Friday, 28 March 2014

Humans are not superior, dolphins are smarter!

People are not the smartest creatures on Earth, scientists say, and that some species of animals, in their own way, are more intelligent - for example dolphins.

Killer whales have a complex language to communicate , and dolphins give each other the names that are based on the sound signal. This means that dolphins are finding themselves and others, say the scientists .
For thousands of years, various experts , from religious leaders to scientists , saying that people are "special and the brightest " , but science shows that some animals have the cognitive skills that more  superior human beings .
Researchers from the University of Adelaide once confirmed this thesis , a intelligence research and the evolution of primate brain supports the hypothesis that people are not the smartest creatures on Earth .
Scientists remind us that Aristotle , one of the greatest thinkers , argued that humans are superior to other animals because of their reasoning skills . But the reasoning is only one form of intelligence . The fact is that people do not understand the animals and they do not understand people , but that does not mean that their intelligence at different levels , but only that - a different kind.
People have a cumulative culture , which allows them to perform many of the actions that other animals can not do . However , this does not mean that the individuals of the human race superior to other beings.
" Monkeys are built in such a way that they do not need a house , people have evolved in an environment where you do not have to hand catch fish , but the Bears have , and they do it better than men ," the researchers said.


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