Friday, 18 July 2014

Russian physicists make teleportation reality

Russian scientists from the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, in collaboration with colleagues from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have found a way to preserve the quantum entanglement of the particle as it passes through the accelerator or when transferring large distances, published in the prestigious scientific journal Physical Review A.
Quantum feedback allows to realize quantum teleportation.

The laws of quantum mechanics do not allow for teleportation of objects and people, but it is already possible to quantum teleport single photons and atoms.

Teleportation - is not fiction, say scientists from Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (MFTI). In the future we will be able to travel long distances without the use of physical force and simultaneously placed in two places, for example: Beijing and Moscow and in Siberia and the islands of New Zealand.

Not excluded teleportation conquest of cosmic space. It's all about the physical effects, so-called "Quantum entanglement." It is the ability of the quantum structures that are located at a distance from one another, remaining inseparable.

In classical physics, there is no such effect. Russian scientists have found a way to preserve the "quantum entanglement" in transmitting information at a considerable distance. It is, in fact, teleportation, explained one of the paper's authors, MFTI researcher Sergey Filipov:

- When we are in a ball
strings are ruffle, that discourage us. A physicists when they work with a complex situation are very happy, because in these conditions there is a correlation - what happens at one end of the thread tuft, is associated with what is happening on the other. These correlations can be forwarded anywhere. People displaced in such a manner to a certain distance, it will also be a correlation. Their behavior would be independent of one another. 

Initially, research physicists were related to the study of signal transmission over optical networks. That is, according to scientists, the so-called. "Secret quantum communications." In MFTI have found such an algorithm that allows the connection becomes even more secret. As for teleportation, it has become a "side" effect design. A scientist explains how with the help of the found effect can move things and people:

- Let's say you want to teleport humans. To do this, you do not distribute all of its atoms. You say, I have a 20 kg oxygen 10 kg carbon, a certain amount of hydrogen and takes the same amount at the other end. Next, you send information about their compounds and composition written in atoms. At the other end of the end of your materials make the same person.

In a sense, this "collection" is reminiscent of holography - image reconstruction of three-dimensional objects using a laser. The difference is that this is not just a special type of photography, but the creation of man, so to speak, of "flesh and blood", with all the characteristics and capabilities. Science has not yet reached such heights. Scientists have, for now, learn to teleport a photon. OPRAVI they are usually carriers of information sent. At the other end of the thread, experts have learned to create the same state micro object, which was located at the opposite end. Now we must learn to apply this principle in more complex systems. It's difficult because as the system grows, it dramatically increases the complexity of teleportation, says Sergey Filipov.

- Teloportovati two atoms, twice is harder than one, and three - eight times harder. If You would like to evaluate the degree of complexity of human teleportation, we should take into account that one of the ten to 24 atoms.

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