Sunday, 30 September 2012

Discovered an old water flow on Mars

Vehicle-robot "Curiosity" NASA is on the surface of Mars just a few weeks, but has already found evidence that the planet's surface in the past flowing water. The robot was sent a picture of classical composition composed of stones, rocks and sand, and from mission control scientists say the size and appearance of rounded pebbles in the rock indicate that it is moved and shaped by water.

The rocks are described at a news conference at NASA's laboratory in Pasadena, California, and scientists say it is water laid to the place "a few billion years."

"Curiosity" is landed sixth on the surface of Mars August tasked with the help of your technical equipment to determine whether, in the past on this planet to provide the conditions for microbial life.

The robot is now generally held to test their systems and appliances, but this is when serious scientific work.

The ultimate goal is a robot vehicle to reach the central mountains Sharp, which is five kilometers high. Scientists expect that the vehicle has layers of rocks at the foot of the mountain from which it will be acquired new insights into the conditions that existed on Mars in the distant past.

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