Saturday, 26 January 2013

Facebook be charged direct messages

The ability to send messages to people who paid you are not friends on Facebook seriously considered in Palo Alto, based on the world's largest social network.

Facebook is considering to allow users to send direct messages to users that they are not Facebook friends, but only if you pay for it.

Mesabl blog that tracks the technology, says that some users of Facebook who wanted to send a message to the owner and founder of the network Zukerbergu Mark, came to bid may do so if they pay $ 100 per message.

No payments, Zukerbergu message to arrive in the folder "Other", but with payment of all who might want to send a message that is sure to get the founder of Facebook. Facebook has said that pricing was being considered for such messages to be split from one side.

Zukerberg has more than 16 million followers on Facebook.


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