big Bang and the universe.

Scientists announced the discovery in the journal "Nature" and stated that it will help you better understand the conditions that existed in the early stages of existence of the cosmos, and how resulting huge black hole.

Recent telescopic observations indicated that these giants formed in the very early history of the universe.

"In technical terms, this facility is one of the quasars. This super-huge black hole itself is dark, but around it there is a disc of gas and dust that is so hot that the entire stellar glittering of the galaxy," explained Dr. Daniel Mortlock, head of research.

This facility emits bright light, but we look at Earth as a pale spot in the infrared band.

The new quasar was named J1120 +0641 Ulas. This is the farthest object observed in space, as the record still belongs to the gamma radiation bursts from a star that exploded.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Global warming increases Earth volume

Scientists have found that gradually increases the volume of the earth, and that is the main culprit for global warming and melting ice at the poles.

Ice melting in Antarctica and Greenland is the cause of increasing amounts of water in the oceans, and this extra water moves towards the equator, leading to increase of the widest part of the planet.

The country was "thinner" in the ice age that ended 20,000 years ago. During this geological period and long-term decrease in temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, the weight of ice sheets was so great to have deformed the Earth's crust and mantle, so it is in the middle there was a bulge.

Earth is not completely spherical, and land at the North Pole for a few miles closer to the core of the planet than is the case with the mainland on the equator.

It was believed that the effects of the Ice Age end lead to our planet becomes a perfect sphere. Bulge at the equator is decreased by less than one millimeter per year, the world agencies reported.

But satellite measurements showed that the reverse process occurs. Namely, a geophysicist John Vor the University of Colorado argues that global warming leads to melting of ice is not the North and South poles, resulting in an increase of Earth's, which nullifies "slimming effect". Annual melt about 382 billion tons of ice.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

On Mars mobile laboratory soon

The U.S. space agency NASA announced that the latest mobile lab - rover named "Curiosity" descend to Mars 2012th in 154 km wide crater Gail.

NASA officials announced the long awaited news after reviewing 50 different places on the red planet, according to Voice of America (VOA).

Rover "
Curiosity", whose construction cost two and a half billion dollars, should be launched later this year, and its mission will last one Martian, or nearly two Earth years.

Scientists involved in the project say the Gale Crater chosen because of "very diverse group" and opportunities to explore various conditions that may have signs of life. Researchers will use instruments on the Rover to determine whether they are ever in the area provide the conditions for life.

Mobile laboratory "
Curiosity" weighs a ton and will be equipped with ten specialized instruments and cameras to capture images and videos of high resolution. Gale Crater is named after Australian astronomer Walter Gale.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

For the first time in history, recorded the death of comet

U.S. scientists have succeeded for the first time in history, the camera record the death of a comet that has "plunged" into the Sun, the media reports.

The comet disappeared 6th July when the sun came up and melted. The moment was captured on satellite NASA, which orbits the Earth and study the Sun.

Comets were previously observed near the Sun, but this is the first time that the disappearance of a shot. Having in mind''the intensity of heat and radiation, the comet is completely evaporated, "said NASA officials.

Comet is probably belonged to a group of comets Kreuc that are characteristic in that they have orbits that bring them very close to the Sun.

It is believed to represent the remains of a large comet which disintegrated centuries ago. They are named German astronomer who in the 19th Heinrich Kreucu century.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sea monsters may still exist?

From the giant Kraken sea snakes, horrible creatures from the depths of the sea haunted the imagination of generations of seamen. Now experts say that such sea monsters might actually exist.

"Scientists are inventing new kinds of marine life, so it is impossible to find among them and such a monster," said Dr. Darren Nash of the British University of Portsmouth.

In truth, most cases of allegedly seen previously unknown sea monsters is actually false. However, at least a number of encounters with such creatures are reputable biologists reported, so their existence is not impossible, says Dr. Nash.

Thus, the 1905th Mid zoologists Edmund Waldo and Michael Nicole saw a strange "sea snake" on the coast of Brazil.

In August, the 1848th the crew of the British Royal Navy in the South Atlantic noticed a creature 18 feet long. At that time, biologists thought that London was probably an elephant or even a sea canoe wrong.

Since the last few years large numbers of new species of whales and sharks, it is not impossible that some great sea creature waiting for its moment.

Some experts have suggested that today's monsters can be plesiosaurusi, long-necked marine reptiles that lived during the dinosaur.

This theory is refuted Dr. Charles Pakston.

"If prehistoric animals living today, it means that we have misinterpreted all the fossils discovered so far," he said, adding that this does not mean that all the great sea creatures discovered.

Eight large marine species discovered in the last 20 years.

However, the search for creatures whose existence is not proven and still not subsided.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Discovered the largest water mass in the universe

An international team of astronomers recently discovered a real "reservoir" of water in the universe that is 100,000 times the mass of the Sun. Water is about a distant quasar 12 billion light years.
This quasar (quasi-stellar radio source quasi-stellar radio source) or the cosmological source of electromagnetic radiation, is limited only by the amount of water that surrounds it, but also by the amount of energy emitted - it is equal to the energy emitted 1,000 billion Suns - comes from a supermassive black hole in the center of quasars.
Water is found in the gaseous state and is unusually hot and dense, so it caused quite a sensation among researchers, astronomers and scientists. "This discovery is so exciting," said one of the astronomers who discovered the quasar. "Not only do we find water in space so far, but it has enough to fill the oceans on Earth more than 100 billion times."
Most water in our galaxy is frozen and can be found only in certain regions, unlike the aforementioned water around quasars, which extends thousands of light years around.
The discovery was made spectrograph Z-Spec, which uses millimeter wavelength (between infrared and microwave rays), and is located in the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory in Hawaii. The spectrograph detectors are cooled to 0.06 degrees above absolute zero to allow for superior sensitivity required for such measurements.
This finding emphasizes the importance of millimeter or submilimeter frequency band for astronomy, which in the past two or three decades are increasingly used for observation. Astronomers are currently working on the construction of 25-meter telescope that will be placed in the Chilean Atacama desert. With its help, you will discover some of the earliest galaxies in the universe and measure the concentration of water and other gases. For example, the discovery of quasars away 12 billion light years will enable scientists because of the relatively slow speed of light to see how the universe looked like after 1.6 billion years since its inception.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Discovered fossil of a prehistoric reptile

Discovered a rare fossil of a prehistoric aquatic reptile, which probably represents the most complete skeleton of beings found in the area of North America, said University of Alaska Museum North in Fairbanks.

Scientists at the Alaska discovered a fossil of a rare prehistoric aquatic reptile, which probably represents the most complete skeleton of beings found in the area of North America, said the North Museum (Museum of the North), University of Alaska Fairbanks in.

Nearly complete skeleton belongs thalattosaur - long tail sea creature, inhabiting the warm shallow water in the early age of the dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the Triassic, 200 million years ago.

The fossil was discovered during extreme low tides along the coast Tongas National Forest (Tongas National Forest), officials said.

Most of the discoveries of fossil remains in the form of talatosaurusa individual bones or fragments of bones, while the new found fossil is an almost complete skeleton.

Scientists have unearthed the fossils of the June and is now being questioned to determine whether it is an unknown type, since that is the world so far discovered 12 copies talatosaurusa.

Geologist Jim Baićtal believes that it is likely that this is an unknown species.

"The fossil, which resembles a large lizard, found in southeast Alaska, while the previous talatosaurusa remains discovered in British Columbia, Canada, Nevada, in the Alps, although the best were found in China," he said.

Part of the fossils found in the North there is a museum, and experts estimate that the entire skeleton length between one and three meters, with a third of his body is the tail.

It is interesting that the skeleton can be seen the remains of soft tissue, which is extremely rare and can greatly help in discovering how the reptile looked like.

Scientists would later dig up the rest of the fossils that are still in the rock and hope to find a skull.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

"Google" has developed new services

"Google" has developed new services that analyze Web pages and rewrite their code in order to quickly retrieve and receive better service to its servers.

To use the service to speed up page PS (Page Speed ​​Service), users should register and tell "Google" on the Internet at the location where they are. Service takes the content pages, optimizes it for faster operation and returned to the user.

Visitors can access the site as before, but it will perceive the acceleration from 25 to 60 percent, announced the "Google".

The service is now offered free to a limited number of hand-selected Web page administrator, but will be charged in the future.

Prices and other details, "Google" will be published later.

"Google" has a number of products and projects for faster viewing of their own and others' Web pages, because the company believes that it is better for everyone, since the years of trials found that even small improvements in performance greatly increase their use.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Infection lab on a chip

A group of U.S. scientists from universities, "Colombia" has developed a "lab on a chip" - "mChip" that allows the detection of the AIDS virus, syphilis and other infectious diseases with the same reliability provided by hospital laboratories and expensive, according to a study published in the medical journal "Nature Medicine".

Scientists have come up with this result, doing the testing prototypes of the new "bio-chip" the size of bank cards in several hundred patients in Rwanda, scoring accuracy of diagnosis of disease of 100 per cent, reports AFP.

Laboratory "mChip" performed blood tests on an electronic chip, whose production cost should not exceed a dollar per piece.

In this way only in a blood sample revealed various proteins characteristic of certain diseases

This could be a solution in the near future for patients in the poorest parts of the world.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Known genetic causes of schizophrenia

Mutations of certain genes in people who do not exist in their families, "de novo" mutations are present in people with schizophrenia than in healthy, according to a research group of scientists from the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) published in the scientific magazine Nature Genetics.

Scientists have come up with this result, the group doing the testing of patients with schizophrenia and their parents, brought a French media.

We analyzed approximately 20 thousand genes of each of the research participants.

In this way, they discovered a new gene mutations that were not previously associated with schizophrenia, a disease from which, according to the World Health Organization, suffers about 24 million people in the world.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Russians launched the largest space telescope

While the Chinese are slowly being completed construction of the largest terrestrial radio telescopes, the Russians after decades of planning and preparation made ​​a radio telescope that will be because they will work in the universe have an effective size of the antenna thirty times greater than the diameter of our planet ...

The Russian radio astronomer named telescope was launched from Baikonur on Monday. As for making large telescope on Earth receivers usually used to connect multiple observatories into a larger network that effectively provides a much higher resolution, this will work for about the space associated with ground radio telescopes and will be the largest telescope ever built. His resolution will be ten thousand times better than that of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Large and highly variable orbital path (which will be for five years because of the duration of the effects of gravity to elongate the moon 390,000 kilometers), along with powerful computers on Earth, will allow Russian scientists to obtain images of distant galaxies at very high resolution. Radio astronomer will be able to count on the celestial objects separated by an angle of only seven micro-arc seconds, which is 10,000 better than Hubble resolution.

Scientists from the Astronomical Institute Lebedev Physical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which managed the mission, hope to be with him, among other things, be able to peek into the event horizon of a black hole at the center of the galaxy M87 and study pulsars and radio waves emitted by water masers (molecular clouds water contained in the discs of galaxies).