Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Age - antropocen

n earlier times our planet evolved by itself. Today, people affect the natural process. Scientists say a new geological epoch shaped by people - and they call it antropocen.

Our perception of nature has been overcome. Nature, which is contrary to human culture, and that is itself evolving, this nature does not exist. At least, say scientists who speak of the existence of a new geological epoch - antropocen. Reinhold Lajnfelder geologist with the Free University of Berlin, said: "We have different nature and man, the most evil man with his technique. But in the meantime changed the nature of man so much, that we have to say that piroda, as we define it once, do not there. "

How man is changing the Earth?

Man and Nature are one, and scientists now believe it to provide convincing arguments: We humans have reshaped today 75 percent of the Earth's solid surface, says Reinhold Lajnfelder. "We are changing the earth through agriculture and mining - are now 30 times more material is transferred from one place to another than would be transmitted by natural processes. Extinction rate of animals is one hundred, some say, a thousand times greater than those in the natural process . "

A new era began with industrialization

In the future we will have the remains of geological layers of our domestic animals, house plants and plastic particles. And by the layers of the earth geologists can determine the beginnings of certain ages. The youngest epoch of the Holocene. She began 11,000 years ago, after the last ice age. Now it is replaced antropocen. Some scientists believe that this is a new era began thousands of years ago, with the advent of agriculture. But first farmers were not able to change the planet. Most agree that a new era began later with industrialization in the 18th century.

Scientist Jürgen Ren says: "We still feel the atmosphere, but also geology layers, caused by changes of the late 18th and early 19th century."

In addition to the impact of man on nature stronger. Yet forgiveness of industrial society is not a solution. In antropocenu a man with his technique as being part of nature. A discussion of antropocenu is primarily aimed at raising the awareness of people to live in a time in organizing themselves and that we have to do it responsibly.

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