Thursday, 20 September 2012

Intel wants to "kill" password

During his 2012 IDF conference in San Francisco, Intel demonstrated a new interesting technology called Secure Palm. This concept allows you to log on to your system using a secure method of access, with your hands.

Instead of having to remember all the passwords you can just put your hand in front of a sensor, and Windows will not let you inside. This is definitely still a prototype so we will Intel be given time to develop the concept, but all it takes in this technology is to keep your hand in front of the sensor and are signed.

This technology makes sense if each day you spend a lot of time typing your user name and password in Yahoo Mail, Twitter, Skype, Amazon, Steam, Facebook, your bank and other systems. The major problem here may be privacy, and the question is how many users will be willing to print it so easy.

In any case, Palm Secure seems interesting, but whether they will be able to replace the fingerprint scanner that comes with many business notebooks remains to be seen.

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