Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Google introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Now is definitely clear, Jelly Bean will not be Android 5.0, but Android 4.1, and it could be seen during yesterday's Google I / O conference. Dave Burke director of engineering for Androird said that the aim of Jelly Bean's platform was to make simple, beautiful and smart. This means that things like Butter Project, a broad overhaul of the system to improve the smoothness of the screen and get a better response to touch commands, revised search experience, a voice control like Siri, and intelligent control of changing the size of the widget, and adjusting the home screen . He also said that the developers have managed to achieve 60 FPS with the new version of Android, and added that he introduced the triple buffer in order to quickly things took place in the user interface.

Notices have undergone extensive updating, add the photos, more sizes and shares information that allows you to interact with an application right from the screen with the information. In the first demonstration of the Jelly Bean seems somewhat faster than Ice Cream Sandwich, but it will certainly take many months if not years, until it be seen on all Android devices. Do not forget, only 7% of Android devices now have Ice Cream Sandwich but was released last year.

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