Friday, 11 July 2014

Scientists say - Tibetans are not humans

Scientists claim that Tibetans have no problem with the thin air and extreme cold because - they are not humans!

Rasmus Nielsen of the University of Berkeley, and his colleagues from the lab for DNA researches in China claim that Tibetans belong to the mysterious group "Denisovans" and not homo sapiens.

Mysterious Tibetans DNA was found in 2010 in Russia, and discovered it a hermit Denis, after whom they were named. Nielsen was investigating gene EPAS-1 and found that natural selection supports its survival and continuation of the species.

Scientists have long established that the Tibetans are functioning quite normally at high altitudes and to easily move along the "roof of the world", while ordinary people out there feel bad and tormented.

It was assumed that after thousands of years of genetic adaptation
Tibetans DNA is different, but I believe that they are "Denisovans" and have DNA different from that which is characteristic of homo sapiens.

Prior to Nielsen theory, American scientists from the University of Utah have found ten genes that allow Tibetans to survive with very low levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. Most other people, including climbers who are in "top form", it is always painful in these conditions, and there are often complications in the brain and lungs.

Two spotted genes are associated with hemoglobin - the part of blood that carries oxygen
through the body. Interestingly, the other residents of high landscape, don't have the properties of the Tibetan resistance, not even the inhabitants of the Andes.

The discovery that the Tibetans have a mysterious "
Denisovans DNA" was published in the journal "Nature". 


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