Sunday, 31 July 2011

Neanderthals were crossed with humans

New genetic analysis showed that some of the human X chromosome derived from Neanderthals.

New genetic analysis showed that some of the human X chromosome derived from the Neanderthals, according to "Fox News". The ancestors of Neanderthals have left Africa before 400,000 to 800,000 years, and most of them settled in the area of ​​today's France, Spain, Germany and Russia. They are about 30,000 years ago died out or have joined the population of modern humans. The ancestors of modern humans left Africa prior to about 50,000 to 80,000 years.

They found, however, that some X chromosomes come from Neanderthals and considered that these two types of mutually intersected.

Scientists believe that the crossing, probably happened in the Middle East.

Neanderthals, since they had a gene for speech, they were skilled at making weapons and tools as they had a sense for music, you probably were not averse to modern man. Experts say that these two species almost certainly intersected, but that should still make additional research to reveal more details.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Video colling on "Facebook"

This internet networks for their customers has prepared a new application, with which users will be able to keep friends with video calls using "Skype".

INTERNET network "Facebook" for its customers has prepared a new application, with which users will be able to keep friends with video calls using "Skype", which had been for 8.5 billion euros recently bought a "Microsoft".

On the move in "Facebook" have decided after a newly competitive network, "Google plus the" received positive reviews by critics and users. In order to retain the majority of users is expected soon that all the "Facebook" profile can, using "Skype" link and multivideo conversations with friends. Until now, users of "Facebook" can only exchange messages, set the status and share photos.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Robots soldiers, programmed to attack

The enormous potential of modern computers, the latest generation of cameras and sensors allow for what until recently was dream of General: to wage war without risking its own soldiers.

Since 2001. The unmanned aircraft are used not only for reconnaissance but also for attacks on opponents. U.S. aircraft and increasingly used primarily in Pakistan since 2004. by 2007 there were only nine attacks, 2008. - 33, 53 next year, and last even 118th It is estimated that the attack killed between 600 and thousands of people.

Robert Altman, professor of physics at the University of Dortmund and one of the founders of the International Committee for the control of robotic arms says: "It would be inconceivable that the U.S. targets in Pakistan, operating such a large number of aircraft with crew. Since the small unmanned aircraft without pilots, Pakistanis find it easier to tolerate them. The tolerance for the use of such weapons is much higher. "

However, Noel Thornhill, a professor of robotics and artificial intelligence in Sheffield has some reservations, saying: "Perhaps it is for soldiers with no risk. But for civilians on the other side is not without risk. Not even to our own, because the asymmetric war creates new terrorism. People will not simply give up because we have better technology, but will find ways to resist. "

More than 50 states have already bought an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, or only made ​​them - among them Germany, Israel, China, Russia and Iran. Savings is small - an American unmanned aircraft "Ripper" armed with 14 missiles will cost ten million euros, the price of F-22 fighter jet is 150 million.

As the robot uprogramirati ethical aspect?

Peter Warren Singer of the Brookings institjušn in Washington criticize the development of robotic arms. "On the one hand, the robot has no emotions and rage when his friend is killed. For him there is no crime out of revenge or anger. But the robot was eighty-grandmother in a wheelchair the same as a tank - sequence of ones and zeros. "

However, Ronald Arkin, a researcher believes that the lack of emotion precisely because of the robot and said that those who work on software "required to enable the robots to refuse immoral orders. You can program the ethical aspects of war and the Hague Conventions of Geneva. "

True, the computer scientist from Bremen Hans Joerg Kreovski not quite sure. "Nobody knows what it means uprogramirati ethical aspect. Ethics can not be defined on the basis of algorithms. "

The latest trend in military technology may sound like science fiction, but the implementation and effect in any case are not in this field.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Russian rockets will transfer cargo to the Moon

Two major projects at once elaborate cosmic Russia. This is a new generation of ships and Soyuz principally November cosmic system with Russian carrier rocket-M. The starting ground for him to build in the Far East. From the perspective of possible piloted flights to the moon.

Decision on the establishment of new industrial and transport of the cosmic system was adopted in 2006. year. For 20 years Russia will be able to win not only the orbit, but the Moon and even Mars. Now Russian rocket engineers designed not only Polyfunctional ship next-generation heavy weight over 20 tons, but the light aircraft for flights to the ICC, said in an interview with Voice of Russia Deputy Head of Federal Agency of cosmic Alexander Lopatin.

Currently, the carrier conducted flight tests rocket Soyuz-2 with the key advantages of the improvements. In these rockets are used only Russian units and systems, as well as more powerful engines and a digital control system. To begin flight testing are prepared carrier rocket Soyuz-2 light class.

As for the heavy ships, for it will build a new rocket. Russia already has a large payload Zenite. Just they will serve as a prototype for the Rus-M missiles, said newspaper analyst Igor Lisov News cosmonautics.

A new missile since it is assumed that the new ship will be much heavier than the Soyuz. He will drive more people and more cargo will be comfortable. Need a new starting complex, for it will build a cosmodrome Vostochny.

Building on Eastern in Amurskoj area will begin this summer. It will be located near the Baikonur Svobodno, which launched the operation of the 2007th year. Place was not chosen by chance. Starting a new complex is located on the same latitude as the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which will allow you to seamlessly operate on the ICC from Russia, not from Kazakhstan, while the Russian Plisecka such flights are impossible. Therefore be provided independent access to all types of RF orgita, said deputy head of Federal Agency cosmic. It is possible to start with dalekoistočnog Baikonur not only Rus-M, but the Angara. It is not irrelevant that the construction will give a positive impetus to the development of the entire region Dalekoistočnog: there will appear a few companies to enter into and development of rockets, producing oxygen and nitrogen-hydrogen mixture. With such technological perspectives of Russia can build a lunar base cosmic and to withdraw from the ICC is convinced that Igor Lisov.

ICC will live until 2020. year. They will then have to sink, because it will expire.

The project of a new vessel to replace the legendary Union was established last year. The first unmanned probe are planned for 2015. year, piloted for the 2018th And in less than a month to the international community will be presented pilotiranog model space ship with Russian rocket-M on the 10th International avijaciono-cosmic salon MAKS-2011.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hubble telescope discovered another Pluto's moon

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered planets around the fourth month-dwarf Pluto.

Scientists have given newly month provisional name P4. Earlier known moon, Charon, Nix and Hydra. It is estimated that P4 has a diameter of 13 to 34 kilometers.

Pluto is a controversial building that in 2006. planet status was abolished. It will be a major target of space missions 2015th year, reports the BBC.

NASA research probe "New Horizons" will be in July 2015th The fly in addition to Pluto and the way their instruments well take a look at his month.

P4 is in orbit between Nix and Hydra, discovered by the Hubble 2005th year.

Pluto is a dwarf planet-diameter 2300 km, the moon, Charon is about 1,200 kilometers in diameter, while Nix and Hydra are about 30 to 115 kilometers. Hubble was first spotted P4 28th June, and subsequent observations of this month the discovery confirmed.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Closer look to the goddess of fire

The first human spacecraft, called "Dawn", began their one circling the second largest asteroid in the solar system - Vesta, located in the mysterious zone between Mars and Jupiter.

Spacecraft poetic name "Dawn" began his one-year travel around the second largest asteroid, named in honor of the Roman goddess of hearth fires and Vesta.

Around the same time next year, set out toward the biggest, which is also called a dwarf planet - Ceres, who was called so in honor of the Roman goddess of agriculture.

Officials of the U.S. National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) disclosed that it is the first and largest human spacecraft that will orbit two celestial bodies in a mysterious asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, dotted with an abundance of larger and smaller "cosmic rock", since the residual sun's family of shaping time.

After cross 188 million miles in, almost four years (send out in September 2007), "Dawn" will, circling at an altitude of 16 thousand kilometers, the entire surface of Vesta record year. For this task, among others, particularly equipped with two devices - one that records (detected) gamma rays and neutrons, the second infrared light, which captures the distant landscape. Why?

Ancient ruins

So to astronomers who study the earliest time of the solar system, from which the remaining vast "cosmic rock", has afforded previously unknown information.

It will have, in fact, the impression that they take a look into the kind of "time capsule" or, if you are closer, as if studying the archaeological remains of ancient cosmic time.

Already it is known that Vesta once had nearly circular shape, and to the south pole is chub huge, powerful collision occurred in the past. What is certainly the most interesting: almost five percent of meteorites found on Earth comes from the attack that occurred in the News.

Is no less important or intentions of U.S. President Barack Obama to 2025. send the first astronauts to an asteroid.

Vesta was from its inception has experienced numerous bombings, preserving the scars, which, as is assumed, astronomers discover what is endured to this day. After all, aircraft and equipment that is fitted for the time being in excellent condition.

When the sun took shape, about 4.5 billion years old, surrounded by a huge ring of gas and dust, from which, in the next few million years, compression and merging (accretion), hatched eight existing planets (and our Earth, of course) . However, from this turbulent and brutal period of rest is too "cosmic debris", mostly between Mars and Jupiter, captured Tug of the two planets.

Magically intact

Larger debris more scientific curiosity tickled, hence they decided to closely observe the West (approximately 520 kilometers in diameter). Why? Because most reminiscent of the eight (nine until recently) the Sun's companion. He imagines that she, like Earth, composed of several layers, with a core of nickel and iron, wrapped rocky mantle.

What is it based? In so far established the density of the heavenly bodies and on the basis of hundreds of pieces of stone that struck the planet.

After one revolve, aircraft "Dawn" will restart its ion engines and drive towards Ceres, almost twice stocky (about 960 kilometers at the waist and 6 thousand times easier, and less mass than the Earth), which is the largest member of the asteroid belt . He will arrive in February of 2015th year. And Ceres is a circle, and probably cut out several layers of which the topmost layer of Vestinog wetter, which indicates the existence of equality and the atmosphere very small.

The main catch, however, is the fact that - for reasons unexplained - magically intact, while avoiding most of the collision.

While reading these lines, sends the aircraft largely unknown and unusual sights in the world of fact, until recently inaccessible. The original recordings, according to experts, overcome the boldest expectations.

The venture is an international, because it involved more, and Germany and Italy.

Star-looking body's

Asteroids (Greek: starlike) or planetoids are small solid bodies in planetary systems. Compared with the planets and dwarf planets are smaller and often irregular in shape. Emerged from the remains protoplanetarne matter that has not merged with planets or comets or later, change some other body. Frequently orbit around a star like our own path or companions of major planets. Although until recently it was thought otherwise, it was discovered that asteroids can have their own satellites.

Most of the solar system is located in the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, in the Kuiper Belt. So far it has discovered more than 170,000, and over 11,000 were given proper names, in addition to catalog number. It is estimated that by the Sun's family could be several million.

There are still no exact definition of the asteroid, experts differ on the classification (according to weight, size, composition and position). It was suggested that the asteroids are called the body more than 50 meters in diameter, smaller than planets and the stone or metal composition. Even smaller, which break down and fill burn when entering the Earth's atmosphere, it would meteoridi; asteroids would be called one that can reach Earth's surface.

The main three groups: carbonate - 75 percent of known, silicate -

17 and the metal - most of the rest.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Rosatom - in secret to the floating nuclear power plant

The Rosatom is employed 250,000 workers. Few talk about this network of nuclear power, nuclear waste disposal sites, the scientists and builders. Rosatom is the largest sellers of nuclear technology and the world.

In a video blog, Rosatom regularly publish their successes. Currently planning the introduction of the nuclear-powered railways. For performance Rosatom has withdrawn several important reasons: Soviet predecessor, Rosatom, in fact, responsible for nuclear disasters, including the Chernobyl. At that time they were politically responsible Soviet state and its leadership.

Private or public company?

Who is now responsible for the huge Russian nuclear complex? Is the Rosatom state company or private? The website can not find the answers to these questions. Instead there is a list of 67 plants that belong to Rosatom: a series of national research institutes, private and state companies and services. Rosatom sees itself as "a set of companies engaged in the development of nuclear power plants, and improving their safety." Those who can not understand or see it is dangerous to society, non-governmental organization Transparency International. She sees a very sensitive ground for corruption.

This opinion is an independent expert on nuclear energy Ozharovski Andrej: "Rosatom has already changed its name several times: once called 'the State Committee for the use of nuclear energy', and 'Department of Atomic Energy." This has opened many opportunities Rosatom. When it comes to nuclear waste, they say we are state-owned company, please give us public funding for nuclear waste storage. But when it comes to nuclear power plants then we say: We are a private company, so do not ask anything about the safety of the reactor or our earnings abroad - these are trade secrets. "

Russian nuclear physicist Andrei Ozharovski working for NGOs, such as the "Northern Alliance for Sustainability," which brings together East European activists for environmental protection. It looks primarily Rosatom nuclear facilities, such as old nuclear power plant on the Kola Peninsula in the far north of Russia.

"The first two reactors were put into operation the 1973rd and 1974. year. Their security is not high. Their time has actually expired before the seven or eight years. But they still do. Now, even plans to increase their performance by seven percent: from 440 to 470 megawatts. It is in any case dangerous, because with this case, the reactor pressure and temperature jump above the permissible limits, "said Ozharovski.

Floating plants in the Arctic

Rosatom without see any problem. For them it is justified because of "intensive modernization measures, which have been met safety requirements of the International Organization for Nuclear Energy." So says the Rosatom website. In another document - also on the Internet - is confirmed by the increase in capacity, but without specifying the precise numbers.

Andrej Ozharovski points out that a similar problem with other Russian power and a reminder that only in February, just 11 days, for safety measures had to shut down five nuclear power plants. Rosatom is therefore not excited: soon the Arctic Ocean will be dragged floating nuclear power plant.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Atlantis found?

Geologists who have studied the seafloor for one oil company stumbled on an unusual sight. The landscape area of 10,000 square kilometers of which is estimated to be 56 million years old! Many bears an uncanny resemblance to the long-lost Atlantis.

Scientists have never seen something like that - in the deep ocean landscape 56 million years old!

The northern part of the Atlantic is hiding in the depths of our ancient landscape, which has drawn the river valleys and peaks of what were once mountains. Geologists, who until this discovery while collecting data for an oil company, said that the landscape of age about 56 million years, and many have immediately brought in connection with Antlantis.

"It seems the way the maps look like small places on the coast, and is located at a depth of two kilometers and occupies about 10,000 square kilometers, how we've managed to discover," said Niki White, who was the team of researchers.

Scientists are convinced that the landscape of the area where today Scotland and Norway, and has so far found that consisted of eight major rivers and rich flora and fauna. They are convinced and will find numerous fossils of various animal species that have lived then.

"The main question is how the 2.5 million this year managed to rise above the landscape of the country, and then fall into it. In geological terms, this is a very short period to do so, "revealed White, adding that in theory with the most fans as the reason for all states that magma is on the field in the interior.

The temperature of magma has created a huge fiery crest, which simply collapsed due to high heat.
It is this detail will be the main guiding principle because geologists have never encountered anything like it and expose the reasons for such phenomena could bring a lot of answers to questions about Earth's interior.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First synthetic organ transplant

Swedish surgeons performed the first transplant of synthetic - artificial trachea coated with a layer of stem cells from bone marrow of the patient.

First of synthetic grafts were performed before the month in Stockholm. Artificial trachea transplant was 36-year-old patient who was suffering from cancer. He is feeling well after surgery, reports the agency.

In the historic transplant and scientists participated in the University of London, who modeled a copy of the patient's nitrogen-dimensional scanning. The surgery lasted 12 hours, a team of doctors led by a surgeon from Spain Paolo Macijarini.

For this type of donor transplantation not required and there is no risk of rejection of transplanted organs.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Anti-terrorist sensor detects suicide bombers

A sensor that can scan a large mass of people and find a suicide bomber hiding explosives, the official is being tested, world agencies reported.

The revolutionary device similar to scanners at the airport will analyze materials with teraherc waves emitted by various substances.

Scientists were testing the British government began a year ago on smaller groups of people where one person of 75 improvised explosive device worn. Terrorists will not even suspect that the machine scans them from afar, and will thus be intercepted and stopped stories than cause chaos.

This device will serve to protect the target of terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda train stations, shopping malls and sporting events. The device will be able to handle the clay and plastic explosives.

British government sources did not rule out the possibility that this system be used during the Olympic Games in London.

"Protecting the public is our number one priority. Regular testing new technologies that will help us to deal with an increasing number of terrorist threats," the release from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Made 3D ​​printer for chocolate

In the future we will not eat "regular" chocolate, it will form its own design on your computer and order online. Scientists at Brunel University Ekster and in cooperation with the software company Delka, have developed a 3D printer for chocolate.

Scientists say that we will not eat "regular" chocolate that we buy in stores, but we will design its own form on the computer and order through specialized websites.

At universities and Brunel Ekster scientists, in collaboration with the software company Delka developed 3D printer for chocolate. They say we only make the design of chocolate on your computer through a special program, and the rest will make a device that will print the ie. 'physical play in three-dimensional form as chocolate.

3D printing is currently used in industry to produce plastic and metal products, with three-dimensional objects created arranging successive layers of material and application method that has been used in industry to the production of chocolate was not at all an easy task.

According to lead researcher Dr. Liang Hao, chocolate is a very "difficult" material for the production of which requires very precise cycles of warming and cooling, which is necessary to integrate 3D printing with an appropriate flow rate chocolate. The scientists have solved the problem of developing a new control structure heating and cooling.

What is interesting, and some would say revolutionary is that this type of technology in the future be applied to numerous other products and would eventually be able to replace the mass production of unique products that the customers own design.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gen thinness associated with heart disease

IRS1 gene, which a woman or a man provides a slender figure, it is also associated with the development of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, say British researchers from the Medical Research Council.

Heart disease and type 2 diabetes is usually associated with excessive body weight. However, the findings of British scientists, IRS1 gene leads to a reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits, but does not affect the presence of dangerous fat around the organs placed such as heart or liver.

Results collected from around 76,000 respondents suggest that the association of the gene with the development of heart disease and type 2 diabetes more pronounced in men. Scientists add that new data may explain why about 20 percent of type 2 diabetes occurs in people with the recommended body weight.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

"Bible" algorithm

Software developed by an Israeli team revealed new details about the Bible. A new computer program analyzes the style and word choice of certain parts of the text, making sure it was written by one or more authors.

Applied to the Bible, his algorithm has confirmed what the erudite already established - that in Scripture there are many different 'voices'. Israeli software - part of the study sub-areas of artificial intelligence, known as author attributions, has a wide range of potential applications - from criminal investigation to the development of new computer programs for writers.

Bible in size and complexity presents a real challenge for the creators of the new algorithm. For millions of Jews and Christians, God is the author of the basic text of the Hebrew Bible - Torah, also known as the Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses.

Centuries of Bible study, however, revealed that the Scriptures are written by several authors whose work is distinguished by specific linguistic styles, ideological patterns and names for God.

Today, researchers divided the Bible into two parts - one for those who believe that it was written by one or a group and who are called "priests" tradition, while the rest belongs to. no priest tradition. Researchers have researched and analyzed the texts to determine which parts belong to which group the author.

Who wrote the Bible
By using new software on the Pentateuch was found almost identical distribution of the "priests" and "nesvešteničko" tradition. By matching software analysis with the traditional academic division occurred in 90 percent of cases.

"But what are the erudite have taken years of patient work, computer software is carried out in a matter of minutes," said computer science professor and study leader Moshe Koppel of Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv.

"Automated method we managed to do a brief overview of several centuries of hard manual labor," the Israeli team in a study presented last week at the annual meeting of the Association of Computer Linguistics in Portland, in the U.S. state of Oregon.

The part in which a computer program differs from the analysis could erudite researchers to provide new, interesting directions.

In the first chapter of the book Being, for example, are usually believed to belong to "high priest" legend, but the software suggests the opposite conclusion.

Similarly, the book of Isaiah the prophet believed to have been written by two authors and the other continued to write of 39 chapter. The results confirm the software that the book has two authors, but others suggest that the author began writing six chapters earlier, ie. of 33 chapter.

In the past decade, researchers have increasingly used computer programs for searching and comparison of biblical texts. Israeli newspaper software is that it applies the scientific criteria by using technological tools that in many ways more powerful than the human mind, says Michael Sigal at Hebrew University who was not involved in the project.

Before your software applied to the Pentateuch and other books of the Bible, the researchers first had to perform a test which will prove that the algorithm is able to distinguish one author from another.

For this test are randomly mixed parts of the book of Ezekiel and Jeremiah in an article which were then analyzed with new software. Program text is "almost perfect" sort of appropriate units.

The identification of writers
Other researchers have used similar algorithms to identify unknown writers. During the 90-ies, a professor of English literature from Donald Foster Vasar College has managed to thus reveal the name of the anonymous author of a book using the minor details such as punctuation.

In 2003, Kopel was with a team of researchers developed software that could have almost 100 percent to determine whether the author is male or female. On that occasion they have found that women use far more personal and demonstrative pronouns men.

The success of this project encouraged the debate on how the poles shape our thinking and communication. Such studies have potential application in the conduct of criminal investigations by the police to help detect cheaters and plagiarism.

Since the analysis can determine the age and gender, new algorithms to be able to help advertisers better target their advertising campaigns to target groups.

New software could be used for checking the authenticity of texts, for example, Shakespeare's play, in order to definitively resolve the question of their authorship or co-authoring potential.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The air against tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is probably the oldest human disease, the same age sapiens homo. At the beginning of antibiotic era of hope emerged that the disease will disappear any time in the face of Earth. Unfortunately, doctors are overestimated and underestimated the possibility of drug threw the vitality of Koha, tuberculous bacilli. Now in the world are diagnosed each year 10 million people, 2 million die. Recently in Russia, made ​​principally new way of prevention of tuberculosis. It focuses on preventing disease in large, even huge group of people who are indoors. Our correspondent Boris Gerštejn visited Biotechnology Fund and spoke with the author of the project, Deputy Director General of the Fund for Science, doctor of biological sciences Svetlana Čubatovom.

The air gives us life, it also brings illness, so even 2500 years ago Hippocrates said. This fully applies to tuberculosis. In 95% of cases, infection occurs through the respiratory tract. Today, tuberculosis is largely affects the inhabitants of cities. From a sick man who removes phlegm from the lungs with tuberculous bacilli, says Svetlna Čubatova.

Individual prevention of tuberculosis vaccines is currently insufficient. Additional methods are needed to help people in great masses of globalization to maintain health. It's no secret that tuberculosis can be diagnosed by everyone regardless of age and status. We suggested the manner of airborne prevention. Over ventilation systems or ordinary mechanical atomization. We dispersed special resources based on natural bactericidal substances: ethereal oils, resinous substances and other fitoekstrat. These are pine, eucalyptus. These substances have shown great efficiency experiments in the cells of the immune system in the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis infection. The activity of immune cells is increased twice. He performs "oxidation boom" - the production of active forms of oxygen in cells, enhances the bactericidal activity of cells. We checked effect new products on a large mass of laboratory animals. The animals also suffer. It was found that increasing the resistance of animals suffering from tuberculosis. Survival is reported 80%. We're now starting to experiment in some hospitals of Moscow and the Moscow area.

The airborne preventive purposes is also used for the first time, says Svetlana Čubatova. It preventive air-droplet infections on the most justifiable as to achieve the objective of current special mixture of active components.

Aerosol chamber is very compact, small size lady's jewelry boxes. Indoor is a small pump and capsules for levoditu mixture. Chamber can be used as a standalone device. A can fit into the ventilation system. Of course, the composition of the mixture does not cause allergy. The method is completely safe and can be used independently of age and health of people.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Perspectives of cloning era

Exactly 15 years appeared in the famous sheep Dolly. Successful cloning of its experiment, performed in the laboratory, the Scottish scientist Jana Vilmuta, became a worldwide sensation. Clone sheep caused a storm of emotion, resentment, fear and disappointment. But the real bomb of public opinion was the prospect of cloning humans. Disputes on the subject does not subside even today.

After Dolly appeared clones of various mammals: cats, dogs, horses, even primates. Today's scientific level and allows the cloning of humans, according to Director of the Institute on research and development noosferna Boris Rezabek.

The scientific part of the question is clear, but its ethical side is much more complex and deeper than people imagine sometimes. Our world is pretty crazy. It is quite possible that some psychopath with a lot of money power in a secret laboratory to clone humans. But the point is I do not see any.

Research on human cloning are unacceptable because in the process of trial and error can occur many imperfect clones, namely a person for various disorders. In addition, the cloning experiment. Experiments in which the experimental rabbit man, is inadmissible without the free and voluntary consent. And this is not the only moral character. That is why in many countries, including in Russia, human cloning is now banned.

The second thing is the cultivation of cells and even human tissue, according to Boris Rezabek.

Unfortunately, our body is subject to many diseases. And it happens so that the body must be replaced. There is a whole science - transplantologi. But to get the material from the donor is a serious problem. This phenomenon rampant crime. When literally kill people in order to get an organ, sold it for huge amounts of money.

From the standpoint of science, any form of cloning, whether to fly, mouse, horse, sheep, or an elephant, an interesting task. But ethical issues aside to be considered by society as a whole. It is quite possible that some cloned animals become extinct and it is for science a matter of paramount importance.

Reproductive cloning is already actively used for creating primereka agricultural and domestic animals with unique oslobinama. If you are in South Korea at the customs used Labradors obtained by cloning a dog with a particularly subtle flair. Today, using this method preserved and rare species of animals.

As for the sheep Dolly, she lived about six years, two times less than you normally live sheep. She had lung disease and severe arthritis. Star genetics had to be asleep to not bothering. But the 2007th Dolly was born again. This time, the surviving sheep cells were obtained immediately four healthy clone. They are exactly the same as Dolly, but at the same problems that have followed her in life. Clones do not suffer from arthritis and sick lungs. Four new Dolly are still alive and well.