Friday, 14 June 2013

A truck driver built an almost exact replica of the first atomic bomb. Nobody knows how he did it!

Since the first atomic bombs were dropped in Japan in 1945, the world has been completely different. Nuclear weapons are now one of the most important factors that determine international diplomacy and for this reason, the United States has kept the construction of the bombs a closely guarded secret.
Even the first bombs, which have been surpassed by several other countries, are strictly classified. Today, the most detailed break down of the construction of the atomic bomb does not come from experienced scientists, but rather from the most unlikely person!

John Coster-Mullen never received a college degree and used to be a commercial photographer. Today, at 61, he is a truck driver yet strangely he was able to reconstruct almost an exact replica of the interior mechanism of the first atomic bomb!

He even built a replica of the bomb with his son and drove around with it! He did this by studying the screws, bolts, and fragments of machined steel and was selling copies of the bomb’s structure over the Internet! Even experienced physicists say Coster-Mullen’s knowledge is superior to their own!

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