Saturday, 5 May 2012

Horrific Solar Explosions Spell Earth's Doom

More than any other factor it is the turbulent, unpredictable sun that drives the planet's meteorological and geophysical events. Many scientists agree the Ice Age cometh, the only question is: will the encroaching freeze last 100 years, or 100,000? The intensifying of geomagnetic storms is even having a significant impact on the human brain igniting more violence, more uprisings, and more threats of war. As the sun's explosions reach a crescendo during 2013 it's gloom may spell Earth's doom—or at least modern civilization's doom. The sun is angry and may be dying Earth is beginning to feel its wrath. S. government to collapse In the years leading up to the beginning of the next Ice Age, the sun is going through remarkable changes…changes that are having major impacts on Earth's weather, climate, volcanoes, and seismic activity. Then the sun will cool and plunge the world into cold. The list of the sun's expected Doomsday events is long and reads like a Hollywood disaster movie. Yellowstone, or the approaching Ice Age.

Megaquakes increase and intensify

 Such a quake at a magnitude of 9. Volcanic venting is already occuring in two states, Not-so-gentle nudges from the sun might help it along. The Pacific plate that three continents sit on or near has ruptured tearing open the seafloor and slowing the Earth's rotation. The last time the New Madrid quaked in the mid 1800s church bells rang in Pennsylvania, the Mississippi River ran backward, and destruction was widespread. C. Another giant fault also seems to be awakening: the New Madrid fault in America's heartland. At least a dozen other potential megaquake "hotspots" have been identified across the world and are being keenly watched. The population was much smaller back then Imagine the megathrust quake that struck Fukushima, Japan during March 2011 occuring all over the globe. Seismoligists have imagined it and some of them are very worried—and with good cause. S. and Canada. Geophysicists are warning that might slip sooner rather than later. 0 or higher would obliterate Seattle as well as the rest of Washington state as far east as Idaho. Frantic geophysicists are now wringing their hands over similar megaquakes and destruction happening in high-density populated areas like the Pacific Northwest of the U. Oregon would be devasted and Vancouver, B. decimated. When those faults rupture, no technology can halt the cascading catastrophe.

Mankind goes on crazed killing spree

Two researchers decades apart studied the sun and its magnetic effect on the human brain. What they found was shocking. During solar storm peaks and periods of no sunspot activity the human race seemed to go nuts. Both had disciplines in different fields of knowledge: one was an astrophysicist, the other an historian. The historian's research analyzed data going back thousands of years.

During period of intense solar activity, such as Earth is experiencing now, more humans have a tendency to commit bizarre acts, violence and murders increase, and wars, rebellions and revolutions break out.

Sound familiar?

Coronal Mass Ejection wipes out 21st Century technology

A large solar flare of a class known as an X-flare of 40 or higher can easily wipe out all 21st Century technology and catapult the nations struck back to the 19th Century in a matter of minutes.

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