Thursday, 8 December 2011

NASA confirmed the existence of "Other Earth"!

The U.S. space agency (NASA) announced that the Kepler Space Telescope confirmed the existence of planets outside our solar system where there is a possibility of life, carried Belgrade media.

This planet, named Kepler 22b, astronomers noticed that 2009 is the first for which NASA is able to confirm that the zone is suitable for life. This means that astronomers see how the three passes, "transit" in front of its sun. This, however, does not mean that life does exist on the planet, but only to meet the basic requirements.

In other words, the planet is orbiting at the right distance from its star, which suggests that it may be on the water and that the temperature and atmosphere suitable for life.

 "The Kepler 22b of asserting the existence of planets suitable for life. We are sure that the planet is in a suitable area to live and if there is an area, you should at a pleasant temperature to her," said Bill Borak, principal investigator of the "Kepler" in NASA Ames research cent.

Rotated around its star at a distance of 600 light years away, Kepler 22b is 2.4 times larger than Earth and its orbit crosses the sun for 290 days. Scientists, however, do not know if this planet is rocky, gaseous or liquid. "Transit" observed the planet shortly after its launch into space telescope Kepler in March 2009.

Kepler Telescope mission was the first American space agencies are looking for Earth-like planets that orbit as they have around their sun. Kepler is equipped with the largest camera ever sent back into space with a resolution of 95 megapixels, and is expected to continue to send information to Earth until November 2012th

 The third planet eligible for life

22b is the third Kepler exoplanet for which astronomers have confirmed that conditions for life. Besides it, there are also Gliese 581d by French astronomers have discovered in May this year and HD 85512d which in August of Swiss astronomers found that the area is suitable for life.

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