Tuesday, 15 April 2014

UN finally admitted: We are sprayed you and control weather

A few days ago, the United Nations session was devoted to the control of weather, chemtrails, dusting and everything that the governments of the world for years and still do not acknowledge, and telling us about how chemtrails conspiracy is theory that has no evidence.

Then it's really amazing how the UN at its meeting discuss the chemicals that planes emit on all of us.

It is stated that these experiments are work of private companies and world governments. The aim is to claim control and change the weather to protect agriculture and crops due to global warming, which is already well known, big lie on which revolve billions in taxes for carbon dioxide. Now they do not hesitate to say so publicly how planes do change our climate with chemical substances that are released into the air.

It's just not clear who had allowed private companies and world governments to carry out their experiments upon humanity.

For years, people are assured to not see well, as traces in the sky does not exist, how those are regular planes and condensing gases. For years, saying that spraying does not exist, as it is only a conspiracy theory, and worst of all, they managed to fool a many people.

Theory of chemtrails is discredited and so today there are people who, despite all the evidence and confessions continue to talk thats all the conspiracy theories, it's not true .

According to the analysis of rainwater and soil samples chemtrails, among other things , the highest percentage consisting of aluminum oxide , barium salts - dibromoethane , carcinogenic extra fuel and insecticides , fibrous brown stuff , like cobwebs. -Alumina and barium salts are the two most common component in those chemtrails and has absorbed the radioactive matters.

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  1. United Nations session was devoted to the control of weather, chemtrails
    which meeting was this?,