Monday, 23 September 2013

In Russia, discovered the remains of an unknown human specie

Russian paleontologists have found in the Altai, the traces of an unknown type of the first men. The study of the genome of human remains were found in the famous Denisova cave, scientists have found that it corresponds to 17% of the Neanderthal genome, and 4% belong to an unknown hominid.

Sensational discovery forces archaeologists to continue their excavations. Currently, studies are done in older layers than the finding of "denisovec."

It is not a sensation revealed by the survey. Decoding the DNA of the remains of the primitive people of Altai denisim cave, found that 6% of genes have similar modern inhabitants of Southeast Asia.

It gave the right to the head of research, academician Anatoly Derevjanko Denisovca attributed to subspecies of modern man. He also cast light on the process of division of mankind, which occurred 60-70 thousand years ago, says archaeologist Michael Ĺ unkov:

A part of the population went to the Altai, where the remains denisovca, while others emigrated to the southeast. In addition, the transit places - in Southeast Asia, China - in the genes of the excavated remains are found traces denisovca.

On the other hand, the 6% that were found among the modern inhabitants of the south-east, saying that the "Denisovac" involved in the formation of the modern human form.

In addition, during the excavation, archaeologists discovered in a nearby cave traces of Neanderthals, who lived at the same time as the denisovec. Earlier it was thought that Neanderthals did not come this far to the east. The idea has emerged that the two hominid groups participating together in the formation of modern man, a scientist explains:

This is called. inbreeding - mixing in certain territories. Our recent work has shown that the denisovtci and Neanderthals, found in our cave, also mixed. And it's a sensational result.

Now picture the origin of humanity as follows: there are four lines of development of modern humans: Homo sapience African, Eurasian Neanderthals, Altai denisovec and oriental man - a resident of the territory of present-day China.

An earlier popular theory monocentrizma - man exodus from Africa, is seriously compromised. Seems plausible ideas about academics Derevjenka polycentrism, which is confirmed by the Russian paleontologists and archaeologists.

In the scientific world, the discovery of the remains "denisovca" is in second place after the discovery of a Higgs boson. For outstanding discoveries in the study of ancient history, 12 June 2013, Anatoly Derevjanko received the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

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