Saturday, 6 August 2011

"Google" has developed new services

"Google" has developed new services that analyze Web pages and rewrite their code in order to quickly retrieve and receive better service to its servers.

To use the service to speed up page PS (Page Speed ​​Service), users should register and tell "Google" on the Internet at the location where they are. Service takes the content pages, optimizes it for faster operation and returned to the user.

Visitors can access the site as before, but it will perceive the acceleration from 25 to 60 percent, announced the "Google".

The service is now offered free to a limited number of hand-selected Web page administrator, but will be charged in the future.

Prices and other details, "Google" will be published later.

"Google" has a number of products and projects for faster viewing of their own and others' Web pages, because the company believes that it is better for everyone, since the years of trials found that even small improvements in performance greatly increase their use.

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