Saturday, 10 December 2011

Will Google "kill" Mozilla?

Since the Mozilla Foundation 84% of its revenues (about $ 100 million) last year received from Google, which pays to its search itself in the Firefox browser, the big question is how to survive when Mozilla this work, which expired in November would not be extended. When asked whether the ZDNet site there was a new deal two companies, in Mozilla responded that no new information.

Google, which has its own Chrome browser, which is better than Firefox, you may decide not to renew the agreement in order to indirectly slow down the competition, according to ZDNet.

What will then happen with Mozilla and Firefox?

It may be in place  Google "jump" Microsoft, which certainly is intended to provide significant Bingu market share, and the two companies already collaborate on a project with Bing Firefox, according to B92.

However, even if it does solve the problem Mozilla is only in the next year or two, and analysts have predicted that in future the main race of the browser market between Microsoft and run Google.

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