Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Milky Way 17 billion planets size of Earth

The Milky Way galaxy is at least 17 billion planets whose size is similar to Earth, according to the estimates of two independent groups of American astronomers, which were published on Monday.

Estimates are based on fresh data, which came from a NASA probe "Kepler", launched 2009th with the task of finding "terrestrial" world.

This does not mean that all those potentially habitable planets, but so many welcome starting point to search for worlds similar to our own, the agency assesses the Associated Press (AP).

Scientists have yet to find Earth's twin sister - so not just one that is similar in size, but also one that is located in the so-called "goldiloks zone", where it is neither too hot nor too cold, so water can exist in liquid state of matter.

The team with Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University estimated that at least one of the six stars in the Milky Way has a terrestrial planet size.

Another team, at Berkeley, University of California and the University of Hawaii has estimated, using a different method, that 17 percent of stars in the Milky Way galaxy have planets that are similar in size as Earth.

The results were presented Monday at the American Astronomical Society.


  1. i wonder that, if the living beings are there (in that sister planet) is there any possibility that there are creatures with same appearance like us!!
    and also
    i hope that, in future there will be a day that we can communicate with them and ability to go there :). Hope that day won't be too far.

  2. Interesting... I was always curious if there is a planet like Earth, and where life can exists. Since some time i am pretty sure that exists. Why we are so special to be alone in the Milky Way ?
    I can not say that they will look like us (creatures from sister Earth), that is hard to predict, because evolution can not be the same and it is still in progress.
    @Kane Bett
    I think that is not a good idea. Who can guarantee to us that they will only communicate with us?


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  4. i wonder that these many planets are present around us .
    This is a great information about the galaxy for the students of science and normal students who are intrested to have a knowledge about our galaxy

  5. With that many planets there has to be life form of some sort out there. Maybe they do not need water and oxygen to survive like humans do. 17 billion is a mind bending number amazing how this NASA probe can come up with such a figure.

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