Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What is expected of the "reinforced" Hadron Collider?

The Large Hadron Collider is currently undergoing changes that should double its power and allow researchers to uncover the secrets of the functioning of the universe.

It will open up the possibility of solving the mysteries of dark matter and should find evidence of cosmic concept known as " supersymmetry " . It should find signs of hidden dimensions that can explain the existence of gravity.
By the end of the year , a gigantic machine for colliding atoms should have to increase energy particles from eight billion electro-volt to 14 tera elektronvolt, which will allow the most powerful particle collisions so far .
A new series of experiments should lead scientists outside the field of physics known as the " standard model" .
Scientists may yet discover the Higgs boson - different versions of the so-called " God particle " that is predicted Nobel Prize winner Professor Peter Higgs and other particle gives mass .
The Higgs boson was the last " missing fraction " of the "standard model " .
Now scientists want to go a step further and explain the mysteries of the cosmos functioning .
Professor Tony Doyle of the University of Glasgow , a leading member of the team that manages the giant Atlas detector says that the current priority is to explain supersymmetry .
Super-symmetry to a hypothesis that the basis of each particle of matter exist , and the particles bearing the appropriate force .
This requires the existence of several Higgs bosons .
" The universe is driven by supersymmetry key ideas . Currently separate the particles of matter and particles that carry force . Evidence of supersymmetry would change the way we look at space , "says Doyle.
Survey Supersymmetry could explain the mystery of dark matter - the invisible bond that holds galaxies together , and whose nature is still unknown .
More powerful large proportion Hadron Collider could offer scientists an insight into the hidden dimensions and thus reveal the mystery of gravity.
Do 2020th the system will be changed so that the collider energy levels remain the same, but the detectors become 10 times more sensitive .
It is expected that the machine will be operative to 2030th.

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