Saturday, 22 September 2012

Crickin of the crickets indicates the temperature of the air

According Dolber law is necessary to count the number of votes per minute crickets, subtract that number from 40, then divide the resulting figure by seven and finally add up to the 10th And that's the current air temperature.

The old folk wisdom says that crickets advertise more as the heat increased. Or to put it another way, their activity increases with increasing air temperature.

What you probably did not know is that the American physicist and inventor in the 19th Amos Dolber Century published an article "Cricket as a thermometer," in which he presented a formula expressing the coupling crickin "enthusiasm" and temperature conditions. This however only applies to the North American crickets Oecanthus Fulton, but approximately might also affect the field crickets.

According Dolber law is necessary to count the number of votes of small bites per minute, of that number, subtract 40, then the resulting figure divided by 7, and finally add up to the 10th The formula for computing in Celsius is: T> 10 + (N - 40) / 7

This means that according to this formula cricket at a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius supposed to sound about 250 times per minute, or about four times per second. How does that sound plausible, let readers judge for themselves.

Crickets are insects related grasshoppers, and many of them are mixed with crickets. And an article in which Dolber 1897th published his remarkable formula was originally titled "The Cricket as a Thermometer" which means "cricket as a thermometer", although it is known that the story refers to the crickets.

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