Saturday, 13 August 2011

Discovered a black hole that emits light

Astronomers have discovered a huge black hole that is the brightest object in the old part of the universe, and its light travels to Earth's 12.9 billion years.

A black hole is detected with the help of British telescope in Hawaii, and is estimated to be formed only 770 million years after the Big Bang and the universe.

Scientists announced the discovery in the journal "Nature" and stated that it will help you better understand the conditions that existed in the early stages of existence of the cosmos, and how resulting huge black hole.

Recent telescopic observations indicated that these giants formed in the very early history of the universe.

"In technical terms, this facility is one of the quasars. This super-huge black hole itself is dark, but around it there is a disc of gas and dust that is so hot that the entire stellar glittering of the galaxy," explained Dr. Daniel Mortlock, head of research.

This facility emits bright light, but we look at Earth as a pale spot in the infrared band.

The new quasar was named J1120 +0641 Ulas. This is the farthest object observed in space, as the record still belongs to the gamma radiation bursts from a star that exploded.

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