Monday, 20 January 2014

Does the Sun loses its power?

A research project called Varsity ( Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact) ) will specifically seek to cover four important topics: the solar magnetism and extreme events , solar transients , changes in the magnetosphere and the consequences of and processes in the Earth's atmosphere .
"Although the sun has shown a couple of strong flashes in the past two years , overall, the current solar 24 cycle is much weaker than the previous , "said the Tportal Jasa Čalogović , an expert in the sun in Hvar Observatory , which is participating in the project.
The last solar minimum had the most days without sunspots in the last 100 years, followed by a weaker peak. From this it can be concluded that long-term solar activity has changed significantly compared to its previous cycle .
However, for now no one knows precisely explain the thing , whether the weakening of solar activity to continue and what are the possible consequences of such a weak sun - whether to slow down global warming , it may even cause colder weather or not to have a stronger effect on climate.
It is expected that the real answer is no , because this is the first such a drastic change in the history of modern space exploration .

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