Monday, 17 June 2013

The Earth, does not revolve around the sun after all!

If you thought that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth, you are wrong. Strictly speaking, the Earth and the Sun revolve around a common center of mass, and the other planets and the Earth - the Moon system.

Mass of the Sun is much larger than the mass of any planet. For example, the mass of the Earth is 6 x 1024 kg, and the Sun 2 x 10 30 When you divide the mass of the sun with the mass of the Earth, we get a figure of 330,000, and it is needless to speak about the rotation of the Earth around the Sun.

Center of mass of the Earth - Sun system - is only about 450 kilometers away from the Sun. Even
the most massive planet Jupiter, with a mass 318 times that of Earth, the center of mass sisitema Jupiter - Sun is on the surface of the Sun, ie. 750,000 kilometers from the sun center - less than one per mille of the distance of Jupiter from the Sun, which is 7.8 x 10 to the 8th kilometers.

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