Saturday, 20 October 2012

It may be discovered causes of spontaneously People

Many have heard of totally unexplained cases where human bodies are discovered by fully or partially charred no signs of external interventions. This phenomenon has been known for many centuries. It's called Spontaneous.
The first time these puzzling phenomena observed in the 16th century, and the last case occurred quite recently. Last year in Ireland has found in his own house burned man who was sitting in an armchair by the fire. However, patologoanatomi determined that the cause of ignition was not at the fire from the fireplace. Traces of fire were found only above and below the body of the killed, the other items were not affected.
Trying to shed light on this unique and terrible occurrence British biologist Brian J.. Ford (Brian J. Ford) put forward his theory.
- People just plan-Ford said. - It may be relaxed to sit in a chair or lying on the couch, and in the next moment you suddenly turn into a ball of flame. Blue jets of fire rising from their bodies like the flame of a gas burner, and they soon turned into a pile of ashes. As a rule, only the legs remain intact. Facilities in nearby destinations, such as a pile of newspapers on the back of chairs, or, for instance, slippers, also are not damaged in any way. Spontaneous centuries caused many disputes, many people consider it a myth. However, what is really there, and now we think we can explain the cause of his creation.
In their experiments, J. Brian. Ford uses the pigs, because their closest human genetic code. Therefore, the most convenient to check his hypothesis. The most likely cause of the effect of auto ignition, according to Ford's opinion may be acetone, which in certain circumstances may be deposited in the human body. Ketosis (acetone accumulation) occurs in the case of alcoholism, malnutrition, as well as in diabetes. Scientist says:
- We drowned pork belly tissue to ethanol for a week. Even if it is wrapped in gauze moistened with alcohol it will not burn. Ethanol is typically not found in our tissues, but in our body there is a flammable component, the concentration of which can significantly increase. Triaciglicerinski lipids dissolve in the body and produce fatty acids and glycerin. Fatty acids can be used as an alternative source of energy in the process of beta-oxidation, which leads to the deposition of key metabolic molecules of acetyl-KoA. They maintain energy Krepsov cycle in the mitochondria in the cells of our bodies.
If Ford is able to prove that the bodies of pigs on fire when they accumulate in excessive amounts of acetone, he will become the first scientist to experimentally confirm the nature of the mysterious phenomenon of auto ignition.

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