Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Russians made ​​a super-concrete

Russian scientists have made concrete which are not any terrible weather cataclysms. He not only is superior than other types of concrete, but is faster and hardens. This is particularly important for emergency repair of damaged bridges, dams, roads. In doing reconstruction work will now be able to perform in any weather conditions.
At first glance, everything is as usual: sand, gravel and cement. But instead of water is added to the solution of a special polymer fluid, which provides the unique properties of concrete, says senior researcher at the Russian University of Chemical Technology Mendeleyev Alexander Nikitjuk:
- We have examples where we have been working on a fairly low temperatures, down to minus 28 degrees Celsius. We evaluated the concrete during heavy rainfall and even under water.
Special liquid polymer encapsulates all the components, connect them, and also protects against chemical reaction. This is particularly noticeable if you drive down the samples in acid, says researcher of the Russian University of Chemical Technology Mendeleyev Jelena Pisarenko:
- We take a piece of plain concrete and drop it in hydrochloric acid. The first seconds are often very severe reaction. Concrete starts to crumble. Also working with new concrete. No external signs react.
This property, say the authors, will be useful for repair of industrial buildings, bridges and overpasses, which are constantly applied and chemically aggressive liquid reagents, for example atifriz solutions for roads.
An important feature is another new concrete - the speed at which it hardens. It is indispensable for patching holes in the dams or on airport runways. In order to gain strength plain concrete is required one month, and the new salary concrete harden for half an hour and be stronger than regular concrete, almost twice. Composite concrete universal. It can easily replace existing materials. In addition, scientists assure us that he will not be more expensive than ordinary cemen

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