Sunday, 16 December 2012

Is the universe compute simulation?

Physicists devised new experiments to test whether the universe is a computer.

Many philosophers have long believed that it is very unlikely that we live inside the machine.

This theory argues that every civilization which evolved in the post-human phase was able to produce on a large scale simulations, simulations size of the universe. Judging by the billions of worlds, it is very possible that if something like this is possible, if it had already happened.

If so, then statistically speaking, very possible that we are in the chain of simulations within simulations. The alternative - we are the first civilization in the first universe, it's almost absurd.

Professor Martin Savage of the University in Washington believes that while our current computer simulations can model the universe on a scale atomic nucleus, but there are indications of resource limits, if any, can not tell us whether the larger models possible.

Computers that are building these simulations share space in a four-dimensional network that allows researchers to examine the force that binds subatomic particles protons and neutrons - but also allows for other things to happen in the simulation, including the development of complex physical "signature" that scientists are not programmed.

In pursuit of these "signatures" such as restrictions on energy cosmic rays, hoping to find similarities with our universe.

If these signatures appear? Certainly we are in a computer program.

"If you make a large enough simulation, much like our universe should be the end result. Addition, there is one question - is it possible to communicate with other universes if they operate on identical platforms," Savage izajvio the news agency of the University of Washington and transmits the Huffington Post.

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