Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Find out how it really works on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a kind of organism that never stagnates and is continuously updated, and is now richer and Wikistream. This addition to the "free encyclopedia" allows us to gain insight into what exactly is and how it occurs and in real time.

 With Wikistream the pictures in the background randomly change, but the stream sometimes going so fast that you can barely follow what was happening.

So we can say that users of Wikipedia have no idea about the approximate amount of content and activities on it's - until they see Wikistream. Many people around the world "worry" about different possible topics on the "free encyclopedia", add new content, and to remove obsolete - every second.

If you do not want to watch a global view of activity on Wikipedia, Wikistream allows you to select which country you want to follow, and will help you in choosing the type of information you want to track in real time.

 If your stream too fast or you want to go to a specific page, just press "P" on the keyboard and the whole stream will stop. To start it again, press "P".

Here's how the authors explain their project idea:

"I hope that Wikistream allow you to guess how many active community engaged in Wikipedia. Wikistream was created to help identify the level of involvement of people worldwide who actively participated in that Wikipedia becomes a tremendous resource as we are."

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