Friday, 7 February 2014

The stem cells will be tested in space

Researchers at Mayo Clinic are preparing to test the theory that stem cells rapidly proliferate in the absence of gravity. Dr. Aba Zubair sent a group of stem cells on the International Space Station, because he believes that there lies the future of human tissue.

Medical researcher Aba Zubair, was once a dream of becoming an astronaut, but has achieved a satisfactory compromise, because his scientific experiment to be conducted in space.

As a stem cell researcher at the Mayo Clinic, Zubair got three hundred thousand dollars to investigate the behavior of stem cells in space.

Dr. Zubair said that the simulation showed that the stem cells are able to grow faster in zero gravity . He hopes the experiment on the International Space Station and to prove it, and also to find out whether there is some abnormality in the development of :
" When it stimulates the growth of cells, there is a danger of an abnormality , which means that such a cell converted in carcinogen . Another factor that we want to examine is the transformation into malignant cells . "
While one group of cells propagated in space , the other will develop on Earth . In addition to gravity , all the conditions will be the same .
Zubair continues to colleagues examined the effects of gravity on stem cells . If the initial experiments are successful, and weightlessness show appropriate for the growth of stem cells Zubair added , the next challenge will be to transform cells in tissues and organs in the end .
Zubair has already predicted that human bodies could easily grow in space and later , if necessary transplant :
" Imagine , you can have a spare heart , kidney or liver , somewhere in the universe . Only someone on the phone when you need it . So from your stem cells obtain tissue or organ and use it when you need it . "
While this can happen only a few decades , Zubair said that this research could affect the near future . If the cells are rapidly developing in the universe , adds Zubair , doctors would be better able to treat patients on Earth .

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