Thursday, 20 December 2012

Russian scientists have discovered a new phenomenon in nature

Russian scientists have discovered a natural phenomenon, which promises to be revolutionary. It turned out that medicinal substances can be effective in small doses. The point is that substances dissolved in water lose their properties in proportion to the amount of water in which are dissolved. Six years of research was needed to Russian scientists to prove that in this classical way like only 25% of the solution. Because the other 75% behaves atypically, their properties vary unexpectedly. This discovery promises visible changes in medicine and pharmacology. At low concentrations of substances, side effects of medication will be kept to a minimum.

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  1. This may turn out to be similar to homopathy here in US.
    The doctrine of signatures says that much diluted tinctures have effect because in effect the water remembers. And there is the new science of biophotonics that acknowledges light enters and is used by dna.