Monday, 2 September 2013

Life on Earth "started" on Mars?

Leading Geochemists again argue about whether the "seed of life" on Earth originated on Mars and then transferred to Earth by meteorites and volcanoes.

There is increasing evidence that entitle the hypothesis that life on Earth began on Mars, and thus deal with the BBC and the Guardian . Leading scientists in the field say there is one specific element that is of great importance for the origin of life and it can be found only on the surface of the Red Planet .
Professor Steven Benner , believes that life on Earth came meteorites , which have arisen as a result of meteor impacts on Mars or volcanic eruptions there. As evidence , he points oxidized molybdenum metal , which is considered the catalyst that helped organic molecules to develop the first living structure .
" Only then , when it became a highly oxidized molybdenum , then it could affect the formation of life, " said Benner , who is a professor at the " Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology " in the United States . " This form of molybdenum existed on Earth at the beginning of the creation of life , after about three billion years of the Earth's surface there is very little oxygen , and it is on Mars was enough. "
" This is another piece of evidence that tells us that life on Earth came Marovska meteorite , not that he started here . Analysis of Martian meteorites has shown us that there was no trace element Bor, and now believe that the oxidized form of molybdenum was also there. "
Another reason why it is difficult that life arose on Earth , Bener see that our planet is likely to be covered by water. Water prevents the necessary concentration of boron and thus disturbed the formation of the first forms of genetic molecules. Although the water existed on Mars at that time , it covered a much lower surface of the planet .
"The evidence is stacked and soon we might say - we're all Martians that life originated on Mars and came to Earth on a stone , " said Brenner on " Goldschmidt 2013 " conference in Florence. " It is fortunate that we have done here , as the two planets where life was possible , the Earth a much better choice . Martian Had our forefathers remained on Mars, we would not be argued about proreklam ..."

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