Monday, 28 January 2013

Medical Innovations for 2013

Technologies for the diagnosis of bacterial diseases, scan that reveals skin cancer or apparatus incorporating a migraine, some of the innovations in medicine that are anticipated for 2013. 

Cleveland Clinic in Ohio at the end of each year to assess the real innovation will mark the health care next year. How Claire O'Connell from "Irish Times' learns, among the most important advances will increase the percentage of successful transplantation of lungs.

Chris Coburn, executive director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI), which has so far collected more than $ 650 million on net level, has provided insight into innovation.

Digital breast tomosinteza (DBT) - This type of "3D mammography" may be practiced with the current mammogram in order to get more detailed cancer. During mamografisanja, X-ray passes quickly in an arc around the breast, recording thousands of images from thousands of angles that can be later assembled into a three dimensional image of the breast.
This approach makes it possible to notice small cancerous lumps that are hidden in the surrounding tissues. "It's nice to see on this list technology that directly affects the health care of women," said Coburn.

Modular device for the treatment of complex aneurysms - abnormal aortic aneurysm and weak abdominal aortic wall can be disastrous if a break occurs. Large and letting aneurysms can be used to treat the minimum stent implantation, but many patients have anatomy that is not suitable for it.
The new concept offers a modular stent that can be easily adapted patient would not fit him. "This modular design makes it more challenging parts of the anatomy, such as aneurysm arising at the junction of the aorta and adjacent arteries," says Coburn. "It allows the adjustment of this important procedure the patient's needs."
"Cleaning" for lung transplantation - This technology allows to increase the number of lungs available for transplant by "washing" the removed lung donors in order to eliminate defects and improve the quality of organs.
Donor lungs are placed in a transparent chamber that looks like a balloon and connected to an artificial blood pump and fan systems.
The body is then subjected to special fluids and oxygen, and in some cases prescription medications. When it is estimated that lung viable and able to survive in the body, they are ready for transplanting
"It offers the opportunity to increase the number of candidates for the donation," said Coburn. "If fully implemented, this method could increase the availability of lungs for transplantation to 40%."
Laser surgery is a lens that femtoseconds - Cataract is the leading disease that causes vision impairment and blindness, but surgery can remove damaged tissue and to implant new intra-ocular lens.
Femtosekundski (one millionth of a billionth of a second) lasers allow the cataract procedure without the use of a scalpel and without making cuts, so you can make a circular hole in the lens capsule, the lens splits into sections and then soften and degrade cataracts.
"This is a very fast, very accurate, and, excuse the words game, cutting-edge technology," tells Coburn. "The concept of the reliability and speed with which you can treat a large number of patients."
Handheld device to detect melanoma - Melanoma is increasing in many parts of the world, and early diagnosis is essential in order to eliminate malignant cells in time. Innovation is a device that is held in the hand and a dermatologist can use in your practice.
Device emits several wavelengths of light through which can be seen small blood vessels beneath the mole or injury, so you do not have to be a real cut in the skin. This is the way that patient access specialists without a biopsy and the potential fear and worry that it may cause.
"The advantage of this technology is that it is affordable and easy to use," said Coburn.
Medicines for prostate cancer at an advanced stage - the last few years a number of drugs approved in the U.S. for the treatment of prostate cancer were gone, but we expect further development of these types of drugs.
"It is of great importance to improve the treatment of prostate cancer and is still working to come up with positive results," said Coburn.
Mass spectrometry for identification of bacteria - When a patient has a serious bacterial infection, rapid diagnosis and obtain appropriate drugs means a lot. Advances in mass spectrometry allows to identify bacteria in a sample taken from a patient in a matter of minutes, rather than days as it used to be the case.
"There is a great enthusiasm in the community of pathologists and this invention will enable a rapid turnaround in the treatment of patients," said Coburn.
Neuro-modulator migraine - migraine and severe headache caused great depression and loss of productivity. Innovation that would solve this problem is to install a miniature stimulator which, on command, the ganglia stimulated nerve cells that are located behind the face. If one is appointed to sit on the patient's head, the patient could be activated when the migraine becomes ravaged.
"The procedure for placing this device takes about 45 minutes or less, so it can be accessed over the right and ends at the end of the lip. Has no reason to fear," said Coburn. "It really is an elegant technology and early results are astounding."
Bariatric surgery to control diabetes - Type 2 diabetes is a serious health problem and the risk of developing the chronic disease has increased
obesity. Resent studies show that bariatric surgery - which changes the digestive system to reduce energy intake - can play an important role in control of type 2 diabetes
"It is clear that bariatric surgery itself is not new, but have occurred in the technology associated with it," says Coburn. "However, demonstrating how it can reverse the progress of type 2 diabetes is revolutionary for our list."


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