Friday, 12 August 2011

Global warming increases Earth volume

Scientists have found that gradually increases the volume of the earth, and that is the main culprit for global warming and melting ice at the poles.

Ice melting in Antarctica and Greenland is the cause of increasing amounts of water in the oceans, and this extra water moves towards the equator, leading to increase of the widest part of the planet.

The country was "thinner" in the ice age that ended 20,000 years ago. During this geological period and long-term decrease in temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, the weight of ice sheets was so great to have deformed the Earth's crust and mantle, so it is in the middle there was a bulge.

Earth is not completely spherical, and land at the North Pole for a few miles closer to the core of the planet than is the case with the mainland on the equator.

It was believed that the effects of the Ice Age end lead to our planet becomes a perfect sphere. Bulge at the equator is decreased by less than one millimeter per year, the world agencies reported.

But satellite measurements showed that the reverse process occurs. Namely, a geophysicist John Vor the University of Colorado argues that global warming leads to melting of ice is not the North and South poles, resulting in an increase of Earth's, which nullifies "slimming effect". Annual melt about 382 billion tons of ice.

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