Friday, 31 January 2014

Is this physicist solve the mystery of the origins of life?

A popular hypothesis about the origin of life is linked to the prehistoric "soup", lightning and an incredible amount of luck. However, if the new, the provocative theory is correct, luck had very little interest in the creation of life.

Physicist behind this idea is considered to be the origin and evolution of life follow the fundamental laws of physics and that " surprising as the rock that rolls downhill ."
From the standpoint of physics , there is one crucial difference between living things and inanimate pile of atoms first are much better at capturing energy from the environment and spending that energy as heat.
Jeremy England , year-old assistant professor at the University MIT , has developed a mathematical formula they believe that explains this capacity .
According to the formula, based on the known physics , which holds that when a group of atoms driven by an external power source ( like the sun or chemical fuels) and is surrounded by hot springs , such as the ocean or the atmosphere , it will often gradually restructure itself to better energy consumers . This means that under certain conditions, substances inevitably takes the physical attributes associated with life .
" It all starts with any group of atoms . And if enough of them illuminates , you should not be surprised if you get a plant , "said England .
England 's theory is not intended to replace , but rather to further strengthen Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection .
" I'm not saying that his idea is wrong. On the contrary . I suggest that , from the standpoint of physics , Darwin's theory of evolution can be considered a special case of a much more prevalent phenomenon , "said England .
This idea has caused many reactions of experts and colleagues , who believe that it is a biased or an idea or a potentially incredible discovery , or both.
England theoretical results are generally accepted as valid . In his interpretation - this formula is the driving force behind the class of phenomena in nature that involve life - although this is not proven . However , already have an idea of who could claim this to test in the laboratory .
At the heart of his ideas is the second law of thermodynamics , also known as the " arrow of time " . Hot things to cool down , gas moves through the air , and can whisk the eggs , but never spontaneously restored to its original condition . Energy tends to spread or decompose over time .
An example of this can be coffee, which when placed in the room becomes the same temperature as the room itself . As long as nothing affects the room and coffee , the coffee will not keep you warm , this process can not be reversed , because the chances are that all the energy in the room to concentrate on atoms coffee - very small .
Life does not violate the second law of thermodynamics , but until recently , physicists have not been able to use thermodynamics to explain how did it come to creating life , because we were not able to predict an external power source .
Chemistry prehistoric " soup " random mutation , geography , catastrophic events , and many other factors have contributed to the earth's flora and fauna. However , judging by Inglandovoj theory , the basic principle koij manages the entire process is driven adaptation of matter .
"It is very tempting to think about the natural phenomenon may be responsible for this. Many examples can be found under our noses , but because they did not ask , we could not even notice them , " he said .

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