Friday, 9 November 2012

Phone controlled by view

The company was created by the Copenhagen software that allows users to control mobile view. This invention could provoke a revolution in the use of elektroniskih book readers and phones. 

Think of that the next time you want to unlock your iPhone, do view. Denmark's The Eye Tribe has made it possible. She has developed a program to help control the view, which uses infrared technology. "We design the infrared light to the eye, and collects the reflected infrared camera. We have a program that can be very precise to say where the movie screen. And it helps control using views, "explains Alstrup Johansen, one of four Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen to participate in the development program. This August they have collected 615. 000 euros from private investors to make a prototype. 

Johansen and his colleagues believe that the control looked through movement and the next big thing - Follow-touch control, which is now the standard when it comes to mobile phones. The program is described as "optional" form of control and as a step towards more "smarter" devices. He said that it could fundamentally change the way that games, entertainment, and even learning. "Imagine an electronic book that automatically turns a new page, so you know exactly when you read the whole page, imagine a phone that knows it's you when you look at it, and when you look to the side, it can be turned off," illustrated by Johansen. "When you play a game, she will know exactly where your attention is focused. So you can create amazing and more fun games. '.

Possible adverse effects

However, the question is what about the harmful effects such as eye strain. The Central Association of opticians in Germany say that, since the technology has not been tested, it is not known what effect it can have. Dr. Thomas Liska, an ophthalmologist at the University Clinic in Hamburg, says perfusion infrared eyes can cause complications. "We know without any doubt that infrared light can damage the eye lens. And as more time is spent in front of mobile devices, such ray exposure time is critical, "says Liska. According to him, it is necessary to limit the exposure in order to avoid unnecessary risks. "Experiments would have to show that prolonged exposure dose emitted from these devices has no harmful effects," said Liska.

Alstrup Johansen, however, says that the eyes do not stress if you just look at the device in a natural way. "But if you want more direct control, for example if you are playing a game in which the goal, this is certainly something that we're used to. In some cases, there would be ways to train yourself to use the view control, when it is not natural, "says Johansen. The company sees the Copenhagen view control in addition to other types of control devices, such as voice control, which already exists in the market, with varying degrees of success.

From patent to the actual users  

The Eye Tribe want their technology to become ubiquitous. For this reason, and dropped free software kits to encourage developers to create applications that use this technology. "We believe that control of the sea This unique technology which can benefit people around the world. We want everyone to have access to this technology, "says Johansen. The company says it will make money from selling licenses to producers. before them, but the big obstacles to convince big companies such as Apple and Samsung, to the next generation of devices include components necessary to control the view. "They need to make some small changes to their own devices, but we see that there is great interest in the market for all natural, so I think it's definitely possible," Johansen optimistic. The company would not reveal his secret strategy for it. But if control of view become the next big thing in mobile telephony, then iPhone get a whole new meaning.   

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