Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sea monsters may still exist?

From the giant Kraken sea snakes, horrible creatures from the depths of the sea haunted the imagination of generations of seamen. Now experts say that such sea monsters might actually exist.

"Scientists are inventing new kinds of marine life, so it is impossible to find among them and such a monster," said Dr. Darren Nash of the British University of Portsmouth.

In truth, most cases of allegedly seen previously unknown sea monsters is actually false. However, at least a number of encounters with such creatures are reputable biologists reported, so their existence is not impossible, says Dr. Nash.

Thus, the 1905th Mid zoologists Edmund Waldo and Michael Nicole saw a strange "sea snake" on the coast of Brazil.

In August, the 1848th the crew of the British Royal Navy in the South Atlantic noticed a creature 18 feet long. At that time, biologists thought that London was probably an elephant or even a sea canoe wrong.

Since the last few years large numbers of new species of whales and sharks, it is not impossible that some great sea creature waiting for its moment.

Some experts have suggested that today's monsters can be plesiosaurusi, long-necked marine reptiles that lived during the dinosaur.

This theory is refuted Dr. Charles Pakston.

"If prehistoric animals living today, it means that we have misinterpreted all the fossils discovered so far," he said, adding that this does not mean that all the great sea creatures discovered.

Eight large marine species discovered in the last 20 years.

However, the search for creatures whose existence is not proven and still not subsided.


  1. its called an Oarfish and there not new there just rare.

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