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Mass occurrence of 'reverse' rainbows: what happens to the planet's atmosphere?

Rainbows that 'standing backwards' - symptoms that scientists pours cold sweat. Although people in temperate, Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical climates are used to see only normal arches debt incurred solar refraction of light through raindrops There is growing evidence that in our atmosphere changes that occur over these areas bring phenomena that are otherwise can be seen only in polar and sub-polar regions of the planet.
Last summer, over Essex, UK, was recorded polar marvelous light purple, while the Americans looked at the red aurora that was visible as far south Arkansaza.
This year has been full of amazing atmospheric and geomagnetic anomalies, first solar arc of Havana which were created ice crystals, then the majority of the planet was covered with murky clouds that have created numerous tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tornado, and a few days ago we had the first opportunity to see what a geomagnetic storm caused by the Sun is not.
The latest in a series of unusual phenomena are reversed long, that even taken in the area of ​​the former Yugoslavia.
Heavenly smiles and signs the ice age?
Circumzenithal arc - heaven smiles or reverse long formed almost at its zenith, when the sun is near the horizon, thanks to a large and stable horizontally placed hexagonal ice crystals that occur in cirrus clouds at altitudes greater than 5000 meters.
The polar regions are usually part of such a long complicated optical phenomenon called Kern's arc (long). The H.F.A. Kern in 1895. The first reported complex optical phenomenon in our atmosphere that included solar aura, solar dog or Parhelion and often two "heavenly smile" at different heights. The first such modern phenomena recorded Marko Miki in Finland 2007a. year, although the number of visitors reported polar parts Kernovog port from time to time.
Heavenly smiles have slowly but steadily over the past thirty years began to travel "south" along with another interesting novelty, and they are very low clouds undulatus Asperatus who just 2009th officially classified as the latest type of cloud.
Although the United States and Canada heavenly smiles can be seen mainly with Parhelion, the UK has become customary for them to find in the mid eighties, while the south of the United Kingdom still remain amazed such a phenomenon, especially due to the fact that these phenomena are often obscured clouds in the lower part of the atmosphere.
After a few days near Banja Luka seen one reversed long, rightly wonder how our current cloud cover formed of a stable and large ice crystals and how such a thing could be at the end of the calendar of spring in the northern hemisphere?
Will we finally "see through"?
When the 2010th The IOP (Institute Physics Academic & Science) published a study that has angered climate fundamentalists and supporters of irreversible global warming, stating that hotter summers cause colder and colder winters, and how melting glaciers causes a change of the salinity of the ocean, thus slowing down the most currents that regulate the stability of the climate of the planet, especially in the northern hemisphere, most of the media has suppressed the news because no one cared to find out the truth eventually.
Operated thermal circuit of the largest marine and ocean currents. Thanks to one of them, the Mexican electricity, Northern Europe enjoys warm summers and moderate winters. Its impact is felt all the way to Iceland and the Mediterranean (thanks to the same) had significant rainfall both directly and indirectly.
Shortly after the spill of crude oil from the Deep Horizon ocean currents was almost gone, although over the years a relatively recovered. After pouring millions of gallons of oil dispersant again slowed. As the oil continues to leak from the Deep Horizon, it seems that this is one of the causes of climate destabilization.
It may be noted that disappear coldest and deepest ocean water. Given that this effect was mainly dependent on change, specifically reducing the salinity of the sea water and the huge influx of fresh water, at first it seemed that this was the perfect news for supporters of global warming, and in fact it is just another proof that the largest currents or irretrievably significantly reduced.
To those who remember the articles on the effects of El Nino and La Nina during the 80 years of the twentieth century, which are areas of significant warming Equatorial Pacific, should be clear that our seas and oceans undergo changes that will certainly have an impact on the planet's climate.
On the other hand, which has never frozen, have become places where rapidly growing unusual sea ice that kill everything in their path. Of this unusual phenomenon pictures speak a thousand words.
As in heaven, so on earth (and in the sea)
After a tumultuous climax 24-year solar cycle, which significantly affects the regulation of the climate of the planet and creating a cloud, after a number of supernova explosions - which in the past contributed to the disappearance of the largest and the origin of species - and therefore we believe that now have the same effect, after a very strong volcanic eruptions, and even tectonic disturbances such as earthquakes in Japan, which has created an anomaly in planetary gravity begins to be clear that the causes of planetary climate change we can not look only on Earth.
To all those who will not be confuse by Bukačová like Bill Gates and Al Gore (Nobel Peace Prize he received in his "wholehearted" work in promoting the dangers of global warming) is quite obvious that climate changes are numerous and seemingly unrelated triggers the which are rarely mentioned, much less explored.
But that's not all. NASA beginning of 2012. wrote about the strange phenomenon of a decade-long, slow, but all the more obvious lowering clouds to the ground. As well as clouds are increasingly proliferate, they are closer to the planet, which in turn means that the clouds are lower in the atmosphere can affect the efficient cooling of the Earth.
NASA is in perfect sync with the alarmist global warming, reported that such clouds "can help in more efficient cooling of the Earth." If we read this information without advertising, we would say that this famous space agency in all ways not want to admit how much it distorts the data and how much is already clear that we are up to their necks "in the clouds."
Lessons from a distant history
The country is, chronologically, the ice planet. The study of ice core in the polar caps, the impact of glaciers on climates, emerging and disappearing species, the earth is mostly covered with glaciers that reached all the way to the southern part of the Balkans, in our immediate surroundings, while during glacial ocean levels and has a much lower . Each end of the glaciation brought the melting ice sheet and flooding on a global scale.
During the planet's geological history has gone through three ice ages in predkambriju, specifically in the Proterozoic (940-615000000 years ago). This was followed by an ice age in the Devonian (400 million years ago), and in the upper Carboniferous and Permian (295 million years ago).
Last ice age occurred two million years ago and ended with small fluctuations in some parts of the world, above about 10 thousand years ago.
The Wikipedia says that the last ice age in the region of the Alps started about 130 thousand years, while North America was generally continuous and long periods of the Ice Age. In the area of ​​the continent's ice is about a mile thick, while South America was much less affected by the same.
The glaciers in Argentina have been distributed only to the 40th degree south latitude. Only in Africa found no evidence of ice ages and glaciers, and therefore can be considered as the continent was spared glaciation throughout its geological history.
The latest findings suggest that during the last Ice Age, ice covered 24 million square kilometers of the earth's surface, which is now free of ice. For that amount of ice, the oceans should be lower than 180 meters, as well we can see in the example of Britain, which during the last Ice Age was part of Europe, and the part that is now submerged lived for a number of animals and people.
It is interesting to note that the Netherlands during the last ice age was covered with 600 meters of ice - which is actually the thickest ice sheet in Europe. The remains of the impact of glaciers can be found on the ground in Slovenia Kranjska Soroškom and field, field of Ljubljana and the Soca Valley, while in Croatia the impact of glaciers could notice in the September Kosi and beautiful area of ​​Velebit.
Anyway, our geological history they would need to detect and possible future: the Balkans would soon again able to become a part of the frozen tundra with cold steppe areas, and some areas dotted with forests.
If you are still interested in the question of why we assure that we are facing global warming, we consider the question of profit and global control is extremely important, because what do people in countries with potential for total "freeze" like the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".
From all the following key question: Will we ever have a future in the summer and whether we will soon enter a new ice age?

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