Tuesday, 1 July 2014

There's a mysterious radio signal known as the 'space roar' throughout the universe that no one can explain!

space roar
In 2009, researchers searching for signals from the first generation of stars were surprised when their instruments were overwhelmed by a radio signal stronger than anyone could have expected.

Known as the 'space roar,' no one can explain where it comes from, and the signal is six times stronger than the combined emission of all known radio sources in the universe!

Before you grab your tin foil hat, there's no message in these radio waves. They are waves just like the ones your radio receives to play music, but there's no music to be heard with this "roar." The team that discovered it described the sound as a "boom" or a "hiss" when translated into sound.

This mysterious signal is actually preventing the team from doing what they set out to do: find signals from the first generation of stars.

This is because the signal is just so strong that their instruments can't pick up those much weaker signals. It's like trying to hear someone whispering to you while an air horn is going off next to you.

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