Tuesday, 12 August 2014

If you bend a piece of paper 103 times, you get the thickness of the universe

The myth is that you can not bend the paper more than eight times. The reality is that you can bend to infinity, if you have a large enough paper, and enough energy. However, there is one small problem. If you bend it 103 times, you get the thickness of the entire universe.

How something thin like paper can get the thickness of the universe?

The answer lies in mathematics. It is a simple exponential function. Every time you bend the paper in half, you double its thickness. At the third bend, you get the thickness of the nail. On the seventh fold, you get thickness like pad.

On the tenth, the width of the hand.

At 23, bending, your paper is already one kilometer thick.

In the thirtieth folding, but you got to the universe. It is 100 kilometers high.

42nd bending, you have reached the moon. At 51, you scalded the sun. Now you've reached the 81 bends, and your paper is already 127 786 light-years wide, almost as thick as Andromeda galaxy.

You bend the paper 90 times. It is now 130.8 million light years wide. On the surface is about 100 galaxies.

And finally, we have reached 103 fold. Now you've reached the edge of the universe, 93 billion light years in diameter.

Here are some examples that will help you understand how you can folding paper to get to the edge of space!

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