Friday, 1 February 2013

Part of the cosmos after 300 million years?

Metal rack and pinion steering, pressed the corner and found the resident of Vladivostok when he lit the fireplace. Unusual invention claimed is coastal scientists. After careful study of the case, the researchers found that the invention is 300 million years old and that she has made a living being. But scientists can not answer the questions who made the rail.
Strange artifact in coal, which is the case in our time is not far from lonely. All these odd findings lead scientists in a dead end, since the almighty undermine the fundamental concepts of modern science. The first was found in Massachusetts 1851st in the U.S., while coal mining. Vase of silver and zinc in coal is dated Kembridžskim period, which began 500 million years ago. 1912th in Oklahoma was found in an iron kettle coal 312 million years old. 1974th The unknown is found in the aluminum part of the mine in Romania. Part looks like a hammer or support leg for landing Apollo cosmic machine that could make a man fall after the Jurassic period.
Recent artifact from Vladivostok again forced scientists to imagine. Where coal was found strange part was brought to the southern end of Hakasije from Černogorskog region. Known age of this coal is 300 million years old. That's why scientists have assumed that the metal details should be the same age as the coal.
When geologists carefully broke a piece of coal, they found an easy and smooth length of 7 inches, made of aluminum alloys (98%) and magnium (2%). On the one hand, pure aluminum is extremely rare in nature, because scientists have guessed that a part is made artificially. On the other, an unusual alloy parts has enabled scientists to explain the preservation of objects. Aluminum clean the patina covers stable oxide, which hinders further corrosion. At the end of the 98-percentage-alloy aluminum endure high pressure, extreme temperatures and aggressive environment.
Scientists have wondered not aluminum cosmic origin. Thanks to the study of meteorites, science knows of the existence of extraterrestrial aluminum-26, which decays on the 26th magnium The presence of 2% in the alloy magnium and just can not testify about the origin of cosmic objects. But in order to confirm this hypothesis needs to perform a number of additional research.
The last thing the surprised scientists is an unusual case similarity with modern notched poles. It is difficult to assume that nature could make a case with 6 teeth regular and equal intervals between them. In addition Anime interval between the teeth was very wide in relation to the teeth. Veroatno this boom was part of a complex mechanism. Similar parts are used in modern microscopical and other devices. The question arises as to how such a complex part that could make a man millions of years ago?
When the invention became known, began to talk about UFOs belong rack and pinion steering. But Russian scientists are not rushing to make loud statements, before opting for additional research subjects.

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