Monday, 26 November 2012

Planet Earth is suffocating from gases that cause the greenhouse effect

18.11.2011. - 2012. matured in the atmosphere of Earth more than 37 billion tons of carbon dioxide
The record of the Earth's atmosphere pollution shocked scientists. In Germany, the published results of research experts of the Institute of sources of energy, which is renewable. According to the document, the content in the atmosphere of gases that cause the greenhouse effect, and is still rising.
German scientists have focused on a record level of industrial emissions of these gases over the entire period of observation. 2011th The Earth's atmosphere is past due more than 37 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which climatologists believe the main cause of climate change on the planet. About a quarter of the world's emissions of China made. Continue to follow the U.S. and Iran. Russia, according to the estimates of experts, has registered a reduction of emissions.
Expert of the Institute of Economic Forecasting RAN Porfirjev Boris explains that, as the Russian economy has been a structural changes, was adopted measures to increase energy efficiency of industrial production.
- Strong reduction of the 1990-ies was a result of the economic crisis, however, after 2000. The Russian economy has been growing. Grew and emissions. In doing so, the average annual growth rate of emissions was approximately 0.8 to 0.85 per cent per year, while the economy grew by about 4 percent a year. These results are important structural changes that have occurred in recent years at the expense of 20 branches, which require less energy. German research scientists have been published on the eve of the regular 18th UN Conference on the problems of global climate change. It will be held from 26 November to 7 December in Doha, capital of Qatar. It is assumed that the conference will work out a new agreement on the conservation of the Earth's climate. The document will replace the Kyoto Protocol, whose term expires this year of action.
Kyoto critics are again highlighted the inefficiency of the agreement. Has not managed to reduce the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect. On the contrary, they have risen at twice the 1990-year. Conservationists point out that the Kyoto Protocol has not put anyone super tasks. The main task was to draw the world's attention to the problem of climate on Earth - says the expert of the Russian Federation Mikhail
Julkin for industrialist and contractors.
- It can be argued that the attempt failed. Yet developed countries are largely fulfilled commitments - reducing emissions by 5 percent compared to the level of the 1990th year. Emissions have been reduced in this part of the world. The other thing, as they grew in that part of the world, who had no obligations. I would point out that under the Clean Development Mechanism in developing countries there are about 4 thousand projects. This means that billions of tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has not matured. I think this is a good result.
"Green" projects aimed at reducing emissions of industrial gases in the atmosphere, and work in Russia. They are the deflection of the supporting gas utilization, the implementation of new technology, the use of biofuels.
Russia, and beside Japan, Canada and many other countries, have made the decision not to participate in the second period Kyoto agreement. And that, primarily because, as industry giants such as China and the U.S. are not even involved in it. However, this does not mean that Russia back away from his obligations to low-carbon crossing the path of development, says a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development Oleg Plužnikov.
- The Russian government is now considering adopting a variant of the Interior liability limits emissions by 25 percent from the level of 1990-year. Here we are outside the EU. Hopefully, the EU will follow our example. I also hope that if the Doha such a goal if it is not checked, then it will be the least compliant. It is important that Russia is withdrawing from active attitude.
Russia is interested in a new climate agreement include a maximum number of participating countries, - said the expert.

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  1. plants really contaminate the Earth. It's fact!Our humans not even represents how much hurt they do to the nature and how much it suffer from this interruption!Thanks for article and information.