Monday, 8 October 2012

Secrets of fire eagle nests

The explosion of the volcano, meteor shower or a drop cosmic alien ship? Russian scientists plan to put an end to disputes about the origin of one of the most mysterious places on the planet - Patomskog crater in East Siberia. In the spring of next year, according to a unique geological object Irkutsk area shall be referred to the ninth consecutive scientific expeditions.
Patomski crater rises above Siberia like Egyptian pyramid. Local hunters called it fiery eagle nest. From a helicopter this gray limestone cone 40 meters really seems
huge nest. Its diameter is 160 feet, nearly dv aputa more than futbool field. Top elevations of the plane. In center as huge egg, there is a 12 meter high hill. Director of the Institute of the Earth's crust Dmitry Gladkočub is not entirely correct to invoke this elevation crater.
- Under the crater depressions are considered. Here, on the contrary, there is a cone, that is a positive form of relief, for one. Secondly, under the crater include such forms of relief arising after the fall of cosmic bodies.
The origin of fire nest eagle was trying to establish for 8 scientific expeditions. But no meteorite, or ufology version elevations they could not confirm. The data collected made it possible to assume that this is so-coaled hide volcano. He could appear in the conditions of the permafrost around 500 years ago, more precisely in a small ice age. Dmitry Gladkočub explains as he could object to appear so unusual form:
- Just over many years of freezing groundwater, the surface
raised. As the climate has changed, there has been warming, the ice is melted inside. And the central part of the elevations PDO influence of gravity is broken, forming a structure.
The scientist does not exclude the crater Patomski still forming. In order to confirm this assumption, the following points elevations were set up of receivers. If next year scientific find that their position has changed, meaning that the crater is still alive. Speak permanent participant expedition Dmitry Semyonov.

- After the last serious expedition that was two years ago, received a certain material that requires refinement. For example, geophysicists from the Ural Mining Institute performed there precise surveying. Now we need to go to the site and check how it changed the Crater: is lowered, raised or expanding.

During the upcoming expedition is planned to carry out a range of new research. Modern apparatus will allow to explore the Crater at a depth of a mile and a half to get the most complete information on his part.

Patomski crater was found Vadim Kolpakov Irkutsk geologist 1949th year. Since then fiery eagle nest tickle the minds of scientists around the world. Currently the government Irkutske area addressed the question of forming a special protected zone on the unusual geology building.

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