Monday, 16 July 2012

Scientists watching the apocalypse on a planet that resembles Earth

Now experiencing an apocalypse planet in the constellation of chanterelle. The atmosphere is warm her up on her several thousands of degrees, and the explosion was actually boiled. American scientists have all to see with the Hubble Telescope, and announced that the planet like the Earth and its star resembles the sun. Theoretically, such a disaster scenario is possible on Earth. Constellation chanterelle was discovered in the 17th century, and her full name is Little Fox with Gusano. However, the gander is not so often separated into different constellation so the name was shortened. Now chanterelles studied with great care.

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  1. The solar flare theory says magnetic waves analgous to sound travel from the flare/CME/solar tornados across the faces of the sun to meet backside and produce a second flare effect. If the magnetic field is strong enough we could even be in danger if the flare was on the opposite side of the sun. We might experience the secondary flare.