Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Computers will in 15 years be smarter than us

Ray Kurtzvail, an expert in artificial intelligence at the company'' Google'', predicts that by the 2029  computers will be smarter than humans. Entrepreneur and futurist, predicted that in the next 15 years, computers will become more intelligent and will be able to understand what you're talking about, learn from experience, joke, tell stories, and even flirt.

Kurtzvail ( 66 ), which is considered one of the world's leading experts in artificial intelligence , and the technologists has popularized his idea of ​​" singularity " - the moment in the future when humans and machines become one.
'' Google '' hired him end of 2012. to work on future projects of the company - a search engine that is used artificial intelligence and knows us better than we know ourselves .
In an interview with the Observer New Review, Kurtzvail says his company has not given any explicit instructions , except that he was ordered to find a way to " teach " Google to understand natural language .
" My project is to start a search for understanding of the language ," he says .
" When you write an article , you do not create an interesting collection of words . You have something to say and ' Google ' should be intelligently organized and processed information from around the world . The message in your article is the information , but that computers do not understand . Therefore , we want them to read everything there is on the internet and each page of each book , so that they could participate in an intelligent dialogue with customers and answer their questions, " he explained.
Kurtzvail predictions are only part of the earlier announcement that Google makes the largest laboratory in the world of artificial intelligence . The company has acquired several companies engaged in " teaching " machines and production of robots , including '' Boston Dynamics '' .
Kurtzvail is known for his inventions that changed the world - the first desktop scanner , the first computer program that is able to recognize the first syllable fonts and speech synthesizer .
It was in 1990. predicted that the computer would beat the world chess champion to in 1998. ( In 1997. IBM 's Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov ) and the world wide web to be hit and at a time when the network used by a few scientists.

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